Honey Bee Venom price per kg in India Rs 70 lakh

Do you know Honey Bee Venom’s price per kg in India is around Rs 70 lakh? Shocked! Read this blog post till the end. More importantly, bee venom price in the USA, and Uganda is many times more than ordinary honey bee price. You will be surprised after knowing the price of bee venom per gram as well.

Hello everyone, today I will help you to understand bee venom prices, its collector prices, and business costs. If you are looking for how to start a bee venom business in the USA, Uganda, or India near the village don’t worry I will put light on that as well. 

However, anybody around the globe can start this unique farming business you just need to follow the steps given in this post. 

What Is Bee Venom

The meaning of venom is poison and bee venom is a poison obtained from bees with the help of bee collectors. Bees are made to leave their poison or venom intentionally and then the poison is collected with the help of venom collectors.

How To Start Bee Venom Business In India

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To start the bee venom business in India first you need a peaceful and pollution-free place with a clear environment. After selecting the place you need some important equipment to start the venom collecting business such as a bee venom collector machine, beehive boxes, electrical machines, and deep freeze.

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Types Of Equipment For Bee Venom Business

Now let’s understand the role of these devices in the bee venom farming business:

Beehive boxes – Beehive boxes are required for rearing bees in simple words beehive boxes are the house of bees where they live. These boxes look like small huts.

Bee venom collectors – Collectors are the devices that are used for collecting the (poison) venom of bees.

Electric machines – Electric machines are also used to collect poison from bees.

Quantity Of Equipment Required For Starting Business

Beehive boxes – 200 bee boxes are good enough to start bee venom cultivation.

Collectors – 100 bee collectors can be used to collect venom from 200 bee hive boxes. 

Deep freeze – 1 or 2 deep freezes depending on their size is enough in the beginning. 

Price Of Bee Equipment

I hope you are clear about the required equipment for bee venom cultivation and their quantity. If you still have any queries please feel free to ask in the below-given comment box. Now let’s discuss the prices of some necessary types of equipment:

1 Bee venom collector price – Bee venom collector price in India is between Rs 10,000 to Rs 11,000. 

1 Beehive box price – The price of a beehive box is between Rs 1000 to Rs 5000. 

Deep freeze price – The beginning price of a single deep freeze is Rs 6000 you can purchase it according to your need.

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Honey Bee Venom Price Per Kg 

You may know or don’t know but the reality is bee venoms price per kg in India is approximately Rs 70 lakh to Rs 80 lakh. In some places, it also crosses Rs 1 crore according to the demand. Therefore the honey bee venom business is the most profitable business.   

Is Bee Venom A Profitable Business?

Yes, bee venom is one of the huge profit-making farming businesses but at the same time, this business demands huge expenses as well. You will be surprised after knowing the market price of 1 kg bee venom is between Rs 70 lakh to Rs 80 lakh and it may climb up to Rs 1 crore as well. While talking about investment one has to purchase beehive boxes, deep freeze, bee venom collectors, etc.

Apart from these devices electricity charges, rent charges of pollution free place and labour charges are included. If you will start with 800 bee venom collectors and 1800 bee venom boxes along with some other expenses the total cost will be more than Rs 1 crore.

The price of a single bee venom collector is Rs 10000 and while purchasing 800 collecting machines the price will be 800 x Rs 10,000 = Rs 80 lakh. The price of a single beehive box is between Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 let’s assume it is Rs 1000 per box i.e Rs 1000 x 2000 boxes = Rs 20 lakh.

Apart from these Investments you have to pay for labour charges, rent charges, other utensils and electricity charges as well, thus the cost goes above Rs 1 crore.

Now let’s quickly calculate the bee venom farming profit. The truth is that bee venom production per hive is less therefore you need more than 1500 beehive boxes. In one year 1kg of venom can be collected from 1700 bee boxes with the help of 800 collecting machines. 1kg venom price in the market is between Rs 70 lakh to Rs 80 lakh and farmers can generate a profit from the second year. 

If you have the capacity to invest a good amount then the bee venom business is for you due to its huge income returns. 


What is the price of bee venom?

The price of 1 kg bee venom is approximately Rs 60 to Rs 70 lakh.

What are the difficulties in selling bee venom?

A very clear environment is required for this farming. While collecting venom dust particles also adhesion to the glass which might reduce the quality.

What are the difficulties in selling bee venom?

Its selling is limited to pharmaceutical companies. 50 to 60-gram venom is easy to collect but it’s very difficult to collect 1kg of bee venom together and pharma company often demands 1kg and more at one time.

What is the price of a venom collector?

A bee venom collector machine’s price is between Rs 10,000 to Rs 11,000.

What is the price of a beehive box?

A single beehive box price is between Rs 1000 to Rs 5000.

Where to sell bee venom?

You can find bee venom buyers in pharmaceutical companies and the entire medical sector is a great market for this. You can also target big therapy centers due to the good demand for bee venom therapy they can buy your venom.

Feel free to ask any related query and also share this knowledgeable content with your friends and family.

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