African mahogany tree price in Bihar after 10 years Rs 15k

African mahogany tree prices and demand in India are increasing because of its wide range of uses. Due to various climate conditions and adaptive nature farmers prefer African mahogany plantations in their regions. Apart from mahogany, names of the most probable trees to grow in Bihar are also shared in this post.

Quick notes– Price after 10 years Rs 10k to Rs 15k, adaptive nature can grow in most places, mahogany uses – musical instruments, furniture, ship parts, boat parts etc.

Mahogany tree price in Bihar after 10 years

A 10-year-old mahogany wood price in Bihar is Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.

1 tree yields after 10 years = 19 to 22 cubic feet.

Mahogany wood price per cubic foot = Rs 650 to Rs 2000/cubic foot.

If 1 mahogany tree yields = 19 cubic feet.

Then, 19 cft x Rs 600 = Rs 12350.

Thus African mahogany tree price in Bihar falls between Rs 10k to Rs 15k depending on the cubic foot. 

If you are thinking why this plant is so expensive then you must read about mahogany uses in the below paragraph.

Other trees – Some other profitable trees you can grow in Bihar are sandalwood, drumstick and teak trees.

Mahogany tree uses

Due to its durability and rot resistance capacity, it is widely used for making ship parts, ship deck parts and boats. It is a tonewood and used for making musical instruments such as guitars, guitar necks and bodies, veena and pianos etc. This precious wood is also used for making gun butts and expensive furniture. It has a natural shine and is used for making expensive furniture including tables, chairs, almira etc.

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Reasons to grow a mahogany tree in India

Climate adaptive nature – When it comes to climate adaptation tree species this long timber comes to mind first if you are also calculating the economics. Farmers are planting mahogany trees in Assam, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Bihar and in most places of South India. India is a big country and has different weather and climate conditions in different states. 

South India is known for its warm and humid conditions, Assam is known for heavy rainfall in the rainy seasons and good rainfall throughout the year, Rajasthan is known for sand and dry seasons having less rainfall, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh are top of the country and known for cold and decent climates and Bihar is also a hot and humid region. 

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You can see farmers planting mahogany species in all these states having different weather and climate conditions. So the first query ends here which comes to mind of any people whether that particular species will grow in my region or not. Unlike other species mahogany is a tree which can easily grow in any region of India except heavy snowfalls.

Harvesting – Farmers are already harvesting mahogany timber in 10 years and some are also harvesting it only after 8 years. The ideal time to harvest the timber is 12 years to get a good diameter. In 1 land farmers are planting 500 to 1000 plants with different spacing. Spacing is important in any cultivation and for better tree diameter spacing should be good enough. To get a better yield you can plant 500 to 700 trees on 1 acre. 

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Must know facts before starting mahogany cultivation

  • Selling –  According to the cubic feet of square feet.
  • Weight – Light weighted tree.
  • Height – 30 to 35 meters (98-115 ft). 
  • Look – Straight tree, few branches at the upper portion.
  • Branches – Hardly any branch at the bottom.
  • Uses – This tonewood is used for making musical instruments.
  • Rot resistance – Used for making ship decks and boats.
  • Cubic foot – Needs 10-12 years for better yield.
  • Care – Only for 2 years, no care is needed after that.
  • Water – Very less water compared to other trees.
  • Fertilizer – No fertilizer is needed after 2 years because its leaves are self fertilizer. 


What are the uses of mahogany trees?

Mahogany uses – Ship decks, boats, musical instruments, gun butts, furniture, architecture work and building materials etc.

What is the mahogany wood price per cubic foot in India?

Rs 600 per cubic foot.

How many mahogany trees in 1 acre should I plant?

500 to 700 trees are recommended however, 1000 plants can also be planted.

What is the price of 10 year old mahogany tree?

The price is between Rs 10000 to Rs 15000 as per the diameter growth.

What is the mahogany tree price in Tamilnadu and UP?

After 10 years – Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 (depending on girth).
After 15 years – Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 (depending on girth).

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