Best 5 tree farm profit per acre & low cost

Revealing 5 trees that can produce good returns for our farmers. Some trees are capable of producing more than 1 crore per acre. The estimated profit of all these 5 trees is given as, maturing time period and where one can sell these trees shared in this blog post.

One can plant 500-1000 trees per acre depending on the tree. To get good revenue one shall plant 500 trees per acre. A good thing is that these 5 trees can be grown along with other crops, and if someone is lacking land and doesn’t want to disturb their regular crops then they can grow these trees on the boundaries of the farm. Let’s begin.

Best 5 tree farm profit per acre & low cost

Mahogany tree 

The mahogany tree is one of the best trees to plant due to its high survival capability in any circumstance. It is soil-friendly, with less fertilizer, less water and less care required for this plant. We recommend this valuable tree to farmers who want to boost their income with less investment. Yes, this is the tree with low cost and high returns.

Trees in 1 acre – 500 to 700 trees.

Cost for 10 years – Nearly 7 lakh for planting 1k trees.

Tree selling price after 10 years – Rs 10k to Rs 15k depending on cubic feet.

Profit – 700 trees x Rs 10k = 70 lakhs.

Net profit = Rs 70 lakh – Rs 7 lakh = Rs 63 lakh per acre. 

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Sagwan tree 

Sagwan tree wood is infection free and waterproof which makes this would precious in the market and this is one of the reasons these trees are mostly used in making furniture. The tree can survive more than 200 years and it also grows again while cutting from the bottom. 

Trees per acre – 400 to 500 trees.

Expenditure – 50 to 55 thousand.

Earning – Selling price Rs 30k to 40k. 400 trees x 30k = Rs 2 crore 20 lakhs.

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Rosewood tree

The rosewood tree is capable of producing hard durable wood used for making furniture. It is rot resistance and insect-free wood used in making exotic veneers, boat parts, guitar bodies etc.

Trees per acre = 250 trees.

Cost for 10 years = 509900.

Rosewood tree selling price after 10 years = Rs 40k.

Profit = 250 trees x Rs 40000 = 1 crore.

Net profit = Rs 1 crore – Rs 509900 = Rs 94,90,100.

Rosewood tree price in India 40k

Rubber tree 

Rubber tree cultivation in India is mostly done and South Indian regions. South America and Central America grow phenomenon rubbers and famous for their cultivation. It is a forest wild tree that grows 43 meters in height.

Trees in 1 acre = 500 trees.

Cost for 7 years = Rs 365500.

Profit = More than Rs 1 lakh per acre.

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Eucalyptus tree 

The average price per tonne of eucalyptus trees is Rs 450. One eucalyptus tree is capable of producing 300 to 400 kg of wood. It takes almost 9 years to get ready for harvesting and this tree needs water in huge quantities therefore costing gets higher in low rainfall areas.

Plants per acre = 500 plants.

Cost = Rs 106000.

Net profit = Rs 5,24,000.

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How many trees per acre should I plant?

Depends on which tree you are planting. One should plant  500-700 mahogany trees per acre whereas only 250-300  Sandalwood plants can be planted in one acre.

How many rosewood trees per acre should I plant?

250 to 350 trees can be planted.

Which tree farming is most profitable in the world?

There are trees like agarwood tree, sandalwood that can generate huge income but at the same time then needs good investment. We recommend mahogany trees due to less care, low investment and huge returns after 10 years. 

How many eucalyptus trees can be planted in one acre?

500 trees are recommended.

Who planted one lakh trees? 

Jadav Molaii Payeng has been planting trees for the last 44 years and is well known as the forest man of India.

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