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Documents required for a hemp license is given in detail. Apply for a hemp farming license in the DM office. THC content less than 0.3%. Seeds and fibre use in cannabis cultivation. Industrial hemp opportunity.

Which state is the largest producer of hemp in India?

As per current legal status Uttarakhand state is the largest producer of hemp in India.

Where is hemp grown in Uttarakhand?

However, hemp can be grown anywhere in Uttarakhand due to the suitable environmental condition. Moreover, you need license to cultivate hemp. IIHA has done hemp cultivation in bilkhate which is situated in Pauri Garhwal region near by Satpuli.

Today I will help you to find the correct way of applying license for the hemp cultivation. We will also look at the profit of hemp farming in 1 acre land including with the minimum investment requirement. 

Lets dive in deeper again

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For detail comprehensive information about hemp, cannabis or bhang you can visit my another post called hemp can convert barren land into productive land. 

How to apply for hemp license 

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Documents required for hemp license 

  1. First of all you must have your own land in Uttarakhand. 
  2. You have to attach land ownership proof like khasra sankhya, while submitting the application form. 
  3. Good character certificate is necessary document.
  4. You have to submit your application to the District Magistrate of the district.
  5. You must explain (application) where you want to start the hemp cultivation. Land description and geographical coordinates of the land.
  6. If any contract signed with a commercial unit then you have to submit the proof.
  7. Proof of the facility for the storage purpose.
  8. Assurance certificate needed that you don't have any other license for the same. 
  9. DM will take final decision to approve your license or disapproves the application. 
  10. You can sell your hemp only to the buyers authorized by Uttarakhand government. 
  11. To view the format of application click.

Eligibility for application

  • No bailable or criminal case pending in the court.  
  • You must have your own land. 
  • Villagers get's priority. 
  • Commercial and medicinal institutes if own's land on can apply. 

List of places for best quality hemp in Uttarakhand

Although hemp can grow anywhere in Uttarakhand but here is a short list of district for best hemp farming practice. 

  • Chamoli - Best place to grow hemp. 800 m to 8k m above the sea level.
  • Nainital - Suitable for cannabis farming or bhang farming.
  • Pauri Garhwal - Temperature range zero to 45 degree. IIHA has already used bilkhate (satpuli) for hemp cultivation and also provided employment to the villagers while hemp cultivation. 
  • Almora - Climate type alpine (BSH). Nice climatic condition.
  • Tehri Garhwal - Temperature 0 to 40 degree C. 
  • Pithoragarh - Temperature 0 to 45 degree. Good atmosphere and connectivity to the market.
  • Bageshwar - Temperature similar to Almora.
  • Champawat - Climate bit humid but suitable for hemp farming.
  • Uttarkashi - Temperature 2 to 41 degree C. Awesome climate condition. 
  • Gairsain - Uttarakhand's latest capital for winter's. Suitable climate for the cultivar. 
  • Badrinath - Avoid due to snow fall and extreme cold in winters.
  • Joshimath - Suitable in summers.

Hemp Cultivation benefit in Uttarakhand

Hemp cultivation can surprisingly participate in a green revolution if promoted well by the government. This is the right time to join cannabis cultivation. 

It is not legal in much states in India apart from Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh HP joining soon and Maharashtra with some other states are still in que. 

So all dependency of hemp production is majorly on Uttarakhand. If you belongs to Uttarakhand and owns a land at village then don't miss the golden opportunity. Moreover it only takes 3-4 months to grow 12 feet tall.

1st rule of becoming successful businessman or entrepreneur is always invest in the field where competition is low and demand is high. So this is more than a golden chance to the people who lives in Uttarakhand. Just apply the application procedure that I have given above and start hemp cultivation. 

If you face any problem or needs any other information just drop a comment in below comment box. I will definitely respond to it. 

Hemp has a vital demand over international market and India is way behind to fulfil that because of limited production and dependency on just 2-3 states.  

How much money needed to invest in hemp farming

IIHA - You can contact the organization for initial support and set up. You can also apply for the training of hemp cultivation through the IIHA.

Full form of IIHA is the Indian Industrial Hemp Association. They also provides volunteer opportunity. 

At the beginning you need at least 25-30 k in 1-1.2 acre for hemp cultivation which includes seeds, irrigation, fertilizer(organic) but no pesticides are required for hemp cultivation this is one of the reason why hemp is called a super plant another reason, it produces unbreakable fibre that are use to make ropes, bags etc.

 Profit in hemp cultivation

You have to sell hemp according to the government policy. Even after that you can earn at least 1.5 to 2 lakh in 4-6 months from 1 acre land. And if you extend it to 5 or 6 acre then you can make more profit accordingly.

More earnings from hemp cultivation - Hemp is used to make more than 25k products. Hemp is good source of fibre and fibre is often used to make clothes. Demand of hemp shirt is very high in online market. You can register your online store in platforms like shopify, amazon, shop clues, flipkart etc and sell your products online. Price of organic hemp shirt is Rs 1500-6000.

Hemp oil is very expensive and contains huge demand in local plus global market price range of hemp oil varies between Rs 800 to Rs1600 per/litre. Produce oil and make good profit.

It is also used in various forms like CBD oil, hemp lip balm, hemp logo, hemp fabric, hemp ropes, hemp bags, hemp gadgets, hemp t-shirts.  

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Legal status of hemp in India

The industrial crop - Cannabis sativa contains less THC less than 0.3% while the recreational crop is known as Cannabis indica which contains the THC more than 0.3%

Full form of THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol (creates euphoria effect when it is consumed)

Since 1985 NDPS act it is illegal to cultivate, sell, use. 

But before 1985, hemp cultivation was legal in India it was earlier used in festivals and consumption of hemp was not prohibited. 

India was the largest manufacturing hub for the Britishers during the period of 1st world war. Indians were used as labours in textile industries where hemp were used to form various fibres such as clothes, ropes, cotton, flex etc.  

Cannabis hemp and its industrial application is not new to Indians. It is used to produce one of the strongest type of papers. In July 2018 Uttarakhand government has issued the first license to cultivate hemp i.e cannabis sativa to the IIHA. The license is issued on pilot basis for 5 year period. 

Now in India cannabis sativa is legally available in the form of medicine in Ayush Mantralay which denotes that the it is allowed to be sold as ayurvedic medicine but not as allopathy or generic medicine.

For valuable information on pharma logical uses of hemp click on the links given below.

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