1 acre arecanut farm income Rs 514560

Areca nut is another profitable farming. Areca nut farming profit per acre in India can surprise people cost along with best practices given in this post.

Areca palm nut belongs to the “Arecaceae” family and the “Areca L” genus. Some of the common names are betel, supari, sopari and catechu. These nuts are commonly used in Indian culture, especially in worship and marriages. In India, most people have tasted or chewed areca nut with betel leaves or in pan masala. These nuts are known for their medicinal benefits in curing constipation, skin disease, and obesity.

1 acre arecanut farm income Rs 514560


Areca is consumed in very large quantities in India, therefore, it has huge demand in Indian local markets. Commercial cultivation of areca nuts in India is more successful and India is the largest producer of these nuts.

Moreover, India is also the largest consumer of these nuts because betelnut is directly linked with religious practices in India and India is one of the biggest religious countries in the world. Arecanuts are commercially available in dried cured and fresh forms. Areca is not a true nut it is a fruit-categorized drupe. 

Common names – Supari in Hindi, Vakka, Poka Chekka (Telugu), Pakku, Pugam (Tamil), Supari (Urdu), Buah or Puah (Assamese), Atekka, Ghonta, Kamuka (Malyalam), Kamugu, Supari in Marathi language, Adake, Puga, Kaungu (Kannada), Supari (Bengali).

1 acre farm income

Arecanut cost per acre
Plantation per acre = 600 plants
One plant cost = Rs 100 
Planting material cost = Rs 100 x 600 plants = Rs 60,000
Fertilizer cost = Rs 10,000
Irrigation cost = Rs 15,000
Land preparation cost = Rs 10,000
Labour cost = Rs 15,000
Plant protection charges = Rs 5000
Drip irrigation cost = Rs 50,000
Barbed wire fencing cost per acre = Rs 70,440
Total cost = Rs 2,35,440

Areca Nut Profit Per Acre
1 kg arecanut price = Rs 250, Rs 400 and more
Yield per tree = 4.5 kg to 5 kg nuts
Yield per acre = 600 trees x 5 kg nuts = 3000 kg areca nuts 
Areca nut profit per acre = 3000 kg areca x Rs 250 = Rs 7,50,000
Net Profit = Areca nut profit per acre – Areca nut cost per acre
Net Profit = Rs 7,50,000 – Rs 2,35,440
Net Profit = Rs 514560

Note – This is the assumption of the project report the price may vary according to the location, market, varieties, etc.
The arecanut farming project report is given in the table.

Arecanut farming practices

Dwarf and hybrid Varieties of areca nut in India 

There are some hybrid and dwarf varieties such as Thirthalli dwarf, Shubha Mangala, Mangala, Srimangala, Mohit Nagar, Sumangala, Samruthi, Hirehalli dwarf, VTLAH 1, 2. Samruthi variety is used in Andaman.

Soil requirements 

Areca nuts can be grown on a wide range of soil due to their soil-friendly nature but the ideal soil is well-drained soil with good rich organic matter. 

Before planting areca nuts shade-providing trees should be planted to the south and west directions or you can pick a farm where shade-providing trees are already planted to the south and west directions. 

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Temperature requirements

The ideal temperature for areca nut ranges between 10°C to 40°C.

When is the areca nut planting season?

June to December is the best season for the areca plantation. 

Water requirements

Areca nut plant is a water-consuming plant and it needs a good annual rainfall of 750 mm to 4500 mm.

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Fertilizer application

5 year old palm tree – 10 to 20 kg FYM and NPK should be 100:40:140 grams/palm/year. This application is also applicable to more than 5 year old plants.

Less than 5-year-old palms – Half of the above ratio is recommended. 

Applying process – Apply at a basin of 0.75 to 1.25 m 

Areca cultivation Intercropping – Black Pepper, Coffee, Vanilla, Cocoa, Citrus, Cinnamon, 

Pests and diseases

Mites, spindul bugs, Inflorescence, Caterpillars and Nematodes.

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Major arecanut producing states in India

Areca nut-growing states in India are Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Meghalaya and Assam. Apart from these states Odisha, Gujarat, Goa, and Chhattisgarh are also doing farming of the same. 

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Is arecanut farming profitable?

500 to 600 trees in 1 acre can be planted. One areca tree is able to produce 4.5 to 5 kg of areca fruits. Therefore 600 trees will produce (600 trees x 5 kg = 3000 kg fruits) 300 kg areca nut fruits. Price of 1 kg arecanut in India varies between Rs 250, 400, Rs 500 and more.

Let’s take Rs 250 per kg then Rs 250 x 3000 kg = 7,50,000. After deducting the cost one can achieve around Rs 5 lakh. So this is the huge profit one can book after 5 years of planting because the areca tree starts bearing fruits after 5 years.


How many areca nuts can I plant in 1 acre?

500 to 600 trees per acre can produce 3000 kg of areca nuts.

What is the areca tree yield from 1 tree?

4.5 to 5 kg of areca fruits can be obtained per tree.

Is areca nut bad for health?

No, it is a myth that areca nut is bad for health. Instead, the areca nut is a medicinal plant and contains a good amount of health benefits including curing constipation, good for digestion, skin disease and obesity.
However, when people take nuts with tobacco it causes bad health effects. 

How Areca nut propagation is done?

The propagation is done through seeds.

How long does an areca take to produce fruits?

The tree takes 5 years to bear fruit.

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