Dog breeding business plan 6 key tips

In today’s era, people care for their pets and treat them as a buddy. They provide full facilities to pets and this creates pet business opportunities. To grab this opportunity one should have a genuine and practical business plan before starting any business. Therefore practical survey plays an important role in the success ratio of different business.

Dog breeding business plan 6 key tips

You can start your dog breeding business by following these steps

  1. Decide business category.
  2. Profitable dog breeds selection.
  3. Dog business profit and cost.
  4. Register a firm and licence.
  5. Bank account credit card and insurance.
  6. For marketing create a website.

1. Decide your business

Before starting the dog business first it is necessary to decide on the main business because in this business there are multiple options like cross-breeding, selling puppies, dog training, selling dogs after training, giving services and dog brain training. Once you decide on the business category now it’s time to select profitable dog breeds. 

2. Breed selection

For appropriate cost calculation, it is necessary to choose the breed first and while choosing pay attention to selecting the best dogs to breed for profit. Labrador, pug, german shepherd, pariah, spitz, dachshund, doberman and dalmatian are some of the best dogs. There might be some other dog breeds which have more demand in your area so it is requested to do a short survey in your region before selecting the breed. 

3. Cost and profit 

Once you selected a breed now you can calculate the cost of the particular breed. German Shepherds are one of the most popular and enthusiastic breeds that people want to rear in their house and they also have demand in societies. These dogs are often reared by the army and police for training and other activities. Thus there is a big market for german shepherds and one can earn a good income from the dog business.

shepherd dog

The price of german shepherd puppies varies between $121 to $605. Suppose you bought 15 puppies at the cost of $125 then 15 x $125 = $1875. You also have to add feed cost and after adding feed cost the total cost might be $10066.95. Check the complete project report here. According to the plan you must purchase 13 female and 02 male dogs when purchasing 15 dogs.  

Now let’s quickly calculate the profit income. One female german shepherd dog can give birth to 6 to 9 puppies at a time. Suppose one female dog gives birth to 6 puppies and you have a total of 13 females then 13 x 6 = 78. Let’s take the minimum cost of one puppy which is around $121. Now 78 puppies x $121 = $9438. To get a net profit just reduce the cost from this profit.

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4. Register a firm and apply for a licence

After calculating the estimated cost and profit of your selected breed now it’s time to start the business with the brand name of your firm. Decide a catchy name resembling dog selling and register that name for your firm. Making up the firm is important to earn the trust of customers. This is also important to establish a business in the long run. A licence is very important to start a business so you must apply for a licence from your local authority offices.

5. Bank account credit card and insurance 

Open a current bank account and remember bank account should be in your dog company’s name. By opening a current account you can easily get loans from banks you should also apply for credit cards. Insurance is necessary to cover the losses which are part of every business. 

6. Create a website for marketing

After doing all the needed setup now it’s time to market the business. Marketing is one of the most important strategies in any business and without marketing good products may also collapse in the market. So it is important to make a gentle dog breeding business plan for marketing and in today’s era, digital marketing is one of the most effective marketing. First of all, digital marketing is less expensive than physical marketing. For example, creating banners and boards cost more in comparison to creating a website. The reach of banners and boards is limited to the region where you live whereas the reach of the website is worldwide


How to start a dog breeding business?

1. Make a dog breeding business plan on a chart.
2. Choose the best option in business.
3. Select breed.
4. Now make a project report.
5. Register a firm.
6. Apply for a license.
7. Open a current bank account.
8. Apply for a credit card.
9. Apply for insurance.
10. Start marketing offline and online through a website.

Is the dog farming business profitable?

Yes, dog breeding business income is huge and one can easily earn $9438.

What is the german shepherd dog price?

The price varies between $121 to $605.

Is the pariah dog business profitable?

Yes, it is a profitable business if you will purchase the dogs directly from the farm and one can easily get these dogs from a pariah dog farm.

Name some profitable dog breeds.

Doberman, german shepherd, pariah dog alsatian dogs etc.

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