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Kerala meat lovers like black hen due to its high-quality medical benefits. Demand for Tamil Nadu broiler chicken is decreasing day by day because they are raised by hormone injections. The fact is that by eating broiler chickens humans are getting affected by various diseases and this is resulting in a decrease in the demand for broiler chickens.  

Whenever a space is formed people or experts often search for the option to fill that space and in this case the broiler chicken’s empty space is slowly but stably in the process of being replaced by the black hen which is known as Kadaknath murga.

Black Hen Origin

The black hen species originated in Jauba and Dhar region in Madhya Pradesh. Black hens are also known as Kalamasi in the local language and are known black chicken hens in English. Black hen is popularly known as kadaknath in Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and in entire India. This species looks black in colour moreover, the black hen flesh colour is also black. A 6-month-old black hen can deliver up to 20 eggs in a month. Kadaknath hen demand is constantly growing for the last 5 years.

Black Chicken Meat And Eggs Popularity

High-value medicinal properties are the main reason that creates huge demand among people. The taste of black chicken is quite decent and it can be flavored with various ingredients. Black hen eggs contain lower cholesterol levels in comparison to domestic chicken eggs. However, black hens meet price, and the egg price is much more than the domestic chicken price. 

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a big name to inspire people and a couple of years ago MSD started kadaknath poultry farm which also increases the popularity of black hen. Today people are more conscious about their health and they prefer black chicken over broiler chicken. 

Black Hen Price Kadaknath Murga Rate

black hen

Black chicken cost – Black hen rates are between Rs 700 to 1500 per kg. Black hen egg prices in India are between Rs 14 to Rs 40. This is the price of 1 black hen egg.

Kadaknath egg price in India today

Kadaknath hen weight

Blackbird Kadaknath weighs between 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg. Despite the high prices of black hens, there is a huge demand for black hens in the international hen market. 

Black Hen Medicinal Value

1Black hen eggs and meat contains more than a bunch of medicinal values. 
2Black hen eggs improve eyesight.
3Black hen chicken improves the endurance system and athletes like Usain Bolt also consume black hen chicken to improve their performance.
4Black bird chicken meat is helpful to improve muscle health.
5Black hen eggs are widely used in ayurvedic medicines.
6Because of the high melanin content in black hen, their flesh and organs are black in color. 

How to start hen poultry farm

If you have sufficient space or if you have a farm then you can start a black hen poultry farm. If you have little space in your backyard then also you can raise 4-5  black hens in your home backyard. Black hens do not like to incubate their eggs in this case you should allow other hens to hatch their eggs.

In the black hen rearing process in one cage, there should be up to 4 chickens only. You can let them outside during the day and black hens can feed themself by eating small grains and insects. You can also feed them by using the leftover food in your home. 

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Interesting Facts Black Hen

  • Due to its medicinal properties, Kadaknath chicken is added to the diet list of Olympic players.
  • The fastest man in the world has involved kadaknath chicken in his diet and won plenty of medals.
  • Captain cool MS Dhoni known for his bold and strange but successful decisions and he is also rearing a black hen on his farm. 


What is the black hen price in India?

Black hen price per kg varies between Rs 700 to 1500 depending on the season, festival and demand.

What is the black hen price in USA?

Black hen price per kg in USA varies between $25 to $37.

What is the black hen egg price in India?

Depending on the season Rs 14 to Rs 40 is the kadaknath egg rate in India.

What is the black hen egg price in USA?

People are paying $1 for 1 egg in USA.

Which famous cricketer is doing black hen farming?

MS Dhoni is rearing kadaknath in his farm house.

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