This farming in Uttarakhand Hills can stop migration

The solution to hill migration is explained in this post. Some plants can stop the mountain migration problem and strategies that can create jobs in the hills are also shared here.

This farming in Uttarakhand Hills can stop migration

Why Uttarakhand government is not able to export pure organic fruits and vegetables from the hills of Uttarakhand to the international market? If they will target this then they don’t need to ask people to stop migration. Instead, people will self come back to their villages located in the hills and start organic cultivation. The government needs to recalculate there strategy and stop begging people to not leave their homes for jobs in Delhi or Mumbai.

Money is the need for survival and if people are not getting good enough money from their farming and hill areas that’s why they are forced to go to Delhi or Mumbai for jobs. Nobody likes moving to some other place but what to do when they are not able to sell their organic crops on a large scale instead they have very few markets. 

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Do you know what is business or where is the business opportunity? An intelligent man has said a problem is itself a business or an opportunity for a business. In Uttarakhand, the problem is people are leaving their hill regions because they are not able to sell their organic fruits and vegetables and hair the business opportunity comes. If someone can deal with all the farmers and make them grow organic fruits and vegetables on a large scale by assuring them that he/she will export their products to the international market she/he can create a business opportunity for themselves.

Businessmen should be loyal and give very good rates to the farmers to grow the company in the long run. If you will not give the appropriate rate to farmers then remember everybody has a brain on the top once they recognise that you are not giving a sufficient amount to them they will pull back their legs and your business will fall in the middle. This should be done by the government but the government is busy begging people to not leave their homes for jobs in Delhi. 

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By starting the revenue-sharing model, the Uttarakhand government can take the initiative to help farmers and encourage them to grow organic fruits and vegetables on a large scale. Now you are thinking what is the model, it’s simple, the government should collect all the fruits and vegetables from farmers, give them good selling prices and also encourage them by exporting their fruits and vegetables into the international market.

The government must give some percentage of revenue generated in the international market to the farmers. This is called the revenue-sharing farming model where farmers are getting MSP + Revenue from the international market.

Kandali plant business opportunity 

When people are not using their brains and dependent on the government it will result in wastage. The Kandali plant is a very basic example of wastage and people are using this grass as waste or only for animal fodder. The good thing from the point of view of hilly people is that this grass easily and naturally grows in the hill regions of Uttarakhand. No effort, no fertilizer, no water and no care are required for this precious grass which means no cost is needed for growing this important grass

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This kandali grass is used for making ropes, bags, fibres, clothes and many more things. But there is still no factory installed to use this grass crop for making multi-products. Gram pradhan should notice it as a business or job-creating opportunity and raise their voice in Sansad Bhavan for the proposal of small factories for this kind of important weeds, grass and crops.

This will surely create some job opportunities in hill regions but who will do this government is sleeping, gram pradhan is sleeping and village people are also sleeping.

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Apart from this plant hemp is another example that can change things but people are still not growing hemp in Uttarakhand due to unawareness of how to apply for a hemp growing license.

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What are the crops grown in Uttarakhand?

Potato, pear, peat, plum, onion, wheat and paddy etc.

Percentage of crops grown in Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand is the largest producer of pear, peat, plum, apricot and potatoes and still, the state government is not able to collect any of them from the village area and export them internationally.

Kandali plant is grass, vegetable or crop?

It is grass also known as bichhu grass in the Kumaon-Garhwal region.

What is kandali plant in Uttarakhand?

The Kandali plant is a stinging nettle that can be used to form fibre, clothes and some other different materials.

Can I grow hemp in Uttarakhand?

Yes, it’s legal to grow hemp in Uttarakhand.

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