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5 in 1 mahogany ebook

Mahogany + sandalwood + bamboo + agarwood + organic farming

5 in 1 E-Book = Mahogany Tree + Sandalwood Tree + Agar Tree + Bamboo Cultivation + Organic Farming Methods (organic fertilizer + pesticides making secrets). You will get all 5 cultivation best practices and ‘Project Reports’ in one place at the price of Rs 516 Rs 215 only.

Buy a mahogany tree ebook – 6 in 1 ebook. (Coming soon)
It’s 6 in 1 colour full stylish ebook → 
Mahogany tree + Sandalwood + Agarwood + Coconut + Bamboo + Organic farming.

Buy 1 time and we will keep updating your ebook lifetime with new information.

What we will keep updating – Updated contact numbers (buyers-sellers), latest price of that time, add any new tree info that sells at a good price, any related scheme by govt etc.  

Information given in detail
Project Reports.
Best farm management practices.
Subsidy, permission, contract farming, selling and buying prices.
Contact numbers to buy mahogany at an affordable price, nursery address.

Additional important queries answered
From where to buy 100% genuine saplings at a decent price?
Where to sell the wood?
How to take agricultural land on rent at the government price in your region? 

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5 in 1 Kadaknath ebook

Kadaknath + dairy + pig + dragon fruit + organic farming

5 in 1 eBook = Kadaknath chicken cultivation + Dairy farming + dragon fruit farming + Pig farming + Organic farming secrets. Cultivation best practices and Project Reports shared. Price Rs 510 Rs 115 only.

Pig feeding ebook

A pig feeding chart according to weight and age is given in this stylish colourful ebook at only Rs 15.

Note – Your E-Book will keep updating automatically. Well-researched and comprehensive stylish colourful E-Book containing best farming practices and “Project Reports”.

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