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Various high values trees in India grow naturally. 5 most profitable tree farming in India is shared for those who are eying tree farming for profit and planning to plant such trees that can produce good income.

To generate good revenue one must target fast-growing commercial trees like drumsticks, pitch trees, and poplar trees. Somehow farmers are not growing pitch trees in India and Indian farmers need to think about this tree as well. 

Quick Notes – Sandalwood, Agarwood, Mahogany, Coconut, and Moringa are the most expensive trees in India. Hybrid poplar trees are the fastest growing trees in India.

5 most profitable tree farming in India

The top 5 most profitable trees that can produce a really good income for farmers are shared below with their profit margins. You may know about some of the trees and you might have not heard about the few trees that we are revealing here.

1. Sandalwood tree

Sandalwood trees are one of the most expensive trees not only in India but also in the entire world. Still, people are not growing the tree mainly due to unawareness of permission. Lots of people believe that growing sandalwood is banned in India but this is not the truth, it is false spread information. Sandalwood tree cultivation in India is majorly done in Mysore and Maharashtra the farming might be done in some other regions but in North, India people are not growing this precious tree. They are the most useful trees in India.

The fact is anybody can grow sandalwood trees without obtaining government permission but during the harvesting time they have to inform the government and they can sell these trees through government channels only. Farmers are already earning approximately Rs 2 crore by planting 350 sandalwood plants on one acre.

Before starting the cultivation you must increase your budget because sandalwood trees need an equal amount of host trees and they need very good care as well which increases the cost of this farming. We can say they are costly trees in India.

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2. Agarwood tree

Agar trees need 10 to 12 years to mature. The tree also needs a good amount of water and good annual rainfall to thrive best. One tree worth $10,000 is huge and by planting 700 trees in one acre a farmer can generate Rs 9 crores after 10 years. You might be thinking if the tree is capable of generating such a huge amount then why are people not doing the cultivation? The biggest challenge in this cultivation is the formation of resin inside the tree. Resin is a dark black colour liquid substance inside the agar tree that has the actual market value. It is difficult to develop the natural resin inside the tree and it becomes cost-effective for farmers.

agarwood tree

Wounds are made intentionally by using some drill machines or cutting machines so that an agarwood tree can release the resin which is collected and sold to the market. It might happen that some trees may not be able to produce sufficient amounts of resin even after 8 to 10 years which makes farmers uncomfortable.

In our opinion, one must try agar tree farming or at least you can try to plant these trees on the boundaries of your farm because the value of one tree is sky-touching. However, it is the most costly tree in India but not permitted in all states so before growing you should check the permission.

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3. Mahogany tree 

This tree is one of the most climate-suitable trees which can be grown in almost every region of India. The specialty of mahogany trees is that they do not need much water and care. It is a self-fertilized tree and after 2 years it does not need much fertilizer. People started growing this tree in Rajasthan as well. That simply means this tree can easily survive in low-rainfall regions. After 10 to 12 years you can harvest these trees and the price of one mahogany tree after 10 years will be Rs10,000 to Rs 15,000. It is one of the most profitable trees to grow in India and you can purchase the seedlings in bulk through manvsgreen website.

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4. Coconut tree

A coconut tree is capable of producing 35 coconuts and a healthy tree can even produce 75 fruits as well. The tree needs 6 to 10 years to produce the first fruit and it takes 15 years to reach the peak of producing fruits. Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh are situated in the south region of India and are growing coconuts majorly due to suitable weather and climate conditions. After planting 150 coconut trees per acre farmers can obtain a net profit of Rs 104900. 

5. Moringa tree 

Moringa is also known as drumstick and the tree easily grows throughout the region without demanding any specific weather or climate. Due to fast-growing adaptations in various climate conditions, moringa tree cultivation is very popular worldwide. The cultivation is done for pods and leaves and the pod production per acre is between 12 to 20 tons. Moringa leaves price per kg is approximately Rs 20 to 25 and one can achieve a net profit of Rs 145400 from 1 acre.

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Top 10 expensive trees in India

  1. Indian sandalwood.
  2. Agar tree.
  3. Teak tree.
  4. Mahogany tree.
  5. Eucalyptus tree.
  6. Coconut tree
  7. Moringa tree. 
  8. Neem tree.
  9. Poplar tree.
  10. Melia Dubai tree.

Conclusion – Some profitable trees to grow in India are shared in this post along with their profit margins. Hope you got some value if yes please share this post and help other farmers as well.


Which is the most profitable tree plantation in Tamilnadu?

You can plant mahogany, moringa and coconut trees in Tamil Nadu for good income returns. 

Which tree farming is most profitable?

Sandalwood, agarwood and mahogany trees are profit-making trees. 

Which is the most valuable tree farming in India?

Sandalwood and agarwood trees are cultivated for their huge income returns.

Which tree needs less cost but produces more income?

Mahogany tree farming is low-cost farming and produces higher incomes as well.

Which are the five most profitable tree farming in India?

Coconut tree.
Moringa tree.

Name some best tree plantations for business in India.

After some time coconut and moringa trees produce regular income by producing fruits and pods hence considered the most valuable trees in India.

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