melia dubia farming profit per acre | malabar neem project report

Hello friends today I will draw your attention towards a tree that sells after 7-8 years at the price of Rs 5 thousand to 5.5 thousand per ton it may increase after 7 years according to the current market price. Here 5 thousand per ton means you can earn Rs 50 lakh per acre from this tree you can check out the project report to save your time.

In this post we will analyse about melia dubia profit per acre and to get correct malabar neem project report one should know the current price of melia dubia. Malabar neem price per ton 2021 is between Rs 5000 to Rs 5500 actually the tree price depends on the tree weight and malabar tree weight after 5 years might be around 5 to 7 quintal. You might not get a good price after 5 years due to less weight and immature dimension so it is advised to sell malabar neem tree after 8 or 10 years to get the most benefits.

What plant can grow anywhere

If you are looking for profit making plants that can grow anywhere in any whether and soil and does not require much water and maintenance. Then you all are welcome because today I will give you deep information about that plant. One more thing about that plant is it can produce high returns and you can start neem plantation business too.

However, there are two such plants that can produce high returns one is Mahogany and another is Melia Dubia. Today we will talk about melia dubia tree if you want to read about mahogany tree farming profit per acre then you can click on the given link and you will be diverted to my another post that delivers the truth about mahogany tree farming benefits.

Melia dubia tree in hindi is known as Malabar neem  

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Malabar neem cultivation project report

Weight of Malabar neem tree

Melia dubia tree weight - Malabar tree grows mature in 7 to 8 years long journey and weight of melia dubia in 7 years grows up to 10 to 15 quintal per tree accordingly. 

  • 1 quintal = 100 kg
  • 10 quintal = 1000 kg
  • 1 ton =  10 quintal
  • 1 ton = 1000 kg

Malabar neem cost per acre

  • Melia dubia plantation cost
  • melia dubia plant price =  Rs 15 – 20
  • melia dubia plantation per acre = 1250 to 1300 plants
  • Lets take 1000 plants per acre
  • If purchase in bulks then you can get it at the price of Rs 10 per plant
  • Rs 10 X  1000 plants = Rs 10,000 is plants cost
  • Land preparation cost = Rs 10,000
  • irrigation cost for 1 year = Rs 25000
  • Fertilizer cost = Rs 6000
  • Miscellaneous cost = Rs 5000
  • Labour cost (including pruning) = Rs 50,000

         Total cost = Rs 106000  (1 lakh 6,000) for 1 year

         Total cost for 7 years = Rs 106000 X 7 = 742000

Melia dubia farming profit per acre

let’s calculate malabar neem profits

  • Melia dubia price per ton = Rs 5,000
  • After 7-8 years 1 melia dubia tree weight = 10 to 15 quintal
  • 10 quintal = 1 ton
  • If 1 tree produces 10 quintal weight
  • 10 quintal = 1000kg = 1 ton
  • Melia dubia wood price per ton = Rs 5,000 to 5500 let’s take 5k
  • Rs 5,000 X 1000 plants = Rs 50 lakh
  • Now reduce your investment
  • Melia dubia farming profit – melia dubia cost per acre = Net Profit

Lets include all 7 year cost

Profit after 7 years = total cost X 7 years i.e

Rs106000 X 7 years = Rs 742,000

Total cost = Rs 742000

Net profit =  Rs 50 lakh – Rs 742000 = 42,58,000 

Melia dubia or Malabar neem tree FAQ

You need to follow the basic steps to know about neem tree cultivation profit and later you can start malabar neem farming.

How long does Malabar neem take to grow

Malabar neem or Melia dubia tree need 7 to 8 years to grow mature this is really long time and difficult job for small farmers so you can try these trees at the boundaries of your farm. I suggest you to select melia dubia tree in mix cropping because melia dubia hardly needs water so your other crops will be healthier.

How many melia dubia plants per acre

Melia dubia plantation per acre – One can plant 1250 to 1300 melia dubia plants easily. While melia dubia planting spacing you can select 10 X 10 distance

Melia dubia price per ton 2021

  • Malabar neem tree price in India - melia dubia price in India varies according to market and location however, melia dubia price per tree depends completely on the weight of the tree it mostly sells in tons and "malabar neem wood price per ton 2021" is between Rs 5,000 to 5.5 thousand.  
melia dubia tree
  • People are searching tree farming for profit after sandalwood tree and mahogany tree farming neem farming profit is dragging the attention of most people due to less growing time than sandalwood, mahogany tree and more profit than teakwood tree farming and popular tree farming.

Water requirement for melia dubia 

One of the main reason I have selected this plant is the specialty of melia dubia that it does not need much water. But you should give water in starting phase of the plant, in starting 4 to 5 months you should provide water once in a week and in summers try to water your plant twice. Moreover, after 6 months you can water melia dubia only once in a month that’s it the plant demands. Malabar neem is such plant that can easily grow in the circumstances of Rajasthan as well.

Melia dubia soil requirements 

Melia dubia easily grows in variety of soils it prefers deep fertile and sandy loam soil. Some people often ask  how do you plant melia dubia in black soil or in any other soil ! it contains same procedure just follow the basics.

How to plant melia dubia

While answering how do you plant melia dubia I recommend one can plant melia dubia seedlings and through cuttings. You can choose plant cutting for quick growth, this plant grows up to 4.5 to 5 foot in just five months and after 1 year it will increase by 10 to 15 foot taller but the diameter of the tree needs more time to spread. After 7-8 years the tree will grow up to 40 t0 50 feet taller and the diameter of will also develop in this long period.

Mixed cropping example

Mixed farming is necessary while choosing such crops or plants that takes more than 1-2 years mixed cropping gives farmers opportunity to maintain their economy. Melia dubia takes more than 7 years to grow completely mature therefore before starting  melia dubia cultivation you can try mixed farming concept. In mixed cropping one can cultivate 2-3 crops in the same field so you should try mixed cropping here are some of the mixed farming crop examples like potato or turnips, legumes like peas, beans etc with melia dubia tree you can try various vegetables like cabbage, brinjal, cauliflower, tomatoes, gourd, bitter gourd, ivy gourd, turmeric etc.

Malabar neem buyers  -  Melia dubia buyers in India

Where to sell Malabar neem tree-  To sell melia dubia wood you can target various industries like paper industry, match box industry, ply manufacturers  the wood has great demand in these industries apart from that you can try to sell the melia dubia wood online. Whereas, malabar neem tree price per ton is between Rs 5000 to 5500.

Malabar neem wood uses

The speciality of Malabar neem is it contains bitterness like neem tree hence it is totally free of termite attack moreover Malabar neem leaves are good source of organic compost. Melia dubia wood uses  in various sectors including match box, packing box, ply, paper etc.

Conclusion - No matters whether you are living in Uttarakhand or Karnataka if you are looking for a particular crop that can grow in your region with less care and less water then you must give this Malabar neem a chance. Although before this I have told many other crops that provides more profit with less investment and minimum maintenance some of them are mentioned below

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