Mahogany contract farming companies | Mushroom contract farming and cultivation

Mahogany contract farming companies name, contact number and address is given in this blog post. Mushroom contract farming details and all the information about mushroom cultivation such as temperature, mycelium run, spawning, etc. is also given here.

I have already written detailed information on mahogany tree farming profit in which best practices and nursery address is also given. 

Get mahogany tree farming project report explaining mahogany tree price in India and Philippines along with cost and more.

What is contract farming

  • The biggest benefit of contract farming is that it fixes the price for selling the goods. It maintains a balance between demand and supply.
  • Contract farming means when the farmer gives his farm on contract to any person, organization or company to grow the crop. 
  • We can see this in two ways: in one situation a farmer contracts with a person or company that they will grow the crop according to the company, which the company will have to take at a fixed price.
  • In the second situation the concerned company also provides fertilizer medicines and pesticides to the farmers and they also buy the product at a fixed price.  
  • A contract between farmer and company or an organisation in which farmer gives the land to the company for the particular period according to the contract. Company will do all the cultivation and pay farmer only for their land or they might give farmer some percentage of the particular crop that was grown in their farm, depending on the type of contract.

This farming modal was first introduced in 2018 by the union ministry of Agriculture that circulated a model law on contract farming. It was called the state UT / agricultural produce contract farming act 2018.

  • India is the first country to adopt Agroforestry policy. Integration of trees, crops, livestock's is done on the same land under National Agroforestry Policy.
  • The procedure of registering contract farming in your state may vary a bit but the basic requirements will be the same. It was recommended by a committee of state ministers of agriculture reforms that instead of apmc district level authority should be registered for registration for contract farming agreements.
  • Under the draft model act every agreement needs to be registered with an agreement recording committee by officials from departments Agriculture husbandry rural development and marketing. These committees will work on district level, talukas or block level. 

Mahogany contract farming companies in India

Mahogany contract farming in India is majorly done in Maharashtra and south Indian regions. There are various companies effectively doing contract farming of mahogany tree from their region, some of them are given below.

Chaturveda pvt ltd (mahogany tree contract farming)

  • Office address - Chaturveda Plantech Pvt Ltd.
  • Door no 15 -94 1st floor
  • Opposite Pallavi Gardens
  • Chintalakunta Hyderabad 500070
  • Email id -
  • Contact number - +91 9701501970, +91 6281319656, +91 9035867166, +91 7676506778.

Benefits of the farmer according to Chaturveda company 

  • Assured market returns.
  • Risk elimination due to price fluctuation.
  • Transportation on time. 
  • Direct benefit due to no middle man.
  • Reduces lending from private money lenders.
  • Ample input supply. 
  • Employment opportunity.

Matribhumi biotech India (mahogany contract farming)

  • Office address - Singur, West Bengal India.
  • Email id - 
  • Contact number - 9733518522.

Mushroom contract farming in India

Details of mushroom contract farming company are given below:

Biobrite Agro solutions pvt ltd (oyster mushroom contract farming)

  • 11th lane kallappa plaza, 3rd floor, Jaysingpur, kolhapur, Maharashtra 
  • Contact details - 9923806933

Suggestions - We recommend you to maintain a bond during the contract farming period. However, these companies will perform paperwork from their side but you should take a vigilant step by cross verifying all the paperwork with your own lawyer.

Visit at local agriculture office moreover, you must keep the original copy with you and if any company is just providing a photocopy of the contract farming bond then you should ask them to provide the original bond. 

It is also recommended not to go for a long term bond directly instead you should ask the company for a 1 to 2 years bond and then you can renew it after one or two years. Perhaps, this method may result in a little more money from your pocket during each renewal but in case there is any mishap from the company at that time you will not lose a big amount and long term effort by applying this short term contract farming method.

Disclaimer - Please inquire in detail about these companies from your end and after satisfaction you can go with them. 

Mahogany tree FAQ

How many mahogany trees can be planted per acre?

500, 700 or 1000 mahogany plants can be planted in 1 acre. It depends on the spacing.

How fast do mahogany trees grow?

African mahogany tree can grow in 10 years whereas Indian mahogany needs near 20-25 years to grow mature.

How much does a mahogany tree cost?

Mahogany tree price after 10 years Rs 15,000 (203.78 usd) to Rs 20,000 (271.71 usd)

What are the Philippine mahogany wood uses?

Mahogany wood is majorly used in making boats, musical instruments like guitar (specially guitar neck), mahogany floor, doors etc. 

What will be mahogany tree price after 15 years? 

Mahogany tree price after 15 years might be between $ 271.71 USD to $ 475.50 USD.

What is mahogany scientific name in Philippines?

Mahogany scientific name Philippines is Swietenia macropylla. 

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