How to grow guava tree from leaves successfully  

After consuming this content you will be able to grow guava trees from guava leaves with a 100% success ratio. 

How to grow guava tree from leaves successfully  

Don’t try this in winter your plant may collapse. First, take 10-15 mature guava leaves. You can find guava leaves from any tree that produces at least small fruits. You can use a medium to large size plastic pot with drainage from the bottom. Pot selection is the basic and important step to begin growing plants in a pot successfully.

Pots with drainage systems are easily available in the market but while purchasing a pot make sure you are taking the pot with drainage. If there will be no drainage system water will be stuck inside the pot and the soil will become compact which will reduce the growth of the plant, therefore, must pick a pot with holes at the bottom.

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After selecting a pot fill it with river sand, and fill sand in more than half of your selected pot. You can easily find river sand nearby rivers or ponds. It may be possible that there would be no river or pond available in your region. In this case, you can approach the area where building construction work is going on. The agency uses a good amount of river sand for constructing buildings. You can request or purchase the sand from them. Another option is a fertilizer shop where you may find river sand. Apart from this, you can purchase river sand online. 

After filling the pot with the river sand dab it with soft hands and flatten the surface area. Now place 6 to 7 guava leaves at the corners of the pot opening their face towards the sun. After that put some more river sand and partially cover the leaves from the bottom. Remember do not press the mud or do not force the leaves for insertion in the mud. Now with the help of water Kane, you should provide water at intervals of 8-10 days.

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Put some water on the sand with the bottle before checking the leaves. It will make the leaf-picking process easier and smoother. After 45 days you will see roots have been grown, pick a leaf outside slowly and smoothly to check the grown root. 

After this, you can place all these rooted guava leaves in a container with tea leaves. Use tea leaves that are used for making tea. Yes, I am talking about chai patti. Fill the container with tea leaves and place the guava leaves into the container.

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Roots growing process on guava leaves

  • Take 10-15 mature guava leaves.
  • Pot selection is an important step. 
  • Select a medium to large pot with a good drainage system.
  • Now fill the pot with river sand.
  • Dab the sand with soft hands and flatten the surface area. 
  • Place 6 to 7 guava leaves in the pot opening their face towards the sun.
  • Provide water to leaves and soil in intervals of 8-10 days.
  • Hurry, after 45 days you will see roots grown on the leaves, that’s it.


How to grow a guava tree from guava leaves with 100% success?

To grow guava leaves with 100% success you need a small container with good drainage and river sand. Put the river sand into the container and place the leaves into it. Keep watering in intervals of 8 to 10 days and after 45 days you will see roots germinated on the leaves.

How long it will take guava leaves to germinate roots on them?

Guava leaves need at least 45 days to germinate roots on them.

Can I use other soil instead of river sand to germinate routes on guava leaves?

Yes, you can use but don’t forget to mix the coco peat mixture into the soil.

Which type of leaves should I use germinate root on them?

Select mature leaves of the guava tree.

Can I use the same trick to produce roots on other fruit leaves?

Yes, you can use the same trick for various other fruit leaves such as lemon leaves, jackfruit leaves, oranges, mango leaves, hibiscus leaves and croton leaves.

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