How to start plant nursery business online 

Hello farmers, if you are ready to move one step ahead and want to know how to start plant nursery business online then you landed exactly at the correct place. You should make a proper plant nursery business plan and the same is shared here.

How to start plant nursery business online

Create a website

To start a plant nursery business online the first and most important thing you need is a website. However, you can also start the online plant business free of cost through a Facebook page, Instagram page, or free youtube channel. But to give a more comfortable and trustworthy platform to your users it is necessary to create a website of your brand name. 

To create a website you need two important things hosting and domain. You can purchase domains from crazy domains and Namecheap websites. Both these websites are trustworthy and they also do not charge any hidden charges. Crazy domain is famous for providing dot-in domains at the price of Rs 450 to Rs 700 only. They also provide .com domains at the price of 700 and more depending on the sale.

This is the price of one year and you have to renew it every year. However, you can also pay for 2,3 or 5,10 years together in order to avoid paying headaches every year. After purchasing a domain name for your website you have to purchase hosting and you can purchase hosting from various hosting platforms such as hostinger, cloudways, green geeks, A2 hosting etc. 

We recommend GreenGeeks or cloudways hosting for the best server performances, you are reading this blog post hosted on cloudways. Cloudways provides the facility of per month payment as well or u can pay for a whole year. If you will purchase any hosting from our given link you will get an extra discount. 

After creating a website you can list all the plants and materials which you are going to sell through your website. It becomes easier and more convenient to sell your products through the website. 

Agriculture licence for a plant nursery business

A nursery business licence is required to start the plant nursery business. You should visit the local authority office of your region for further processing.

Online nursery business plan

No need to purchase any land, no need to purchase any plant, no need to purchase fertilizer soil or soil mixture, no need to purchase the pot, and no need to invest in water. You must be thinking about what is going on, if these necessary things are not required then how can we start a nursery plant business? Look, gentlemen or ladies, you are going to start an online nursery plant business and I am sharing a master plan.

It looks difficult in the initial days but this model will work in a long run. You have to tie up with various nurseries of your city or state and collaborate with them. For example, if there are 15-25 nurseries in your city you should visit each and every nursery and meet the owner of the nursery.

Now deal with the nursery owner that whenever you will order any plant they should provide those plants at a discounted rate because you are going to purchase plants from them for lifelong, you have to win the trust of the nursery owner. You should also convey to them that they should immediately prepare your order because you are doing online business and in online business, one cannot expect the order timings. 

After dealing with nursery owners it’s time to deal with courier agencies. If you are doing this business only in your region then it will become easier for you but if you are targeting a state or multiple cities for your business then you have to approach a couple of courier agencies. Ask agencies that you will give them an order per month basis and they should deliver your product at a lesser rate more importantly they should use your banner packaging. 

If you are targeting only one or two cities then you can hire a person to pick the plants from plant nurseries and after packing those plants through your banner package the person has to deliver these plants to the destination. You can pick the most suitable way according to your comfort and cost.

The model of collaborating with multiple nurseries straight away cut off the cost of plant investment and care. You can use this saved cost for hiring a delivery boy if you are targeting one or two cities. But if you are targeting multiple cities then you must collaborate with courier agencies. 

Company name and packaging

Packaging is one of the most important assets in business development. First of all, you should pick a relevant company name and register it. After that, you should use your company name on your packaging by printing the name on the packaging papers or boxes. Printing the company name on your product package will impress your customer and also be useful for brand marketing. 

Online nursery plant business good practices 

Deliver orders at the correct time.

Packaging should be safe neat and clean.

There should be no hidden charges.

Provide your email to customers for any query.

If possible provide a chat option to customers.

Provide a contact number to customers.


How to start a plant nursery business online?

To start a plant nursery business online you should create a website and then collaborate with nursery owners and courier agencies. You may higher a delivery boy who can pick plants from the nursery and deliver them.

Is the plant nursery business easy to start?

Every business needs patience and strategy. However, due to less competition, it is an easy business to start in 2023.

What is the role of a website in an online plant business?

By creating a website one can reach a wider audience with lesser effort. After creating a website you will get direct orders on your website and it will also become easier to monitor your work performance.

Is registration required to start a plant nursery business?

Yes, you must register your company so that you may not get interrupted by legal issues in the future.

GST is required for the plant nursery business?

Yes, GST is needed to start a plant nursery business.

What is the plant nursery business plan?

Create a website, create your company app and also use social media to promote your nursery plant company.

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Hope you got your answer. Feel free to ask any related query.


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