Animal husbandry project for class 9 to 12

A Project Report of 11 animals is given including pig, goat, kadaknath chicken, snail farming, bee venom, honey bee farming, rabbit, dairy farming, bird farming, dog breeding business and fish farming. 

Before starting the cost and profit analysis it is necessary to understand the concept of animal husbandry which is shared in the below paragraph in easy language so that school students can also understand the term and get help for their school projects.

What is animal husbandry?

Animal husbandry meaning is rearing animals for agricultural purposes. Whether it’s cow, buffalo or goat for milk purposes hen for egg, rabbit or snail for meat purposes or bee for honey purposes all fall under animal husbandry. We can also denote the term animal husbandry as animal breeding for meat, eggs, milk and oil etc. There are some animals that are being reared for oil purposes.

Animal husbandry project for class 9 to 12

Students will surely get benefitted after consuming this content. A brief overview of 11 animals including rearing, profit and cost is given here and one can get their detailed information as well. Farmers who want to start livestock farming must research first animal costs, and the cost varies according to different species of animals.

1. Rearing pigs for profit


Some years ago pig farming modal was a brand of the lower middle class and uneducated people. People used to say that pig cultivation belongs to poor and uneducated people, educated people do not want to enter this field due to hesitation and unawareness of the profit margins. Time has changed now you can see educated people including middle-class and upper-high-class families are involved in this unorganised farming sector. Yes, this is an unorganised farming sector with extreme profit margins if done in an organised way and for that, you need to prepare a pig business plan including a project report analysis. 

Remember, there are immense opportunities in every unorganized sector we should never underestimate them instead we have to find the correct way to work in an organised way to generate good income from that. 

Before starting pig farming you must enquire about pig shade, water and feed equipment, vaccination, diseases, feed chart and more. With pig shade including other costs such as pig feed chart, medicine etc you need to invest around Rs 4,60,000 and under good practices you can easily generate approximately Rs 1,40,000. Check out this pig farming project report for a complete analysis. 

2. Goat rearing business

Goat farming is yet another unorganised farming sector and earlier it was done basically by village people. Now the scenario has changed and not only the big companies but also youngsters are entering goat farming in India. Boer goat farming in the USA is gaining popularity among young farmers. Best agriculture management practices are necessary to generate good income. The estimated cost for 11 goats including other costs will be approximately Rs 94,200 and after performing needful practices, you can earn a net profit of around Rs 205800.

3. Dairy farming business plan

First, you need to prepare the cow shade as a cow or buffalo living area where they can get protection from cold winds in winter and hot direct sunlight in hot summers. Apart from this, you have to arrange a feed chart to start cow farming. You can get a complete dairy farming business plan here. 

4. Hen rearing cost and profit

If you are willing to start a chicken poultry farming business then you should pay attention to the given stats. If you have your own land and already prepared shade for birds then for 500 birds you have to arrange approximately Rs 68,000. By investing such income you can generate approximately Rs 77000, check this deep analysis of poultry farming of 500 birds profit

5. Rearing Kadaknath chicken for profit

black bird kadaknath chicken

When it comes to bird farming lots of people are doing only hen farming or other bird farming. They might not be aware of the price difference between ordinary chicken and kadaknath chicken is almost double or more than double due to extreme health benefits. Another reason we can find is people are also not aware of this black bird farming best practices which you can get here. Kadaknath chicken meat price varies between Rs 700 to Rs 2500 per kg whereas the ordinary chicken price per kg varies between Rs 120 to Rs 350 or sometimes 450 that’s it.

Still, its cultivation in India is not done yet on large scale. However, you can see commercial farming in the South Indian region which also needs to extend. Moreover, kadaknath chickens are stronger than ordinary chickens and the mortality rate is very low due to their good disease resistance capacity.

Read thisProfit margin in kadaknath business

6. Raising rabbits for profit

70 female rabbits can produce 350 rabbits in only 45 days and after 4 to 6 months these newborn baby rabbits become mature. One can easily generate Rs 30,000 in very less time in rabbit cultivation

7. Breeding snails for sale

You might be aware of snail farming and some people might be hearing about it for the first time. This cultivation is majorly done in European countries and farmers are generating revenue of 40,000 Euro from a 1-acre farm by selling snails of approximately 10 tonnes. 

8. Breeding dogs for profit 

Dog breeding business is another profitable business but you have to be aware while choosing the particular breed for business. We recommend German Shepherd dogs for a good profit. By investing Rs 8,32,000 in 15 german shepherds you can earn a net profit of Rs 2,60,000.

9. Breeding fish for profit

Fish farming training is necessary for biofloc fish farming so that you can produce good results. The training centres are available in Haryana and Rajasthan. Carp, Catfish, Salmon and Tilapia are some of the best fishes for farming worldwide. Biofloc fish farming in the USA has a great future and US farmers are earning an average of 1328.52 USD per acre. 

10. Honey bee farming subsidy and business plan

Setting up a bee farm looks easy but it’s not that easy. You should approach Khadi Gram Udyog for your honey bee farm setup. While talking about honey bee farming requirements bee boxes are one of the most important and the price of 1 beehive box is around Rs 4000. For 50 boxes you have to spend rupees 2 lakh. One can earn approximately Rs 81,000 from bee farming, however, the prices may vary according to the material cost and locality.

11. Bee venom price per kg

People are not aware of bee venom farming. Let’s first understand what is bee venom. Bee venom is a poison produced by bees. Bee venom farming in India is not done on a large scale due to very high expenses. But at the same time, this farming is capable of generating extraordinary profit. Apart from the above farming, you can also practice some other domestic animal farming for a good profit. 

Is animal husbandry profitable in India?

Yes, there are various examples of successful animal husbandry in India. The success story is also impacting people towards animal farming and after reading this blog post till the end you will be aware of the cost and profit of this sector.

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