Mahogany yield per acre makes farmers rich

Yes, it is absolutely true that mahogany yield per acre makes farmers rich. Its wood price will definitely surprise you guys it’s higher than the poplar tree price. By going through the project report you will get an idea of how much approximate money you have to invest and how much profit you will achieve after 10 years.

Philippines farmers are doing its commercial farming in the Philippines and making a good profit. Mahogany tree selling price in India is given here with an explanation of why the price is so high and why you should also plant this precious timber.

The speciality of this tree is it can grow in most temperatures, tolerate different climate conditions, is soil friendly and needs less water and less fertilizer ultimately needing less care. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin this profitable tree farming in India and in the entire world. 

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Mahogany tree farming project report 

This is the estimated project report to help you understand the investment required for farming and the expected profit.

mahogany tree price in india
Cultivation cost per acre
Seedling price – Rs 50 to Rs 100 (depending on availability). 
Mahogany plants per acre – 700 to 1000 plants.
1000 plants cost = 1000 seedlings x Rs 100.
The total cost of plants = Rs 1 lakh.
1-acre land preparation cost for farming = Rs 5000.
Labour cost = Rs 15,000.
Barbed wire fencing cost = Rs 70,440 (1-time investment).
Drip irrigation cost = Rs 50,000 (one-time installation).
Irrigation cost = Rs 15000.
Fertilizer and manure cost = Rs 15,000.
Miscellaneous cost = Rs 5,000.
Total 1 year cost = Rs 2,75,440.

To get a 10-year cost first reduce 1 time investment cost then add it later.
Reduce 1-time investment cost from the above-given total plantation cost.
1 time investment = Drip irrigation (Rs 50k) + Barbed wire fencing (Rs 70,440) = Rs 1,20,440.
1 time investment – total cost = Rs 1,20,440 – Rs 2,75,440 = Rs 155000.
Thus Rs 155000 is the cost for 1 year without drip irrigation and wire fencing. This cost will be added later.

Now let’s calculate the plantation cost for 10 years. But first, we have to calculate the cost of 9 years. 
9 year cost = 1 year cost x 9 years 
9 year cost = Rs 155000 x 9 years = Rs 13,95,000
10 year cost = 1 year cost (included fencing & drip cost) + 9 years cost 
10 year cost = Rs 2,75,440 + Rs 13,95,000 = Rs 16,70,440
Total cost of mahogany cultivation = Rs 16,70,440

Now, it’s time to calculate profit.

Mahogany profit per acre
1 Mahogany tree price after 10 years in India = Rs 10,000 to 20k (depending on cubic feet).
Plants per acre = 1000 plants. 
Plantation profit = Rs 12,000 x 1000 trees.
Mahogany farming profit = Rs 12000000 (1 crore 20 lahks).
Now calculate the Net Profit. 
Net Profit = Profit – Cost of mahogany plantation.
Net Profit = Rs 10000000 – Rs 16,70,440.
Net Profit = Rs 83,29,560.
So this is the mahogany tree profit in India in 1-acre land.

Note – The price may vary according to the region, market, variety, seedling price, labour cost as per location etc. 

Mahogany yield per acre  

1k trees can yield around 19000 to 32000 cubic feet of stem timber in 1 acre.

Spacing = 6 x 6.5 
Trees = 1000 to 1500 trees 
A 10-year-old tree yields = 19 to 22 cubic feet.
Let’s take the 20 cubic feet average. 
Yield from 1000 trees =1000 trees x 20 cubic ft.
Mahogany tree yield = 20,000 cubic feet per acre. 
Cubic feet rate = 600 per cubic foot. 
Profit = 600 x 20,000 = 120,00000.

Mahogany cultivation in India

In India mahogany cultivation in Karnataka, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Bihar are started but not on a large scale. It is sad that North India is still not aware of this tree and they are puzzled by poplar tree farming. India needs to accelerate this endangered tree so that we can also save trees by doing their cultivation for more than 10 years.

However, some farmers have started mahogany cultivation and some were doing it earlier as well. But most farmers are still unaware of this profitable farming tree. Especially farmers living in village areas are not used to thinking or searching for profitable farming ideas. They are still following their traditional cultivation which is not bad but they are hardly able to earn with that. We are not saying to stop your regular crop farming we are just saying that you should at least try mahogany tree plantation at the borders of your farm and keep continuing other crop farming.

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It’s true tree farming needs time and other crop cultivation is necessary for farmers to survive. Our motive is to spread this cultivation due to less care and investment in comparison to other tree cultivation. If you also want to involve other farmers in this profitable tree cultivation then I request you to share this knowledgeable blog post via your social media channels such as Twitter, FB, Insta etc.

African mahogany plant price

However, you can get seedlings at a cheap price of nearly Rs 15 but you should go for an African mahogany plant which is also available at different prices according to the region and selling platforms. You might get African mahogany between Rs 50 to Rs 100 per plant depending on the online and offline selling platforms such as Indiamart, manvsgreen and the mahogany plant nursery near you.


What is the mahogany sapling price in India?

Mahogany plant price varies between Rs15, Rs 35 and Rs 100. Rs 15 is the desi plant price and African mahogany saplings price starts from Rs 35 to Rs 100.

How many mahogany trees per acre?

You can plant 600 to 1000 plants per acre. Six hundred plants are recommended for better growth.

What is the mahogany tree selling price in India?

A timber price depends on the cubic feet of the tree and the 10-year-old mahogany wood price in India varies between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.

Is the mahogany plantation in Bihar started?

Yes, the plantation has been started by the farmers.

Which states are doing mahogany farming in India?

Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Assam and Bangalore.

What is the mahogany tree price?

The mahogany wood price depends on the cubic feet and the price of trees varies between Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 as per the cubic feet.

What is the mahogany tree price after 15 years?

Mahogany tree selling price after 15 years may be between Rs 20k to 35k depending on the cubic feet formation of the tree.

What is mahogany cubic feet price?

Around Rs 600 per cubic feet.

What is the mahogany tree yield per tree?

19 to 22 cubic feet per tree. It can produce more yield depending on the farm management practices.

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