How to start plant courier service in India

Yes, it is possible to transfer live plants through couriers in India but one has to pack them so they won’t die in transit.

Quick Overview – Brand name, firm open, MSME registration, bank current account, tie-up with farmers, online marketing, create a website and google my business account.

How to start plant courier service in India

Follow the below-given steps to easily start your plant courier service in India.

Select a brand name

First, select a catchy name for your firm so that people can easily recognise and relate your phone to a plant-delivering business. Do not select an irrelative name, it will confuse people so the first step is selecting a good catchy name resembling a name for your firm so that you can make a brand for the long term.

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Firm open

Purchase a shop in the market or take the shop on rent in both cases agreement is necessary showing your name which can be made with Rs 200 from your nearby court. A physical address is necessary for registering the company. You can also start the firm from your house which will be best for people who can’t spend money on purchasing or renting the shop. Don’t worry, it can still be registered through government channels.

Plant company registration MSME

Firm registration is important to get a licence for plant courier services. You can easily register the firm sitting at your home via your laptop or mobile. Open a government portal ministry of micro small and medium enterprises and register your firm as MSME. 

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Open a current account in a bank

Current account opening is very important. how ever you can do business with saving accounts in the initial days but when you are business will grow you need a current account for big transactions. Moreover, the benefit of opening a current account is you will easily get a loan from banks with low interest.

Collaborate with farmers

After doing all the paperwork your job is 35% done. Now the main work starts from here. You have to approach most farmers and tie up with them. In cities, there are plenty of plant nurseries available. You have to meet these people and give your proposal. Offer them a small discount and convince them that your courier service will deliver their plants to their customers safely and on time. If you will be able to do this then this will be the beginning of spreading your business to the local market.

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Online Marketing

Once you tie up with farmers and plant nursery owners. Now it’s time for digital marketing. Create a website on your own or hire a creator we also developed websites just drop an email to us. The website should be e-commerce where people can purchase your product on the spot. There should be a proper working payment gateway so that you can receive money in your wallet immediately. With the help of websites slowly but steadily you can capture the market of other states as well. 

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Register firm on google my business

After building a website it is good to register your firm on google my business. When people will search for plant courier services in their cities then your company name and website name will appear on top. It is actually a google map service where people find the path to reach their destination. Plant nursery owners who want to deliver their plants need courier services and they will also search on google for the best courier services near them if your firm is registered on google my business then it will be beneficial for you.

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Tip for plant nursery owners

Registering your plant nursery business on “google my business” will increase your number of customers and people who are searching for a plant nursery near me will see your company address and website name on top search results. So I recommend you must use this free and trustworthy feature of Google to increase your sales.

Send live earthworms through courier

Not only plants but also moving creatures such as earthworms are sent through courier services.  breathing bags are used to pack live earthworms for sending them from one place to another place. If you are living in Mumbai and want 300 earthworms from Delhi then breathing bags are used to pack them to send them from Delhi to Mumbai alive. 

If you want to start a plant courier business then you need to research how to pack plants with different packages.

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How can I start plant courier services in India?

Select a brand name.
Open a firm.
Plant courier service name registration. 
Open a current account in a bank.
Tie up with farmers.
Build a website.
Register on google my business. 

How can I transfer alive creatures like earthworms through courier services?

You need breathing bags to transfer earthworms to be healthy and alive.

How can I transfer live plants through courier services?

Pick the fresh plants directly from the nurseries and pack them in a breathable box thus you can transfer plants alive.

Is it necessary to register for courier service?

Yes, company registration is compulsory to start a courier service. 

What is google my business?

Through google, my business people can search for your company address. It is a google map service given by google free of cost to help customers.

How to courier plants in India?

Approach the nearest plant courier service in your region and ask them to send your plants via their courier that it.

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