Dumba animal price in India Rs 70000 weight feed

The Dumba goat is one of the most expensive animals in India. Dumba price in India is Rs 70,000 which is shared here and it is mostly reared for the meat business. Beginners can start a goat farming business in India by reading this content carefully.

Quick overview – Dumba price in India is Rs 70k, the goat has a round millstone-type heavy tail, dumba baby price is Rs 30,000, 2-month-old baby weight 25 kg.

Dumba animal price in India Rs 70000 weight feed

Dumba goat price – The Dumba goat breed has a millstone-type heavy round tail. In India, the goat meat demand increases during festivals like Eid and Holy. During the festival season, farmers used to sell dumba goats at very high prices. The price of dumba goat in good condition is around Rs 70,000 and goes above Rs 80,000 as well.

Farmers can achieve good income by doing animal husbandry business. There is a big opportunity in the dumba goat rearing business due to less competition and high demand. More importantly, this breed is very popular in most countries and its cattle are also sold. 

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Goat weight – Dumba goat in India is widely done in Uttara Pradesh state and also in Uttarakhand. Weight of a 1 year old dumba goat (healthy) varies around 100 kg and female goats give birth to cattle from the 9th to the 12th month and sometime in the 7th month as well. A 2-month-old cattle contains 25 kg weight and dumba baby price in India is around Rs 30,000.

Dumba baby price – This breed is very expensive and only two months old cattle are priced at Rs 30,000. Dumba animal price depends on their features and weight. The female goat price is more due to kids producing capacity in comparison to male goats. A 1-year-old dumba goat’s price varies between rupees 70000 to Rs 80000 or more depending on the health, weight and availability.

Goat feed mix – Husk and gram grains are healthy for goats and are used as goat feed by farmers. Feed gram grains, barley and millet are used as animal fodder and are a great diet for goats. Mustard oils are used to protect the goats from winter.

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Goat business in India – India is a big country where meat is consumed on a wider scale. Due to the suitable environment and green gas location in villages, livestock cultivation becomes easy in rural areas of India. However, most people are not aware of this breed and they are rearing some other breeds which might not be sold at high prices.

People who are doing dumba cultivation are earning a good amount due to the high demand and price of this breed. The demand for this breed is high not only in the domestic market but also in the international market. India has a big local meat market where demand is quite high, especially in Hyderabad, UP, Telangana and Secundrabad.

By purchasing 11 goats at Rs 30,000 x 11= Rs 330000 one can sell them at 11 x 70,000 = Rs 7,70,000. After deducting the rearing, feed cost and other expenses of around Rs 5 lakh one can earn a net profit of around Rs 2,70,000. 

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What is dumba price in India?

A 1 year old dumba price in India varies between Rs 70,000 to Rs 80,000.

What is the approximate weight of this goat breed?

75 kg to 100 kg.

What is a good goat feed mix?

Husk, gram grains, feed gram grains, barley and millet are used as animal fodder and are a great diet for goats. Mustard oils are used to protect them from winter.

What is the 2-month-old average goat weight?

25 kg. 

Where is the dumba goat found in India?

Dumba animal in India is found majorly in Uttar Pradesh state. This round-tail breed is also found in Uttarakhand, Punjab and the Himachal Pradesh states.

How dumba goat look like?

It is a big size goat having a roundish millstone-type tail. 

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