Mahogany wood uses and price | Benefits of mahogany wood furniture

Today, we will discuss mahogany wood uses along with price. It is a straight grained expensive timber and mahogany wood price depends on cubic feet.

Mahogany wood uses

  • Ship decks and boats. 
  • Candle.
  • Wood furniture.
  • Gun but wood.
  • Guitar.
  • Floor tiles, flooring.
  • Making boat outer parts.
  • Doors.
  • Toys.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Table chair for coffee shop, restaurant's
  • Furniture for bar's and mall's.

Grained trees do not have many branches and they grow straight. Mahogany timber is reddish brown in color and contains some valuable properties. It is rot resistance that makes this timber special and useful in creating more valuable things such as boat, decks, ship parts, high quality furniture's, musical instruments, gun butt, gun belt, toys, flooring including, floorboards, floor tiles and more. 

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Mahogany boat building

Due to rot resistance capability, its wood is used for creating exterior parts of boats. South American mahogany wood is used to create interior parts of the ship that gives an elegant look to the ship. 

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mahogany bay boat

Mahogany wood musical instruments 

First of all mahogany is a top level tone wood with light weight and pleasant color therefore this timber is preferred as tone wood for guitar making. Its wood is used for making various musical instruments such as guitar, veena, tabla etc.

Tone wood is used for making musical instruments specially necks and backs of the instruments. Its wood is used for acoustic guitar, guitar neck, electric guitar and for bass guitar are preferred.

In comparison to spruce, alder, ash, maple the its hardwood is capable of producing deep warm tones therefore preferred in making drum shells than the above given tone woods.

Gibson, one of the biggest guitar companies, started making banjo necks for guitars in the 1930s. Some of the styles such as RB, TB and PB style 3s and RB, TB, PB style 75s easily fitted with mahogany wood neck.

mahogany guitar body

Mahogany guitar brands

  • Martin guitars D-18.
  • Taylor guitars.
  • Gibson guitars Les Paul, SG, J45.
  • Hagstrom guitars.

Writing devices

South American mahogany wood is used for making  pens. These pens are reddish brown in colour that means natural mahogany colour they are a bit costlier and used for fashion writing as well. one can gift a mahogany pen to any friend or family member due to beautiful features and great quality.

Mahogany colour furniture

mahogany wood grain

Furniture that has only the outer covering of mahogany wood is not very expensive and common people can purchase these furniture. Its wood is used for making tables and chairs. Mahogany colour furniture is dark-brown shade. Its furniture is seen in high level bars, restaurants, malls and coffee shops.

Furniture needs to be put away from direct sunlight because it can slowly fade the color and shine. One should also avoid its outdoor use and don't place furniture in water logging areas or in the rain water, it can damage mahogany colour wood.

Mahogany wood vs teak wood

Mahogany wood is heavy traffic tolerant therefore its floor tiles and floorboards are always in demand. Brown shade color changes during growing age. Floorboards have a tendency of changing in color from light to dark and if you are fond of dark colours then you can take it as one of the benefits of mahogany wood otherwise you can choose any other wood.  

Comparatively teak woods are more durable and reliable. At the same time teak tree needs more time to get ready for harvesting. Teak trees need more water and care in comparison to mahogany.

Advantages of mahogany wood

  1. Water resistant capacity makes it first choice for boat making.
  2. They don't rot for a long time.
  3. Mahogany boats can easily survive more than 100 years in water due to rot resistance capacity.
  4. Its colour change can also be included in the benefits.
  5. The mahogany colour wood looks pleasant and beautiful.
  6. Its furniture is probably one of the strongest furniture made of any timber.
  7. It is a tone wood that has a deep warm sound mostly used for making musical instruments like guitar, veena, drum shells etc.
  8. Its wood is more costlier than other words like poplar tree wood, melia dubia wood etc.
  9. Its farming is much cheaper than sandalwood tree farming. 
  10. Mahogany tree farming is one of the cheapest farming that is capable of producing the highest returns after 10 years.
  11. Its wood has warmer darker tone than cedar wood and spruce wood. 
  12. While comparing mahogany vs rosewood furniture the mahogany wood grain is far better.

Largest importer

The United States and Britain are the largest importers of this timber tree. Whereas the United States is on the top position as this wood importer.

Exporters of wood 

Today, Peru is the largest exporter of this timber. Whereas, earlier Brazil was the largest exporter, but Brazil banned mahogany export in 2001. Thus Peru has surpassed Brazil in timber supply and became number one exporter in the world.

Mahogany tree price in India

It is one of the expensive timber wood and mahogany tree selling price in India varies between Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 depending on the cube feet of the tree that usually develops with the age. 

African mahogany tree price is always higher than other species. African mahogany tree price after 20 years might be between Rs 35k to 50k. South India is more aggressively doing the cultivation in comparison to other regions of India and mahogany tree price in Karnataka is raising day by day.

Mahogany tree price per ton in India again depends on the cubic feet that can be calculated by cubic feet meter calculator. 

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