What is Krishi Vigyan Kendra and benefits

How a farmer or ordinary people can get the advantage of training, hybrid plants, advanced technology and new farming startup through KVK or Krishi Vigyan Kendra (farm science centre) is explained here.

What is Krishi Vigyan Kendra and benefits

The farm science centre of Krishi Vigyan Kendra is a government organisation well known as KVK and it falls under the directorate of extension education. Every district has a Krishi Vigyan Kendra where ordinary people and farmers can get training in various cultivations such as mushroom farming, honey bee farming, livestock farming, apiculture, organic farming tips and practices etc. The good thing about this organisation is they provide practical knowledge to the people.

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Doesn’t matter whether you have land or not, no matter if you are a farmer or want to start your farming-related startup. In KVK you can get training and startup ideas. Krishi Vigyan Kendra gets land from the government and provides practical training and practices to the farmers of the same district. Yes, it is compulsory to apply for training in the kvk of your district and one must be a citizen of the same city.

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KVK is responsible for spreading the knowledge of new technology farming among the farmers. Training is provided according to the weather of the region and only those crops are demonstrated in the training which can be grown in the same climate conditions and soil. Training is organised in KVK centres and sometimes KVK members also visit various villages to give training to farmers.

In training, farmers are taught about new technology, hybrid plants, post-harvesting, how to make organic fertilizers etc and all these things are taught practically. KVK also gives certificates to various fertilizer shops, chemical fertilizer sellers and biofertilizer producers. 

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Start your own plant nursery without having land

If you are not a farmer or you don’t own any land but you are interested in planting some plants for business purposes. Don’t worry with the help of Krishi Vigyan Kendra you can get land on rent in the city area as well where you can start a small plant-related business. With the help of KVK people are already doing their plant nursery business without having any land. So the problem ends here those people who don’t have any land and can’t purchase the land can take the land on rent at a cheap price through this organization.  

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Certificate fertilizer shop chemical fertilizer and biofertilizer

If you are planning to start a fertilizer shop or want to sell chemical fertilizer and biofertilizer then it is compulsory for you to apply for approval of the same. In Krishi Vigyan Kendra you can apply for a fertilizer shop licence. They will provide you with a certificate for your fertilizer shop startup and once getting that certificate you can freely sell your products into the market. 

Training for hybrid crops livestock fruits flowers vegetables

People often search for where to get training for mushroom cultivation or any other cultivation.  Your problem ends here and you can easily get practical training for various cultivation including Mushroom, Honey Bee, Apiculture, Emu bird, Dairy, Poultry, Kadaknath, Organic farming, Fruits, flowers and Vegetables, Crops and other livestock farming etc.

These are some cultivation names only and they provide training for far more other farmings. Kvk centres not only teach farmers how to grow hybrid varieties but also distribute some crops, plants or livestock to start a new farming business. While talking to one of the employees of Roorkee KVK centre situated near DPS daulatpur school on Nahar road. He told me that they have given training and distributed some kadaknath hens to a new farmer for his poultry business.

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They will teach you about hybrid varieties of mushrooms and during training, they will make you grow such plants and crops that are suitable for growing in the climate conditions and soil of the region. A couple of years ago brimato plant was developed and through KVK one can learn about growing this plant as well. Brimato is a combination of brinjal and tomato together in a single plant. Yes, this hybrid plant can produce brinjal and tomato together at the same time. 

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I don’t have land. How can I start a plant nursery business?

You should approach the Kisan Vigyan Kendra of your area asking for land. They will help you and provide you with land on rent where you can start a plant nursery business. They might give you some free plants as well.

I want mushroom training. Where should I go?

You should reach the KVK centre of your region to get mushroom training or any other farming-related training.

I want to start the emu bird business and need training. Where should I go?

Kisan Vigyan Kendra centres are best for livestock farming training. They will also guide you about the emu bird feed chart and other needs.

I want to learn organic farming tips practically. How can I learn?

You should reach Kisan Vigyan Kendra to get practical knowledge of organic farming tips.

From where I can get hybrid plants for my farm?

KVK centres provide hybrid plants to farmers.

I want to use the latest technology at my farm Where can I get help?

KVK centres provide training to the farmers with the latest technology.

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