Mahogany farming profit per acre Rs 1 Crore of 950 trees | mahogany tree selling price in India

Today, we will help you to understand the concept of a plant that can give you huge profit without much care it can be used as a mix crop as well. Mahogany tree price is increasing year by year and this is the right time to start mahogany tree cultivation in India. Mahogany tree selling price in India is much more higher than melia dubia tree price in India. Nobody can say someday the mahogany tree rate might touch the price of one bitcoin. Mahogany tree wood is light weighted and this tree is measured by ghan feet. This post will help you to find out the mahogany tree price after 10 years, 15 years, 20 years and the whole mahogany farming project report is also given in detail. After reading this post you will be aware of mahogany tree price stats and mahogany tree cultivation.   

Lets dive in deeper

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  • Drip irrigation - Rs 50,000 (one time)
  • Irrigation cost - Rs 15,000
  • Fertilizer + Manure + Pesticides - Rs 14,000 
  • Plant Protection Charges - Rs 6,000
  • Land Preparation - Rs 5,000
  • Labor Charges - Rs 15,000
  • Miscellaneous - Rs 5,000
  • Total - Rs 110000

Total investment for 1 year = Plant Cost + Other Cost 

Plant Cost Rs 100000+Other Cost 110000 = Rs 210000 (1st year)

Cost after 1 year 

  • Total cost -  Reduce plant cost and drip irrigation installation (from total cost)
  • (Total cost) 210000 - 100000 Plant cost = Rs 110000
  • Rs 110000 - 50000 (drip irrigation)  = Rs 60000
  • Cost for next 9 years = Rs 60000 x 9 = Rs 540,000
  • Total cost = 540,000 (9 years cost) + 210000 (1st year cost)

Total Cost for 10 Years = Rs 750,000

Now lets calculate mahogany tree farming profit

1 mature tree after 10 years – Rs 10,000 to 30 thousand or more, it depends on cubic feet (Ghana feet) of the tree

If you have around 1000 tees and out of 1k trees 750 trees are in good condition  

750 trees X 10 thousand = Rs 75 lakh

Reduce your mahogany tree cost from mahogany tree income to get net profit

Mahogany plant cost = 750,000 and Mahogany tree income = 75 lakh

Rs 7,50,000 - Rs 75 lakh = Rs 67,50,000

Net Profit = Rs 67 Lakh 50 Thousand 

Note - Remember it depends on the cubic feet measurement and the rate may be higher according to the market price of that time, this tree is not measured by the weight. 

Mahogany tree farming project report - I guess mahogany tree profit per acre is quite huge and more people will catch the opportunity of mahogany tree profit in india. Will you still ask is mahogany farming profitable in India then I would say yes, yes and yes so hurry up and start mahogany tree farming in India or start mahogany cultivation where you live may be outside India so that you can take the advantage of planting mahogany tree per acre.

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Price of 1 mahogany plant 

Rs 20-25 is simple or desi mahogany plant price, African mahogany plant price is Rs 120-150 you may get Rs 100 per plant in bulk (above 500 plants). While purchasing single African mahogany plant it will cost Rs 150 per plant. 


Difference between simple and African mahogany  

Simple mahogany or desi mahogany takes 25 long years to grow mature whereas African mahogany needs only 10 years to get mature. This tree is known as hardwood timber tree swietenia. 

African mahogany tree price

Mahogany farming profit - African mahogany tree has vital demand in India as well and African mahogany tree plantation in India is becoming more popular than other species. Mahogany farming profit depends on the mahogany tree yield if someone is having one acre mahogany farm in Philippines or Canada then the price will depend on mahogany yield per acre. African mahogany is popular due to better yield production. The price of African mahogany tree is around Rs 15,000 - 20,000 this is the price of 10 year old mahogany tree. 

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How long does mahogany tree take to grow

However, it grows with good benefits including profitable selling price in 10 to 14 years. Moreover, it takes 25 years to grow mature completely. 

Mahogany cultivation in India

It can be grown all over India except in snow fall region. It is already cultivating in south regions like Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh etc it can be grown well in north region like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and other places.

Mahogany tree grows naturally in tropical America, Asia and Africa it is a high value timber tree mainly known for durability, strength and water resistance. It is also popular for its redwood color along with artistic shine. 

How many mahogany trees per acre?

Mahogany tree plantation per acre - While answering the question that how many mahogany trees can be planted in an acre! we would say it depends on the spacing of the plants. Moreover, one can easily plant around 700 to 1000 mahogany plants per acre.

Mahogany tree plantation distance for three types of spacing are given below: 

  • 6 by 6 = 800-1000 plants 
  • 8 by 8 = 700-800 plants
  • 10 by 10 = 500 to 600 plants
  • So, these are some recommended spacing for mahogany plantation in India.

Temperature Required for mahogany tree

Temperature – Mahogany tree can be grown in any temperature except snow fall region. North India is best for this plant however south Indian region has started the cultivation of mahogany tree on large scale.

Soil requirement for mahogany cultivation 

Mahogany plant can grow in any temperature and in any soil. By nature it is soil friendly, it prefers loamy soil that has good drainage. Don't allow standing water in your farm.

Water required for mahogany cultivation 

This plant demands very less water and this is the specialty of the plant but you need to take care of the plant in initial days and you should provide water once in a week in summer twice in a week but later you can do it twice in a month also it does not need any water in spring or rainy season. 

Fertilizer used in mahogany tree farming

Mahogany cultivation in India is becoming popular now a days. However, mahogany is a plant that does not demand any fertilizer after some time but you should fertilize it in initial days and later you can fertilize it 2 times in a year that’s it mahogany demands. The reason is after 8 months or 1 year it grows taller and the leaves of mahogany starts falling and these leaves are itself organic fertilizer due to rich properties like Malabar neem leaves mahogany leaves can also be used as compost. It's good to make organic fertilizer at home or you can purchase it from agriculture store or online store. Experts Recommend this organic fertilizer for good and quick growth of the plant.

You should only use organic fertilizer for this plant and for all crops as well. I know its difficult to use only organic in short term crops like vegetables or any crop that grows in the period of 3 to 6 months and farmers are helpless to use urea or DAP. But if you are doing such farming that takes more than 6 months then you should do organic farming because organic farming is slow to start but can produce good and profitable result in long duration.

Verities of mahogany tree

The hybrid between S mahogany and S macrophylla is widely planted for its timber. Moreover, between Indian swietenia mahagoni and African mahogany you should choose African due to high demand over international and national market. Only three species are "genuine mahogany" other species with timber uses are classified as "true mahogany" some of these true mahoganies are 

  • African Mahogany (African genra khaya)
  • Entandrophragma (sapela mahogany)
  • Newzeland mahogany or kohekohe
  • Indonesian mahogany
  • Toona sureni
  • Melia azedarach
  • Pink mahogany or Bosse
  • Guarea
  • Chittagong (well known as Indian mahogany)
  • Chukrasia velutina
  • Indian mahogany
  • Philippine mahogany

Three species are swietenia macrophylla, swietenia mahogany and swietenia humilis. These three swietenia species are classified as genuine mahogany. Mahogany tree is well known for its commercial value and it is treated as an important wood. It is used for its beauty, durability, colour, natural shine, furniture, musical instrument and ship parts. 

Caring mahogany tree

Caring – Little caring require before 8 months later it does not demand for any type of caring but don’t allow standing water in your farm.

Fungicides spray – You need to perform fungicide spray in the duration of 40-45 days and also use some medicine for termite you can use organic way to get rid of termite.

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I was planning to plant some sandalwood plants but after going through your mahogany content I turned to mahogany plantation. I guess I made correct decision.. 

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Height of mahogany tree after 10-11 years 70 to 80 feet and diameter of stem will be 2 – 2.5 feet

Price of the seed or fruit of mahogany tree (after 3 years)

It is a myth about the price that it is about 3000 but the fact is that it sells only about 100 to Rs 150 in market.

 mahogany tree benefits - FAQ

To better understand advantages of mahogany wood and mahogany tree benefits I have prepared FAQ for you

What is mahogany wood used for?

Mahogany wood uses - Mahogany wood do not get spoil and rot for more than 100 years therefore it is used in vital field. It has a huge demand over national and international market because it is used in making ship parts, furniture's in bar, gun but, toys, music instruments and you can easily see mahogany wood furniture in 5 star hotels, mahogany wood sofa set.

It is commonly used in medicinal sector for making various medicines including sugar, bp etc it is vitally used in Ayurveda department. It is also used to get rid of mosquitos by making mosquito kit  

Is mahogany good for musical instruments?

Mahogany is listed as the most popular trees used in making musical instruments. Mahogany is the most popular choice of tone wood for guitar making. Due to the light weight mahogany wood is preferred wood for musical instruments like veena, guitar etc. It is also very shiny by nature that attracts customers as well. While asking about tonewood meaning I would say it is a specific wood variety that contains tonal properties that make them good choices for use in woodwind. Making musical instruments like, veena, guitars, ship deck parts, boats, gun butt, furniture's are some important mahogany tree uses in India.

What are the mahogany wood furniture pros and cons?

Pros - However, mahogany wood comes first in mind while talking about musical instruments made out of wood. Moreover, it holds same position while talking about best wood for making furniture. It is used in making furniture due to high and sustainable quality with natural shine that does not demand for artificial shine, it is very light weighted with a strong quality. It has the ability to over come the rot problem hence, used in making important ship parts.

Cons - It is very hard and difficult to cut, mahogany hardwood floors are well known for absorbing sunlight that causes darker color over the time. Price of mahogany wood in india is very expensive therefore mahogany wood furniture price is much higher than any other wood and it is way far from the pocket of common people. 

Why mahogany wood is used in making the parts of ship?

1st reason is it is a strong and high quality wood and the main reason is that mahogany wood don’t get rot for several years. It is recommended to get mahogany tree information before starting any business related mahogany tree. Mahogany furniture price is higher while trying to buy mahogany wood furniture online. 

Price of mahogany tree in India

While talking about teak wood or mahogany wood furniture in india, mahogany wood is preferred for better qualities. It depends on the cubic feet of the tree and mahogany tree price after 15 years may increase unexpectedly like bitcoin price. Mahogany tree selling price in india may be around 15, 25, 30 thousand and mahogany wood price in India after 15 years may cross Rs 25- 50 thousand per tree. Today there is no specific subsidy on mahogany tree but in future it might change. Some people usually ask whether mahogany tree legal or not then we would say it is not banned in India but needs government permission to cultivate this tree. 

Before selling one should check current mahogany tree price in India and should not sell mahogany wood according to the weight, the weight of mahogany tree is very less. Moreover, it is measured in cubic feet. Mahogany tree wood price in India depends on the cubic feet of the tree and cubic feet of mahogany tree will increase year by year. Therefore the 10 year old mahogany wood will be more costlier than the wood of a 1 or 5 year old mahogany tree.

Mahogany tree price in tamilnadu might differ from mahogany tree price in Bihar but the difference will be little and it will depend on the regional market  price of mahogany wood in India. At the same time mahogany tree price per ton in Karnataka will be completely different from mahogany tree price Philippines due the global market difference. 

What is mahogany tree selling price in India?

In India if you have done African mahogany farming then you can sell 1 mahogany tree after 6-7 years at the price of Rs 8-10 thousand. Mahogany tree price after 10 years and after 15 years could be sold at the price of Rs 15k, 30k, 35 thousand or above it depends on the cubic feet measurement of the plant. Mahogany tree price after 20 years might be at the peak. 

  • Mahogany tree selling price after 10 years - Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 (depends on cubic feet of the tree) 
  • Mahogany tree selling price after 15 years - Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 (depends on cubic feet of the tree)
  • Mahogany tree selling price after 20 years - Rs 35,000 to Rs 50,000 (depends on cubic/ghan feet of the tree)
  • Note - Cost of mahogany tree in India might differ according to the demand at that time and future guidelines related to the mahogany tree cultivation.

Mahogany contract farming companies in India?

  • Mahogany contract farming in India - If you are searching for mahogany farming in India on contract basis then you can contact the following numbers they also deal in other plant or crop contract farming. 
  • Chaturveda Agro is a company that mostly serves their services in the south region you can contact them by these mobile numbers - 9701501970, 6303630495, 7995495060 address of this company - 101, plot no 6&7 road no 1 behind d mart, Vanasthali hills Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad
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Mahogany Tree Price and mahogany farming

What is carbon credit?

Carbon credit is a type of certificate introduced to decrease the carbon emissions created by any country, state, city or green house. If a company has created some amount of carbon emission then that company have to invest in carbon credit to maintain the balance. 1 carbon credit means you have prevented 1 ton carbon dioxide or similar gases to get dissolved in environment. In 1997 Kyoto protocol during environment agreement all nations agreed to decrease the carbon emission and structure of carbon credit was formed. One can earn money by selling carbon credit. 

Suggestion - If you are a father or mother of a new born baby then you must have searched investment plans for you kids for at least 10 to 15 years and some how if you owns a land then you should must try mahogany tree cultivation on a small or medium scale at least once. You can do mahogany plant cultivation along with your other investment schemes, I know its bit difficult while talking about 10 to 15 years but one can try this profitable cultivation for at least 6 to 7 years and you may find a better money making idea and profit making investment plan for kids.

Remember, one day mahogany tree in India is going to set a trend and mahogany tree farming can change the lives of farmers as well as common investors. 

Moreover, apart from mahogany tree melia dubia tree cultivation is also profitable cultivation and it takes 7-8 years to grow melia dubia tree mature. Both trees needs less care and less water the difference between mahogany tree and melia dubia tree is mahogany tree price after 10-15 years or in 2030 may be between 25 to 50 thousand and melia dubia tree after 7 to 8 years may be 10-11 thousand per ton, current price of melia dubia wood is Rs 5000 per ton. 

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