How many moringa trees per acre can I plant

In one-acre land 750 moringa plants can be planted with a spacing of 6 x 12 feet. However, one can also plant 1000 moringa trees in one acre with a spacing of 4 feet only. Information about moringa plantation distance and other requirements including soil, fertilizer and water is given here along with the profit that you can generate from one-acre land.

How many moringa trees per acre can I plant?

Moringa is also known as drumstick and it is mainly cultivated for its leaves and pods. Farmers are planting 700 to 750 moringa trees per acre with a spacing of 6 x 12 ft in which 5 x 5 is row-to-row spacing. People can also use seeds for growing moringa trees and 600-gram seeds are considered good for one acre. This tree does not demand much water and can be grown in fewer rainfall regions.

Ploughing and harrowing are required at least two times during ground preparation and after that 10 to 15 kg FYM is added. You can use compost as farm yard manure and make sure to add some other components with it such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It will be good if one can add all these components in a measured ratio of 100-gram nitrogen + 200-gram phosphorus + 50-gram potassium along with 10 to 15 kg farm yard manure. 

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Seed and cuttings are two methods of planting moringa trees on farms. The seed propagation method is used for annual cultivars and the plant propagation method is used for perennial cultivars.

Due to less water requirement and more production annual cultivars are preferred. While using seeds one should perform the seed treatment before sowing them. To control seed bone disease farmers are treating the seed with approved biopesticides or chemicals before the sowing process.

The possible pest and diseases that can reduce the quality of leaves and pods of the tree are budworms, lead caterpillars, hairy caterpillars, pod flies and bark caterpillars. So it is necessary to use the required biochemicals, plant medicines and the above-given fertilizer in the correct ratio.   

Moringa tree lifespan is 10 to 12 years and they need only 6 months to get ready for the first harvesting from the planting period. It means one can take advantage of 10 to 12 years by growing these trees. The tree is mainly cultivated for its leaves and pods which are also sold in international markets due to high demand.

Moringa tree yield per tree is 13 to 15 kg which is awesome. If you have planted 750 trees in 1 acre then in the very first year you can easily achieve 12 to 13 tonnes of drumsticks. After 1st year the production will increase and it might go around 15 to 16 tons per acre. The average price of a drumstick is 20 to 25 rupees per kg in India. Let me explain the moringa farming profit from one acre. 

1 acre = 12 tonnes of moringa production.

Twelve tonnes = 12000 kg. 

Price per kg = Rs 20.

Profit = 12000 kg x Rs 20 = Rs 2,40,000.

Net profit = Reduce the cost which might be Rs 54600. 

Net profit = Rs 1,45, 400. You can get the complete project report here.


How much time does the moringa tree need to grow?

6 months.

What is the moringa tree’s lifespan?

10 to 12 years.

How many moringa trees should I plant in 1 acre?

750 trees.

What is moringa yield per tree?

13 to 15 kg.

What is moringa yield per acre?

12 to 15 tonnes per acre.

What is moringa yield per hectare?

30 to 35 tonnes per hectare.

What is the 1 kg moringa price?

Rs 20 to Rs 25 per kg.

In which soil should I plant moringa?

However, it’s a soil-friendly crop but black soil is best for this plant.

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