African mahogany plant price buy online in bulk 

African mahogany plant price is between Rs 30 to Rs 100 depending on the source. Due to good demand but unavailability in many states nursery owners are selling the plants a bit costly. You can reduce the plant cost by buying the saplings in bulk. The African mahogany buying online platform is disclosed here.

African mahogany plant price buy online in bulk

People are confused about whether the plant variety they buy is real or not. Yes, this is a problem when you are planting a new tree about which you do not have enough information. There are two mahogany varieties found in India desi and African mahogany. African mahogany tree price is much higher than desi so people want to buy that one.

To avail the in-depth information including profit, cost, planting method, spacing, water, where to sell plants, selling price after 10, 20, 25, 35 years, contract farming companies and many more you can simply scroll up to the top menu ebook option and get all in one place.

Mahogany plants buy online in bulk

Visit then book at least 1,000 plants to confirm your order from this site. You can pay later as cash on delivery and you can pay instantly through Google Pay or other payment options. However, choosing the payment later option you have to pay at least 70% and 30% can be paid later. Plants will be delivered to your home within 3 to 5 days. 

The benefit of purchasing from this site is you will be taught about the plantation, fertilizer, disease, watering, spacing, profit margin and selling places as well.

Tree farming in India

Tree farming is becoming popular but people are confused about which tree they should plant. In North India, people are mostly planting poplar trees because they are unaware of the mahogany tree they don’t know anything about this tree.

While talking to poplar tree farmer Mr. Rajendra he said he never heard even the name of the mahogany tree. I was not surprised after hearing this from his mouth because this is the story of a lot more other farmers to whom I talked in the recent past in Uttarakhand.  

Farmer Rajendra is earning Rs 2000, to Rs 3000 per tree after planting a poplar tree for 5 to 7 years. You can also check the video of farmer Rajendra by visiting our YouTube channel trending nature.

Rajendra Saini was curious to know about a new crop that he could plant on his farm for income-boosting purposes. I suggested the mahogany tree and he started collecting some information about this precious tree.

He met me after 1 month and somehow he wanted to start a mahogany plantation on his farm. Mr Rajendra is our ebook holder as well and he said the ebook helped him a lot to understand the concept of this tree.

When Rajendra asked me where he could order 1000 or more plants I advised him to outreach the website for bulk orders. You can also mail us for the same by visiting the Contact Us page.

We also suggest him to do the multi-cropping as he was doing with the poplar tree. The speciality of the mahogany tree is you can grow plenty of other crops with it, the complete list is given in the ebook. You can plant wheat, turmeric, and green grass for animals.

Selling mahogany wood

Selling becomes a main problem when planting something new or a plant about which there is not much information available in the market. One can sell the wood to the wood market available in every city. 


Where can I find a mahogany tree in India?

One can find mahogany trees in Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Asam and Uttarakhand states.

What is the cost of the mahogany tree?

These trees are sold per cubic foot and 1 tree with good dimensions can be sold at Rs 10,000.

Is it possible to grow mahogany trees from cuttings?

Yes, it is possible and very easy. Simply dig a pit put some fertilizer into the pit and after 24 hours place the cutting into the pit and cover the pit with mud that’s what you have to do.

How can I plant a mahogany tree with cuttings?

After ground leveling dig pits and fill biofertilizer into the pits remain them open to the sun. You should plant cuttings after 24 hours.

From which website can I purchase African mahogany saplings in bulk? is a website selling African mahogany in bulk.

From where I can get African mahogany plants at a cheap rate?

Visit to book your order in a decent price range.

Where can I sell my mahogany wood in India?

Sell it to the local wood market of your city.

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