Rs 425000 is Arecanut yield per acre from 500 trees

Arecanut is one of the most profitable crops easily grown in most parts of the world. Income from one acre arecanut yield is given here along with a project report. Some basic level information for beginners like a number of trees, the temperature required and soil selection is also explained in this blog post.

Rs 425000 is Arecanut yield per acre from 500 trees

Arecanut propagation is considered through the seeds and the tree starts bearing fruits in 5 years. One areca tree produces 4.5 to 5 kg of fruits (nuts). We recommend 400 to 600 trees to plant in one acre. After planting 500 to 600 trees in one acre a farmer can achieve 3000 kg areca nuts per acre. Arecanuts price per kg in India varies between Rs 250, Rs 400, Rs 500 and more as per variety. If the average price is only Rs 250 then how much areca nut yield from 1 acre?

To find out the answer first we need to know the yield from one tree and its 4.5 to 5 kg. If 500 trees are planted then 500 trees x 5 kg = 2500 kg arecanut yield from 1 acre. Now multiply the total yield (2500 kg) with the price of 1 kg (Rs 250) nuts. Thus Rs 250 x 2500 kg = Rs 625000. To get the net profit deduct the estimated cost which is Rs 2 lakh, after deducting cost the estimated net profit will be Rs 425000.

Arecanut growing countries in the world

This precious crop is grown all over the world, names of all countries where this crop is grown marginally or largely are given below.

Top 10 largest producers of arecanut in world

India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Taiwan, Srilanka, Thiland, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia.

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Other countries 

Thailand, Kenya, United Arab Emirate, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, Vietnam, Columbia, Macedonia, Peru, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Cuba, Hong Kong, Uruguay, Benin, Palestin, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Albania, Hungry, Bosnia, Spain, Italy,Chile, Yamin, Cote d’lvoire, Romania, Lebanon, Guatemala, Tunisia, Canada, Ethiopia, Cambodia, France, Serbia, Libya, Honduras, Algeria, South Africa, Ghana, Iraq, Bolivia, Iran, Poland, Japan, Paraguay, Germany, Singapore, Norway, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Cyprus, Venezuela, Dominican, Republic,South Korea, Philippines, Nigeria, Morocco.

Is arecanut farming profitable

1 acre arecanut farm income is far more than ordinary fruits and vegetables. Let’s understand how much profit one can generate from a one acre farm. First one should know the correct quantity of plants to generate good revenue. Planting excessive plants does not mean that you will earn more money instead planting more plants than required may result in less revenue due to a collapse in plants. These plants need good spacing and if you plant more plants in less space then some plants may not get the proper nutrition and water required for them. So it is necessary to plant with correct spacing and by planting 600 arecanut trees per acre one can easily achieve a good revenue of Rs 514560 (6288 USD) after deducting all the costs. 


How many arecanut trees per acre should I plant?

400 to 600 plants are good enough for 1 acre.

What is the arecanut yield per acre?

The average yield for this crop is $6288.

How can I achieve good income from 1 acre arecanut farming?

To achieve a satisfactory areca nut yield per acre one should follow:
Plants with good spacing.
Do not plant more than 500 to 600 in 1 acre.
Best planting season (June to December).
Proper fertilizer (10 to 20 kg FYM).
Organic fertilizer (cow dung).
Regular watering (annual rainfall 750 mm to 4500 mm).
Weed removal regularly.
Use correct soil (rich organic matter).
Plant in the correct temperature zone (10°C to 40°C).

Can I start arecanut farming in USA?

Yes, farmers are already doing the farming of this precious nut in USA.

Is arecanut farming profitable in the United Kingdom?

Yes, by planting 500 arecanut plants in 1 acre one can generate good income in the UK.

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