5 most profitable animals to raise on a small farm

The 5 most profitable animals to raise on a small farm are cattle, kadaknath chicken, goat, bees and snails. This blog post will help you to understand why these are the most profitable livestock animals and how you can raise them easily on your small farm. 

5 most profitable animals to raise on a small farm


Beef has the most demanding and massive market in the US and Canada hence raising cattle is at the top of our list. Cattle farming is always in demand because farmers get a decent payout for selling each animal, most importantly it is low-maintenance farming. Racing them organically creates the opportunity to tap into a more lucrative market for beef, milk, butter and cheese.

Selling products – Beef, milk, butter and cheese.

Electric fencing – Electric poly rope can be used for rotational grazing and cuts feed costs. Barbed wire fencing is the cheapest fence for farms.

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Kadaknath chicken 

Chicken meat and eggs have a huge market worldwide. Chicken eggs are widely used in different types of meals and their preparation. In comparison to ordinary chicken, kadaknath chicken and egg supply is lesser in the market. The supply is less but the demand is huge and here comes an opportunity.

kadaknath meat price is almost 3 times the ordinary hen meat price moreover kadaknath egg price is also double and triple the broiler hen egg price. This is a growing hen market in Canada and very few farmers are doing kadaknath farming in Canada. After raising kadaknath you can sell them to sports persons because this meet is very famous among Olympic players and most athletes of different sports.

Indian Punjabi people live in Canada and they all are habitual of eating chickens every second day.  So the farmers in the USA can target this community and the Canadian farmers market can be used to promote their products.

Selling products – Eggs, chicken and meat.

Fencing option – Barbed wire fencing will reduce the fencing cost. 


The average weight of goats is around 65 kg to 150 kg as per their age. Red meat is consumed globally and the good news for those who want to start goat farming is that 65% of red meat consumed is goat meat. The goat meat market in Canada and the US always shines for its high revenue. Goat milk and cheese are considered healthier than dairy cattle. Pure goat milk is extremely profitable during illness and other diseases.

If you can get an organic certificate for your goat products it will definitely boost your sales. Goat rental business in the US is popular in which goats eat the unwanted grass of a specific area assigned by the owner and the goat farmer gets paid for this. You can rent out your goats to owners to clear their lawn grass. 

Selling products – Milk, cheese, meat, goat on rent.

Fencing option – Goats can easily jump and climb the small fences so you need high tensile fences. 


Honey bee farming needs less space and you can start this farming in a peaceful and pollution-free area. Honey bee rental prices are decent in America and it gives extra income opportunities to farmers. Farmers can rent bees to other farmers for the pollination process or they can use them to help their own crops.

honey bee

Honey and beeswax are important products and they are highly demanded in local markets. People facing problems with Pollen allergies needed these products.

Selling products – Honey bees, bees wax and hive rentals.

Fencing option – Beers, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, rats and opossums can exploit the honey bee so you need fencing for bee farms as well.

Snail farming 

Snail farming profit is quite good due to low cost and maintenance. Snail farming in USA is popular among farmers because of suitable climate conditions, low maintenance and less space needed. They get dehydrated easily so choose a wind-protected area for growing snails for profit. Snails, lime, manure, meat and waste are the products that are sold in the market. 

Selling products –  Snails, lime, snail manure, meat and waste everything sells. 

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