Government scheme PM PRANAM benefits

The full form of PM PRANAM Yojana is the Promotion of Alternative Nutrients for Agriculture Management Yojana. 

PM PRANAM Scheme benefits

The central government is encouraging farmers to adopt organic farming and the state government is also actively participating in the Central government’s enthusiastic mission of organic farming. Moving one step ahead now, the central government has tied up their waist to aware farmers get rid of chemical fertilizers. 

Very soon the Central Government is going to launch a scheme through which they will provide encouraging amounts to the state governments so that they can avoid chemical fertilizers and adopt non-chemical (organic fertilizers). This scheme will be called PM Pranam Yojana and the main motive of Pranam Yojana is to get rid of chemical fertilizers as soon as possible and adopt non-chemical fertilizers such as organic fertilizers.


The motive of this yojana is to reduce the subsidy burden on chemical fertilizers which is projected to reach 2.25 lakh crore In 2022-23. Whereas in 2021 the figure was 1.62 lakh crore which is 39% lesser.


The main purpose to launch PM Pranam Scheme is to encourage the balanced use of fertilizers in conjunction with organic fertilizers. 


The scheme will be run under the department of fertilizers. There will be no separate budget for the PM PRANAM scheme instead this scheme will be financed through existing fertilizer subsidy savings. 

The state will get a grant of 50% of the subsidy as a grant while saving money. 

As per the sources at the village, block and district levels, 70% of the subsidy grant can be used for asset creation related to alternative fertilizers and fertilizers production units. 

The remaining 30% of the subsidy grant amount can be used to encourage those who are involved in reducing fertilizer use and creating awareness they might be farmers, panchayats, farmer producer organisations or self-groups. 

To find out the actual difference the calculation of reducing urea chemical fertilizer of a current year will be compared with an average consumption of the last 3 years. 

For this purpose, the data regarding the integrated Fertilizer Management System (IFMS) available on the dashboard of the ministry of fertilizer will be used. 

Latest Subsidy on fish farming in Haryana 2022

Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar Announce subsidies for the fish farmers. The central government provides subsidies to fish farmers under Pradhan Mantri Matsya Yojana. But the bitterest truth is that on many occasions farmers were not able to receive the subsidy payment in their bank accounts.

After analysing these kinds of problems Haryana government has decided if there will be any delay in the payment transactions under the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Yojana, in this case, the Haryana government will give the subsidy money in advance to the farmers.

Apart from this for the Sirsa district fish farmers, the Haryana government is going to establish a fish testing lab which will directly give benefits to the fish farmers including Jhinga fish farmers in Sirsa. 

Fish market in Haryana

Manohar Lal Khattar’s government has also announced to the establishment of a fish market in Jhajjar or Gurugram village. The government will soon decide whether they will pick Jhajjar village or they will pick Gurugram village for the fish market or fish Mandi.

Latest Agriculture machinery subsidy in UP 2022

Uttar Pradesh government will provide a 50% subsidy on the purchase of agriculture machinery. Registration for purchasing agriculture machinery has been started and Uttar Pradesh farmers can apply for this scheme.

Under the scheme, there will be different 15 types of agriculture machinery including a Seeder, super seeder, Zero till seed fertilizer drill, Paddy straw chopper shredder, mulcher machine, Rotary slasher, Hydraulic reversible MB plough, Drilling machine, Crop ripper, Straw rack, and Reaper combiner.

To purchase this farming machinery first, farmers need to apply online and once the booking has been confirmed they have to submit the bail amount. For your kind information, the amount is decided differently for different machines. 

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to give a subsidy of 40% to the farmers who are doing strawberry cultivation. The main aim of this scheme is not only to increase the cultivation of strawberries but also to provide help to increase the income of strawberry farmers.

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