Best poplar tree variety in India g48 vs 110 

G48 or 110 which variety you should choose is given in this post in detail. The nursery address and contact number from where you can purchase 110 poplars are shared here.

Quick points – G48 vs 110 Poplar, nursery address Uttarakhand, the reason why Poplar dry.

Poplar trees are mostly grown in the entire north of India by farmers and investors. 

Best poplar tree variety in India g48 vs 110 

Recently I visited one of the biggest poplar tree nurseries in Uttarakhand and met experts who were doing poplar cultivation for 18-19 years. They met me open-mindedly and explained the whole process of how they manage their nursery and how they prepare small plants for selling.

The nursery is located in Majra village nearby CORE College of Roorkee. Mr Pradeep is the owner of that nursery named Kalwari Nursery and the whole nursery is taken care of by another expert Mr Pawan. I met both of them in their nursery where small plants are planted in more than 22 bigha lands. By talking to them I got to know that they have planted plants in the month of January and now the plants were 3.5 months older only. 

During the conversation, Mr Pradeep told earlier they used to grow g48 varieties of poplar tree but now they are mostly growing 109 & 110 poplar varieties. He also clarified that they are still preparing g48 varieties and people who want g48 plants they can get from their nursery. He added they are growing 109,110 varieties on a large scale and kept little space for g48 varieties. 

While asking them why they switched from the g48 to the 110 variety they beautifully explained some specific reasons which are. First of all 110 varieties need around 3.5 years to get ready for harvesting whereas g48 and other varieties need at least 6 to 7 years to mature. They said in this time period one can grow and harvest these trees two times in comparison to ordinary varieties. They added 110 is the latest variety and grows straight with few branches resulting in a better radius. Due to this pruning cost also reduces which is beneficial for farmers. 

Whereas g48 and other varieties contain lots of branches resulting in regular pruning and an increase in cost. Due to more branches, the nutrition will be divided between all the unwanted, small, thin, thick branches and stems resulting in a lesser radius of the tree. This is why pruning is very important for all trees including fruit trees to produce more quality fruits. 

So these are some of the important points given by those farmers, why they started 109 & 110 varieties and why we should choose 109 or 110 instead of g48 and other varieties. If someone wants to buy genuinely raised poplar plants (109,110) then he or she should visit Kalwari Nursery located in Roorkee near COER College of Engineering at Haridwar Road. While travelling from Roorke to Haridwar destination you can find this nursery 3 to 5 km away from COER college on Haridwar road in Majra village. 

Plant age

If you are planning to plant some popular trees at your farm then I would recommend you to pick a 1-year-old plant. Plant age matters and 1-year-old plant survival chances are much more than 3 to 4 months old plants so always purchase at least a 1-year-old plant so that it can survive in your form. From Kalwari nursery you can buy 1 year plant at Rs 35.

Farmers’ contact number and address

Kalwari poplar nursery, Majra Village (muldaspur) near COER college, Roorke, Haridwar, Uttarakhand. The contact number of Kalwari nursery (Dinesh) 7253053777, 7078775079, Pawan 9837721142.

Poplar tree drying reason 

Poplar tree care is necessary, especially in the initial days and planting time. There are three specific reasons why this tree gets dry and more reasons are connected to a pest called termite.  first of all one should plant these plants correct planting season which is January. If poplar plantation will be done in other months then their route will not catch the mud correctly which will make some tiny space and allow air in between resulting in tree dryness.

During planting small plants at your farm tiredness is required at the bottom of the plant while placing the mud into the dig. If it is not done correctly then again a space will be created which will form air resulting in tree dryness. Another important reason is most people use raw cow dung as a fertilizer but they don’t know this raw cow dung might contain a good amount of termite and they will dry out the whole tree. Instead of using raw cow dung, one should use at least 2.5 years old mature cow dung. 

For new poplar plantation with petrol machine contact 9719972929

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