How to sell mahogany trees wood furniture

Hello, farmers welcome back, today I will make you understand where to sell mahogany wood or any tree wood after harvesting with legal permission. 

If you live in India you can surely reach a place where you can sell wood. However, this information is also valuable for the people having tree farms in Florida, Canada, or any other region. There might be a slight difference in the paperwork according to your country but the process will be almost the same. Therefore I request all of you to utilize this information according to your region.

farmers selling carbon credits

You might know or not but it’s true that tree farmers selling carbon credits and earning good passive income. Most farmers are unaware of carbon credits which should be implemented on a priority basis. Growing trees also satisfies human beings from the inside because they are contributing something to the environment. In the return, they can earn some money by selling the carbon credits directly to the government or to interested companies. Selling carbon credit is absolutely legal if you go with the proper channel.

How to sell mahogany trees wood furniture

Now let’s come to the point to which you came here searching. Farmers are getting less money while selling their wood from the farm. However, it is also convenient for farmers that they don’t have to make papers and carry their wood to the selling point. 

You must have visited the vegetable market which is popularly known as sabzi mandi in India. Here I am not talking about the small markets located in gullies or local markets. Instead, I am talking about a big vegetable market located just outside your city or at the end of your city. In this market, vegetables are brought by truck drivers in fully loaded trucks from other cities and states. 

Similarly, there is a wood market in every city where you can sell your products. You can find this wood market at the beginning or end of your city. There might be more than one would market in a city according to the need. You can visit and choose the market which you like. Before bringing your products here you should fix a meeting with the owner of the wood market.

In this meeting, you can ask the wood mandi owner about the auction time and other services. Yes, your products will be sold out through the auction process which will take place in the wood mandi selected by you. You can also ask him/her (owner) about the paperwork if required.

Do you knowDocuments required for selling wood

To sell wood in your selected wood mandi you have to bring wood into the mandi after harvesting. If you are coming from another state then you need NOC, Rawana transit, GST and supply number from the forest department. If you are selling wood in the state or city where you live then also you need a wood-selling permit from the forest department.   

What will happen in the Auction

The owner of the wood market will arrange some big buyers from his contact. These buyers will get together at the same time and you should also be present at that time.  once all reach the place wood owner will start the auction process. The auction process takes place in an open space where different types of wood belonging to different trees are arranged in bunches at appropriate distances. In this process would owner stands nearby the particular tree wood by announcing the tree’s name, he usually says loudly that this tree wood auction starts now. 

Interested buyers stand nearby him and reply to him whether they agree or not. For example, if the wood market owner says $100 for a particular species buyer can negotiate by saying $95 and if the owner denies then another buyer might reach saying $97-98. The process of bidding will keep continuing until the target is met. Sometimes some species remain unsold, in this situation the wood owner reschedules the unsold wood for the next auction. 

It seems a clear process because everything happens in front of you. Now let’s discuss the money which you will get. The wood owner will keep the commission which is fixed between you and the wood market owner before the auction. In your meeting with the wood mandi owner, he will tell you about his commission rate. The profit depends on how good money buyers are going to pay for your wood.


How can I sell my mahogany furniture nearby my city?

You can visit the wood market in which people brought their farm wood for selling purposes. This wood market is mostly located in remote areas of your city.

What is the cost of mahogany tree?

1 mahogany tree price after 10 to 15 years will be approximately $184.64 and 369.28 USD.

What is the price of mahogany tree in India?

Mahogany is one of the most expensive trees having a price of Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 after 10 to 15 years.

Where can I sell my mahogany wood or furniture?

You can easily sell mahogany wood in the wood market of your city. You can also approach music instrument factories, ship-making companies etc. Whereas for selling mahogany furniture you need to approach various sectors such as hotels, bars, shopping malls, corporate offices, cinema halls, exhibition centers and furniture suppliers etc.

Is selling wood in the wood market legal?

Yes, it is a legal process. But before going through the selling process make sure the wood market owner has a proper selling license.

How mahogany woods are sold in the wood market?

Mahogany or any other tree woods are sold through the auction process in the wood market.

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