Hemp Project Report and license

Hi everyone, today we are presenting a “Hemp Project Report and License” explaining the hemp license application procedure. This hemp cultivation project report will give you an idea of hemp investment funds including cost and income from home farming. 

Before starting this hemp article we want to make 2 points very clear to our readers who want to start hemp farming in India and are a bit confused while thinking is hemp cultivation legal in India? They should know that hemp cultivation is yet not legal in every state of India. You have to check the hemp farming permit in your state. The second most important thing is you can do hemp cultivation under government guidelines only and according to the Government guidelines one has to grow hemp with less than 0.3% THC content. 

Hemp farming in India

Slowly but steadily hemp cultivation in India is becoming popular and farmers are getting aware of hemp cultivation practices. Some organisations like IIH is also promoting hemp cultivation. However, hemp cultivation in Uttarakhand is already approved by the Uttarakhand government and Central Government under some guidelines. Still, Uttarakhand farmers are not growing hemp on a large scale instead they are growing potatoes commercially which is not bad at all due to a huge potato market in India and good potato demand in international markets. Lack of awareness, less knowledge about hemp cultivation, don’t know how to apply for a hemp licence and no knowledge about hemp cultivation profitability are some of the reasons why Uttarakhand farmers are not cultivating Hemp commercially in Uttarakhand. Believe it or not, if Uttarakhand people will start commercial hemp cultivation in their villages then don’t need to go to Delhi in search of jobs instead they can set up their own farming business. Hemp cultivation profitability is huge and top quality Hemp grows naturally in hilly areas due to suitable climate conditions. Hemp per acre yield is more than hemp cost per acre. Moreover, hemp can grow in barren lands as well and improves soil fertility for the next crop. Apart from Uttarakhand hemp cultivation in UP and hemp farming in Himachal Pradesh are also approved by the government. 

Hemp cultivation best practices

Hemp cultivation in India – Hemp is a natural growing weed which does not need more care and water. If people will follow the government guidelines for growing hemp one has to grow hemp with a minimum of 0.3 THC content and they have to inform the government while hemp harvesting. Hemp is a fast-growing weed which gets ready for harvesting after 120  days only by reaching 10 to 12 feet of height. Hemp does not need any specific fertilizer or pesticides instead it works as a fertilizer. Providing cow dung and urine to hemp plants can result in a healthy and faster growth rate of hemp. Cannabis improves the soil quality naturally, it improves the land fertility and makes more fertile land for the next crop. Hemp is one of the weeds or crops which can be grown in barren lands and is capable of converting barren land into fertile land so people can simply grow hemp in their barren lands which is not used by them.

Hemp uses list

Hemp farming profit per acre in India is huge due to hemp uses in various important industries. Including hemp leaves, stem and hemp seeds are very precious for making various materials. Each and every part of the hemp plant is equally important and widely used in various sectors such as the medical industry, paper and other materials that are given below.

  • Hemp made materials
  • Hemp tissue paper
  • Hemp school bag
  • Building materials
  • Hemp fibre ropes
  • Hemp clothes
  • Fabric shirts, t-shirts
  • Hemp jackets
  • Hemp made medicines
  • Hemp jars, jugs
  • Hemp belts
  • Hemp shoes
  • Cosmetic sector 
  • Hemp oil
  • Hemp soap
  • Hemp furniture
  • Hemp table 
  • Hemp chair
  • Hemp paper
  • Plastic replacement

How to apply for a hemp licence

Hemp licence application form

  • Land should be in your name. 
  • Attach khasra Sankhya with the application form as land ownership proof.
  • Land description and exact location explanation with hemp application (handwritten) are required in the magistrate’s office.
  • Submit the proof of contract with the commercial unit if have any.
  • Must have a storage store for hemp and submit the proof of storage. 
  • Do not apply 2 times for the same application to avoid rejection. 
  • Submit an application to the district magistrate of your district.
  • District Magistrate will take the final decision to approve or disapprove your hemp business proposal. 
  • You must grow hemp under state government guidelines for THC content.
  • You are not allowed to sell hemp on your own, instead, you can sell hemp to the state government authorized buyers only.
  • You are not allowed to harvest hemp without informing the government.
  • Must process the hemp selling through government channel. 
  • Hemp license application form.

Who can apply for a hemp licence

  • First priority for village people.
  • People with no bailable and criminal activity.
  • No criminal or bailable case is pending in the court. 
  • Commercial and medicinal institutes can apply if owns the land.
  • People must have land on their names to apply for hemp application. 

Hemp project report 

  • Hemp seed cost per acre = Rs 20,000
  • Irrigation cost = Rs 5000
  • Labour cost = Rs 5000
  • Land preparation cost = Rs 2500
  • Plant protection charges = Rs 3000
  • Fertilizer cost = Rs 2500
  • Total cost = Rs 38000

Hemp profit margin per acre

Hemp profit per acre = After deducting the cost one can earn Rs 2 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh from 1-acre land.


Do you need a licence to grow hemp?

Yes, a hemp licence is necessary for growing hemp in Uttarakhand and other states of India.

How many hemp plants per acre should we plant?

700 to 1000 hemp plants per acre are considered. 

What is the average hemp cost per acre?

Rs 38,000 to Rs 42,000 is required for hemp cultivation per acre.

How much seed do I need per acre?

11 kg to 18 kg hemp seed rate per acre for grain and 18 kg to 36 kg seed rate per acre are required for hemp fibre. 

How to get a hemp growing licence in India?

Submit the hemp application form to the DM office along with land papers. Remember, land should be in your name. 

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