Jackfruit farming profit per acre Rs 23600

By planting only 50-55 Jackfruit trees per acre one can earn around Rs 23600. It is one of the largest fruit grown worldwide and has great demand in European nations like USA and UK. India is the largest producer of jackfruit and exports the fruit to many countries.

Jackfruit farming

Artocarpus heterophyllus is the scientific name for jackfruit and this wild fruit-producing tree is also known as the jack tree. It mostly thrives in tropical lowlands hence it is cultivated in the tropical region on a wide range. When it comes to fruit cultivation it is one of the most profitable fruits containing various health benefits.

At present India is the largest producer of jackfruit followed by Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh and is commercially cultivated on a large scale in the country. The fruit is originally native to India but today it is grown worldwide due to its vital health benefits and market demand.

Jackfruit is considered an option for non-veg due to its porked texture and meat taste. In India, wild Jack fruit is mostly grown in the western ghats. Kerala, Tamilnadu, Asam, and Bihar are major Jackfruit growing states in India. Due to arid and warm humid climate conditions, it is mainly grown in South India. Elevations of 1400 – 1500 mt are suited for cultivation.

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Black gold jackfruit is one of the best varieties in the world however Siddu jack variety is famous in India. There are three popular varieties of jackfruit in Brazil Jacadura, Jaca mole and Jaca manteiga 

It is soil friendly and can grow in most places, the ideal soil for this tree is well-drained sandy loam soil. Avoid water logging at your farm so that this fruit can thrive well. However, the presence of chlorine and lime is tolerated by the tree to some extent but the jackfruit tree cannot tolerate moisture stress, organic fertilizer is best for it. 

Jack tree measurement

Jack tree bears the largest fruits of all trees. The dimension of jackfruit is 55 kg weight (120 pounds), 90 cm in length (35 inches), and 50 cm in diameter (20 inches). A mature tree is capable of producing 200 fruits per year whereas old jack trees can bear up to 500 fruits in a year. 

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Different names

Kathal in Hindi, Phanas in Marathi, Phannasa in Gujarati, Panasa in Telugu, Palaa/Varukkai in Tamilnadu, Halasu in Kannada, Chakka in Malayalam, Panasa in Oriya. 

Largest Jackfruit producing states in India 

The highest Jackfruit producing states in India are Tamilnadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam and Orissa. 

Different varieties

Soft flesh and firm flesh are two major types of jackfruit in India. For commercial cultivation the below-given cultivars are used: 

Hybrid Jack, 5 PLR – 1 (Palur – 1), Ceylon Jack / Singapore Jack, Konkan Prolific, Burliar-1, (T Nagar Selection) and PP1 (Pechiparai-1).

Jack fruit varieties in Brazil

(i) Jacadura or the hard variety (firm flesh) weight 15 – 40 kg, (ii) Jaca mole or the soft variety, smallest fruit, softer and sweetest flesh. (iii) Jaca manteiga or butter variet, fruit flesh hard and soft. 

How to start Jackfruit farming 

To grow jackfruit in Canada, Uk, Texas, India or globally you have to execute the best farming practices on a regular basis at your farm. Some of the important elements required for growing jackfruit are mentioned below:

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Climate requirements 

Jackfruit thrives better in warm and humid climate conditions. Frost and cold weather are not appropriate for the growth of the tree. Drain out the water from the soil and don’t allow standing water on your farm.

Soil required

Fertile and well-drained sandy loam soil is the best soil.

Soil pH value

Soil pH should be between 6.0 to 7.5.


Jackfruit propagation methods are seeds and grafting methods. 

Water requirements

The jackfruit plant prefers rainy conditions. The plant needs regular watering in the first couple of years. The jackfruit tree is a sensitive tree for drought conditions therefore irrigation must be given in hot and dry conditions. 

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Harvesting time

You can harvest a Jackfruit tree after 7 years from the planting period. Its yield time is 90 to 110 days after the appearance of the spike.

Fruit-bearing age

The time to bear fruit is 4th year from planting. 

Jackfruit trees per acre

50 to 55 trees per acre are considered good. 

Jackfruit yield per tree in India 

25 to 100 fruits can be expected from 1 tree with 10 to 30 kg weight.  

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Health benefits 

Jackfruit is good for the immune system.

Increases blood circulation.

Good for skin health.

Helpful to increase eyesight.

Controls blood pressure in a good way.

Helpful for curing asthma.

Good for maintaining a healthy thyroid.

Good for bone health.

Boosts energy and prevents anaemia disease.

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Jackfruit farming project report

Cost per acre

1 Jackfruit sapling cost Rs 40 to Rs 100 (depending on variety).

Let’s assume is the Rs 60 per plant cost.

If 50 Jackfruit plants are planted on 1 acre then.

Jackfruit plantation cost per acre = 50 trees x Rs 60.

Planting material cost = Rs 3000.

Land preparation cost = Rs 10,000. 

Drip Irrigation setup per acre = Rs 50,000.

Manure and fertilizer cost per acre = Rs 15,000.

Labour cost per acre = 25,000.

Harvesting cost per acre = Rs 10,000. 

Transportation cost = Rs 5000.

Marketing cost = Rs 11,000.

Miscellaneous cost = Rs 10,000.

Total cost = Rs 139000.

Jackfruit farming profit per acre

Jackfruit tree’s per acre = 50 trees.

Jackfruit yield per tree = Average 50 healthy fruits per tree.

If 1 jack fruit tree produces 50 fruits then.

50 jackfruit trees will produce 50 trees x 50 fruits = 2500 fruits.

Avergae weight per fruit = 10 kg.

Total fruit weight = 2500 fruits x 10 kg = 25000 kg.

Jack fruit price in Mumbai = Rs10, Rs25, Rs 50 per kg or more.

Let’s take the average price = Rs 15 per kg.

Profit per acre = 25,000 kg x Rs 15 = Rs 3,75,000

Net Profit = profit – cost.

Net Profit = Rs 3,75,000 – Rs 139000.

Net Profit = Rs 236000.

Note – Profit margin may differ according to the demand, region and variety. Remember, this profit will begin after the 7th year when your tree will start bearing fruits till then you have to manage the cost without any profit. 

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What is jackfruit?

Jackfruit is a highly demanding tropical tree fruit that is widely grown in Asia, South Africa and South America. It is a big size fruit that contains a weight between 10 kg to 50 kg. The fruit has a pour type of flesh and it tastes like meat. 

Jackfruit is the national fruit of which country?

Bangladesh’s national fruit name is Jackfruit.

What is Jackfruit called in Hindi?

Jackfruit is known as Kathal in the Hindi language.

What is the weight of jackfruit?

A healthy Jackfruit weight can be anywhere between 10 to 30 kg.

How many Jackfruit trees per acre should I plant?

50-60 plants are good to plant on 1 acre.

Is Jackfruit farming profitable?

Yes, jackfruit cultivation is very profitable but it needs time to produce a profit. According to our project report once a tree starts bearing fruits you can earn approximately Rs 236000 per acre in 1 year. However, until the 7th year you have to pay the maintenance cost of your farm from your pocket.

Who is the largest producer of jackfruit in the world?

India is the largest producer of jackfruit in the entire world.

What is the jackfruit farming profit per acre?

By planting 50 plants with an investment cost of Rs 139000 you can earn approximately Rs 236000 per acre per year.

What is the jackfruit yield per tree?

50 fruits per tree.

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