3 Most profitable trees to grow in India 

Tree investment is one of the most satisfactory investments. It is also beneficial for increasing wealth, some of the expensive tree names estimated income and satisfactory reasons are shared here. 

Quick points – Brief info about costly trees mahogany, sandalwood and agar tree, tree investment reason given.

Before investing in trees it is necessary to understand why we should invest in trees. Is only money matters or there is something beyond money like satisfaction?

Why should we invest in trees  

Of course, tree investment gives deep satisfaction to human beings because people always want to do something for the environment and planting trees makes that happen. Everybody knows trees give oxygen to the environment and humans also inhale oxygen. By planting trees one can add his or her contribution to the carbon credit of the nation. 

It’s always good to invest money in which there are good income returns as well as good satisfaction. Whenever you are investing, in trees please invest wisely and pick those trees which can grow in your region. After checking these criteria then only start the plantation. One more important thing you have to do before planting is always checked whether a particular tree growing and harvesting is permitted in your state by the government or not.

Once checking out about permission now it’s time to collect the complete information about the tree. It is necessary to check the soil requirement of the tree along with the required climate conditions. Only soil and climate conditions are not enough. You have to check more information including propagation methods, seed treatment, fertilizer requirements, irrigation, pest and disease and many more.

Do you know5 most profitable tree farming in India

To get all the information you should visit a reliable website or read books. You can always get all this information systematically step by step for all the trees in signup trending nature websites. So keep checking about your favourite trees here.

3 Most profitable trees to grow in India 

Now it’s time to Know about the most profitable tree farming in India and invest in some specific trees accordingly. I will share about 3 trees and it’s your responsibility to check whether they can grow in your region or not. You can use our search box to know a to z information about these trees. The first one is my favourite Mahogany tree, the second one is the Sandalwood tree and the third is the Agar tree.

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Mahogany tree 

Mahogany is one of the most costly trees in India. As I said it is my favourite tree because these three do not need more care and can easily grow in almost any region. People are growing this tree in the hot and humid temperatures of Rajasthan. Farmers are growing this tree in Bihar comparatively less hotter than in Rajasthan.

Tamil Nadu farmers are also growing this tree in humid conditions. One thing is very clear that this tree can easily survive in hot and humid conditions. If you think this tree cannot survive in hilly and rainy regions then you are wrong my dear friend because farmers are doing its commercial cultivation in Assam which is India’s one of the most rainy regions surrounded by hills

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It is a less costly tree than sandalwood and agar trees but still, I recommend it to you ahead of both of the trees due to the reasons given above. It needs 10 to 12 years to mature and after 10 years mahogany tree selling price is around Rs 15k depending on the cubic feet of the tree.

Sandalwood tree

No doubt it is the most expensive tree in India but at the same time, you need more care and more investment to start its cultivation. First I want to be clear that you don’t need any permission to grow this tree but you need government permission to harvest this tree. The government will allow you to harvest sandalwood if you follow their path and they will purchase the tree directly from you. You are not allowed to sell the tree to anybody else apart from the government; it means it is not banned but needs permission from your state government. Now I think you are more clear and can grow the tree in your region with proper government channels. 

The biggest problem in sandalwood cultivation is the selection of host plants and it differs from region to region. You have to pick such plants that can survive for a long time in the selected regions’ climate conditions. So this cultivation needs good care, good management and a good team but at the same time, this is one of the costliest trees in India. 

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Agar tree 

If you don’t know about the tree then you will think the sandalwood tree is the most expensive tree in India. Once you will get information about agar trees you might be surprised. Yes, it is more expensive than sandalwood trees but again its cultivation is more difficult than sandalwood trees. In sandalwood trees, the major problem is host tree selection but in Agarwood trees the major problem is the formation of resin.

Resin is a thick black liquid form substance that has all the value and 1 kg resin price is Rs 2 lakh. After 8-10 years one agar tree can be sold at Rs 2 lakh if it produces good resin. One more important thing which I would like to mention here is agar tree cultivation is banned in most parts of India therefore you need to check the status in your state by visiting forest government offices. 

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Some other trees that can produce good amounts are drumstick trees and poplar trees. Do you know a healthy poplar tree selling price is around Rs 2500 and its latest variety (110) gets ready for harvesting in just 3.5 to 4 years? By planting 500 trees in 1 acre you can generate 500 trees x Rs 2500 = Rs 1,25,000 which is a good income.   

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