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Aloe vera is a very popular and miraculous plant that contains good amounts of vitamins and minerals along with antibiotic and antifungal properties, hence it has vital demand all over the world. Increasing demand for herbal products including aloe vera creates a business opportunity for aloe vera gel business. One can start aloe vera business in different ways the first one is aloe vera farming business, aloe vera gel business and the other one is aloe vera juice business including aloe vera powder business in which you have to install aloe vera machines. 

Today we will help you to find some answers related to the question of how to start aloe vera farming business or how to start Aloe Vera Gel manufacturing business. In this post we will share details about aloe vera farming profit along with aloe vera cultivation requirements including temperature, water soil etc. This post will also help you to set up your Aloe Vera Gel manufacturing business including aloe vera gel business plan. To understand the concept of aloe vera farming profit per acre click this link and aloe vera farming page will open which will help you to start an aloe vera farming business. You can grab all the aloe farming techniques that are used in cultivation of aloe vera. 

Aloe vera varieties in India

There are huge number of aloe vera varieties, some of the important varieties are given below 

  • Aloe barbadensis
  • Perfoliata 
  • A littoralis
  • A Indica
  • A abyssinica 

Some of the high producer varieties are

  • IC111271
  • IC111280
  • IC111269
  • AL-1
  • Vulgaris

Aloe barbadensis is the most popular variety and widely used in aloe vera commercial farming in canada, Africa, South Africa, USA, India etc. Moreover, Aloe vera farming in Canada is increasing day by day due to health awareness in people. 

Aloe vera farming business plan

To prepare aloe vera business plan first you need to know how to grow aloe vera commercially. Moreover, to grow aloe for business you must aware where is aloe vera grown commercially.  

Aloe vera cultivation is one of the easiest cultivation and you can easily get 40 to 50 ton of aloe vera from one hectare aloe vera farm. Nearly 10,000 plants can be planted in one hectare land with a spacing of 50 cm.  Aloe vera gets ready for harvesting after 10 to 11 months and you can take the advantage till 3 years. In 1st year 1 hectare can produce 50 tonnes of aloe vera and from 2nd year the production grows by 15-20 percent. 

Aloe Vera can be cultivated in moist as well as in dry regions. To avoid water stagnant problems choose slightly higher land for aloe vera farming, remember standing water can damage your aloe vera crop instantly. Ploughing and harrowing is necessary for land preparation. After ploughing the land couple of time add the following 

  • 10 ton cow dung (rotten)
  • 150 kg phosphorous
  • 120 kg urea 

  • 33 kg potash

It is required to spray the above given mixture and mix the rotten dung into the soil after that a couple of ploughing is also required. 

Aloe vera farming time period 

Aloe vera farming can be done throughout the year but for a specific time period you can choose February to March or June to July for aloe vera plantation

Aloe vera plant spacing

Plants to plant distance in aloe vera farming is 50 cm

How many aloe vera plants per acre

Nearly 4000 to 5000 aloe plants can be planted in 1 acre.

How many aloe vera plants in 1 hectare

Around 10,000 plants can be planted per hectare. 

Soil required for aloe vera plant

Soil needed for Aloe plant -  Mixture of soil that contains rock, lava, perlite, bar chunks can be used. Avoid garden soil in the beginning. The Agriculture Department and Research have developed various varieties of aloe vera that get better yield. Hybrids of aloe vera are more commonly used in commercial aloe farming for better yields. 

How much water required for aloe vera plant 

Water requirements for aloe vera plant - It's a common question and people used to wonder how to water an aloe plant! One thing is very clear that you should note aloe vera is a succer plant that does not need much water. Aloe vera can easily survive without water for 2 months so provide water to aloe vera plants in the intervals of 15 days. Aloe vera does not like standing water so don't over water your plant because overwatering can kill your plant. 

Best temperature for aloe vera plant 

13° C to 27° C is 

Aloevera farming cost 

  • Aloevera planting cost - 26000
  • Dung, irrigation and fertilizer cost - Rs 6000
  • Labour cost + packaging cost - Rs 12,000
  • Total cost = Rs 44,000 (587.30 USD)

Aloe vera farming profit

By investing Rs 40,000 to 60,000 you can earn the profit of rupees 3 lakh to 5 lakh accordingly. 

Aloe Vera Gel business

aloe vera gel

After harvesting remove the pulp present inside aloe vera and mix it with a mixer then add water as required. This is how you can start a business in the form of aloe vera gel or juice. One Aloevera leaf bundle produces 400 ml pulp. You can generate a higher income in aloe vera juice business or aloevera gel business if you have your own aloe vera plant farm but if you are not doing aloe vera cultivation by yourself then you should purchase raw aloe vera material directly from the farmers and setup your business nearby the place from where you can easily purchase fresh raw material for your aloe vera gel business. 

Place required for aloe vera gel business

1000 square feet will be sufficient to set up aloe vera juice shop, in this area you can easily install aloe vera juice machine along with aloe vera gel making machine. Most importantly you need to start your business where electricity connection is easily available along with water supply and labour plus transportation facilities. 

Aloe vera gel business licence

Generally the registration and licence of the company is obtained by the government authority of the state. If you are setting up a cosmetic shop or aloe vera cream beauty factory then you need to obtain a special license. 

  • Apply for MSME Udyog Aadhar online Registration 
  • Apply for pollution NOC 
  • Arrange pan card along with bank account 

Loan for aloe vera farming 

The government gives loan upto 90% for the business of aloe vera juice. Moreover, the government does not charge any interest for 3 years on this herb farming business loan. You can contact your bank for more details on aloe vera farming loans.

Subsidy on aloe vera farming

The government is giving a 25% subsidy on aloe vera farming.  

Aloe vera juice business profit and cost

Aloe Vera juice
  • Cost of aloe vera juice processing unit is around Rs 6 to 7 lakh
  • Aloevera juice machine is capable of producing 150 litre juice
  • It cost upto Rs 40 to make 1 litre of juice
  • You can sell this juice at the rate of rupees 150 per litre 
  • By doing this investment you can certainly earn good income 

Where to sell aloe vera 

There are various companies which are buying commercial aloe vera produce. List of the commercial aloe vera buyers are given below

  • Patanjali Ayurveda
  • Patanjali herbals
  • Aarogya Herbals
  • Ash Biotech Private Limited
  • Lakme
  • Biotique
  • L’Oreal 
  • Ell ‘18
  • Himalaya cosmetics
  • Revlon India

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