1000 African mahogany trees price after 10 years

1000 African mahogany trees price after 10 years is equal to 1 CR. Yes, if you will plant 1k trees in one acre you might earn around 1 crore. The estimated calculation is given here and explained how you may earn this huge amount.

I have already written a lot about African mahogany trees and as per the viewers’ choice, I am writing this post with a clear explanation of the estimated cost and income project report.

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African Mahogany Tree Facts

Before planting this tree on a large scale you should investigate about few things so that you can generate a good income after 10 years.  let’s understand some important terms step by step.

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  • First of all mahogany timber trees are sold according to their cubic feet.
  • This timber is not sold on its weight, it is a light weighted tree.
  • It reaches a height of up to 30 to 35 meters (98 to 115 ft). 
  • It is a straight tree with fewer branches at the upper portion. 
  • The tree hardly has branches at the bottom. 
  • It is a lightweight tonewood widely used for making musical instruments.
  • Due to rot resistance capacity the wood is used for making ship decks and boats. 
  • To form a good girth (cubic feet) the tree needs at least 10 to 12 years. 
  • The tree does not demand much water after two years of planting.

1000 African mahogany trees price after 10 years

Prices for other varieties may not increase so you must go for African Mahogany to get a great price hike in future. The price of an African mahogany tree after 10 years will be Rs 10,000 depending on the cubic feet of formation. If you will able to plant 1000 saplings then you can easily calculate it. Yes, it will be 1 CRORE. The estimated calculation is given here in the project report. To get this huge price first you need a genuine sapling to plant.

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It is an endangered tree and you can hardly find the saplings everywhere. Before planting you should identify which type of plant you are planting. I am saying this because the desi mahogany tree takes 25 long years to grow and form a good girth. Whereas, African mahogany needs only 10 to 12 years to have a good cubic foot. This is one of the major differences between both trees therefore the international demand for African mahogany trees is far more than for the desi tree.

To identify the difference one should purchase at least a year-old African tree which looks sharper and taller than a 1-year desi tree. You must purchase saplings from a trusted source to avoid any fraud. There are few sellers who are selling the saplings and you might have to purchase them online. If you are planning to plant more than 500 plants then you can approach man vs green who is taking the bulk orders.

Do you know 1 Mahogany tree price beats gold pf mutual funds index funds

People are selling the saplings in bulk at the cost of Rs 85, 95, and 100 and some are selling even more than Rs 100 per plant. Due to fewer sellers, the price seems a bit higher you have to identify the seller who is selling the good plants at affordable prices. The below-given project report mentions the price of Rs 75 per plant while purchasing in bulk. In order to get these affordable prices you should visit man vs green dot com a trustworthy website who are selling saplings a decent prices in bulk. 

Mahogany Tree Plantation Project Report

This project report is for a 1-acre plantation. In 1 acre 1000 plants can be planted (depending on spacing).

1st year plantation cost

  • 1 sapling cost = Rs 75 (in bulk)
  • 1000 plants cost = Rs 75 x 1000 = 75,000
  • Labour cost = Rs 12,000
  • Weed removal cost = Rs 5000
  • Fertilizer cost = Rs 10,000
  • Irrigation cost = Rs 10,000 
  • Land preparation = Rs 10,000
  • Miscellaneous cost = Rs 5000
  • Total cost = Rs 1,27,000

Cost for 10 years

  • Fertilizer cost + irrigation cost + labour cost + weed removal  = 37000 
  • 37000 x 9 years =Rs 333000
  • Now add harvesting cost i.e Rs 15000
  • Rs 333000 + Rs 15000 = Rs 348000
  • Now add 9 year cost with 1st year cost to get total cost for 10 years.
  • 10 year cost = Rs 1,27.000 + Rs 3,48,000 = Rs 4,75,000
  • Total cost = Rs 4,75,000

Let’s quickly calculate the profit from 1k trees after 10 years.

  • 1 African mahogany tree price after 10 years = Rs 10,000 (depending on cubic feet).
  • 1000 plants price after 10 years = 1000 plants x Rs 10,000 = 1 CRORE.

Now calculate the net profit

  • To get a net profit reduce the cost from the above profit.
  • Net profit = Rs 1000000 – Rs 4,75,000 = Rs 95,25,000.

Note – Estimated Calculation and the actual figure may differ but the difference will be marginal.

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What is the price of one mahogany sapling?

The price depends on bulk or single purchase. The price range for bulk purchases is between Rs 75, Rs 85, and Rs 100 or more.

What will be the average cost of trees after 10 years for planting 1000 mahogany trees?

The estimated cost for 10 years is Rs 4,75,000.

Can I become rich after planting mahogany trees?

Yes, for that you have to plant at least 500 trees and it takes 10 to 12 years. Moreover, the trees should be healthy with a good cubic feet dimension after this long period.

Can I plant coconut trees with mahogany trees?

Yes, with proper spacing you can definitely plant coconut trees.

How many coconut trees can I plant with mahogany trees as a multi-crop?

Divide the ratio by 150 x 250 trees. Thus you can plant 150 coconut trees and 250 mahogany trees.

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