Poplar tree price Yamunanagar address phone number

In the entire North India Yamuna Nagar is the biggest wood market where farmers and contractors bring wood for selling. Not only poplar tree wood one can sell most of the tree woods in this market at a good price. 

Poplar tree price Yamunanagar address phone number

Poplar tree rate per/quintal in the biggest wood mandi Yamunanagar with address and phone number is given below.

Address & phone number

Yamunanagar is located in Haryana nearby Uttarakhand. In India, there are two biggest wood-selling markets in Asia and both are in Haryana, one is in Jagadhri and another in Yamunanagar. Jagadhri is 169 km from Delhi. Roorkee is the nearest railway station to Yamunanagar. The distance between Roorkee to Yamunagar is around 65 km and one can reach there in 1 hour and 45 minutes by road. One can visit there via Saharanpur bypass road and NH344. 

Payment timings 

Farmers or investors will get paid by the evening of the wood-selling day. In some cases, you might get payment in one or two days after selling the wood. 


Documents are required for this process and specially ravana is required for people who live outside Yamunanagar.

Read thisBest poplar tree variety 110

Permit and Ravana from the forestry department. 

  • Permit – It is a document related to harvesting.
  • Ravana – It is a document related to wood transportation from one place to another.

The benefit of the ravana document is one can easily supply wood throughout India and it is totally legal. This document is necessary to avoid illegal activities. It can only be made after the permit document and the permit document is required for harvesting the tree. Permit document is especially required for those who want to sell their wood or crop in another state of India. These documents are helpful for sellers to sell their goods at a good price.

Per quintal tree price Yamunanagar

  • Poplar tree price per quintal – Rs 1500.
  • Teak tree price per quintal – Rs 2500 to 3000. 
  • Eucalyptus tree price per quintal – Rs 500 to Rs 600. 
  • Mango tree rate per quintal – Rs 700 to Rs 800.

The market is so big and the auction takes place in front of the wood seller. Therefore, whenever you visit this place, get ready for the auction process at the same time. Apart from the weight the wood age and colour matter during the auction process and after the auction the rate is finalized. 

Best poplar variety 2023

Whether you are an investor or farmer does not matter but you need to know which is the best poplar tree variety in India in the 2023 era. People who are unaware of the latest varieties believe that G48 is the best variety because they don’t know about the latest varieties 110 and 109. 

While doing the interview with a farmer called Mr Rajendra he said the 81 poplar variety is the best and they have planted that one on their farm. After that interview I got a comment from one of my subscribers who told me that Rajendra is not doing the latest cultivation otherwise he must know about the latest varieties such as 109 and 110. From that day onwards I started searching for the latest variety and after 6 months finally found two other farmers who had the latest poplar tree plantation nursery

I met farmers named Dinesh and Pawan who planted 109 and 110 varieties on a large scale in more than 10 acres of land. When I asked them how 109 and 110 varieties are better than other varieties. They told me the first reason is the growing time period which is only 3.5 years in 110 variety whereas g48 takes 6 to 7 years to mature.

Secondly, they said 110 variety grow straight and branches occur from the top which reduces the pruning need and cost. Comparatively 48 varieties had lots of branches from the bottom which increased pruning need and cost. While asking about the price they told me that the 6-year-old g48 price is similar or a bit lesser in comparison to the 3.5 to 4-year-old 110 variety. They were not just saying all these things they have also removed the most g48 variety from their nursery and planted 109 and 110 varieties on a large scale. However, they still had some space for the g48 variety but on a low scale.


What is the poplar tree price in Yamunanagar?

With a good girth and weight poplar tree rate is somewhere around Rs 1500 per quintal.

What is the teak tree price Yamunanagar?

The teak tree with 40 feet height and 5-foot radius has a great demand in Yamunanagar. Teak tree per quintal price fluctuates between Rs 2000 to Rs 3000. Sagwan trees with a radius of 4 to 5 feet can be sold at good prices around 2500 to 3000.

What is the safeda tree price? 

In Yamunanagar wood market Rs 500 to Rs 600 per quintal.

What is the mango tree price in Yamunanagar?

Rs 700 to Rs 800 per quitnal.

Which trees can farmers sell in Yamunanagar?

Poplar, eucalyptus, shisham, teak, mango, sagwan and almost all types of trees are sold here.

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