Dumba goat price in India is Rs 70k

Hello farmers, today I will put some light on dumba goat farming benefits. Dumba goat price in India is Rs 70k and it is shared here. Dumba animal is used for goat farming and with a good goat farming business plan you can achieve a high income from farming goats. 

This blog is written for beginners who want to start a farm goat and earn money from goat farming.

Goat farming information

“Capra Aegagrus Hircus” is the scientific name of a goat. Animal husbandry in agriculture is one of the most profitable businesses that give the opportunity to generate good income for farmers. Till now you have heard about cow farming, buffalo farming, fish farming, hen farming and even goat farming but today we are going to tell you about another better option of animal husbandry.

This is one step ahead in goat farming it is called dumba rearing business. Dumba animal demand in the market is high and supply is not up to the mark, it is one of the most profitable animals to raise on a small farm.

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What is the dumba rearing

Dumba is a goat breed having a heavy roundish tail like a millstone. Dumba goat demand is very high on festivals like Eid-Ud-Adah and the price of dumba breed is very high. Therefore dumba animal rearing becomes a prior choice for people who are willing to start goat farm business. In the goat-rearing business due to good demand, the dumba breed is selected on a priority basis and its cattle are also sale. 

Features of dumba goat

Dumba goat farming is popular in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. Uttarakhand goat farmers are also doing dumba rearing business and earning good money from it. Goat farmers are earning millions every month. According to dumba goat farmers, one-year-old dumba goat adopts approximately 100 kg of weight.

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Female number breed gives birth to cattle in the 9th month. However, it can give birth to cattle between 7th month to 1 year. The speciality of dumba breed is that in the beginning two months dumba kids adopt 25 kg of weight. A small dumba goat looks very beautiful and if it is healthy then the farmer gets a very good income by selling this small goat. 

Dumba kids price

The appreciating thing is that the dumba kids price reaches Rs 30,000 figure, in the beginning, two months only, from birth. It is considered that the price of dumba goat while reaching 3 to 4 months becomes huge and it is between Rs 70,000 to Rs 80,000. Dumba prices do not depend on their gender, instead, it depends on their features. 

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However, the female dumba breed is costlier than male dumba breed due to its kid-producing capacity. People purchase female dumba breed on a large scale for their dumba farm business.

Food for dumba goat 

Farmers and livestock owners can feed dumba goat with husk. Apart from husk gram grains are also healthy for goats and they should be used as goat feed. If you are rearing dumba goats in winter then you must feed them with a mixture of feed gram grains, barley and millet. 

Apart from this mustard oil use is good for dumba goats to protect them from winters.

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Dumba breed railing business as a better employment option. With good goat farming management practices, one can really generate good income from dumba farming business.


What is the scientific name of Goat?

Goat’s scientific name is Capra Aegagrus Hircus.

What is dumba?

Dumba is a goat breed used in goat rearing business.

What does dumba goat look like?

Dumba goat’s tail is heavy and roundish like a millstone.

What is dumba goat weight?

With good feed, a 1-year-old dumba goat is capable of adopting a weight between 70 to 80 kg.

What is the weight of dumba goat kids?

The 2-month-old dumba goat weight is 25 kg.

What is the weight of 1-year-old dumba goat?

Approximately 100 kg is the weight of 1-year-old dumba goat.

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