How to make trees grow faster 3 tips

You can make trees grow faster by implementing simple and basic tips which are mentioned in this post. Nothing extra is needed to grow trees faster in the garden or farm, just follow the basics which you might be underestimating.

In this post, I am giving you simple and important tips to grow trees faster without adding chemicals and extra nutrients/fertilizer.

Quick Overview – 3 tips to grow trees faster are digging, ideal spacing and pruning.

How to make trees grow faster 3 tips

Fast growing trees are everyone’s 1st choice but they fail because they avoid the basics. Some basic but important tips are given below please implement them at your farm/garden you will definitely get good results.

Digging importance

Before planting, fill the dig with some FYM and neem cake, and leave them open into the full sunlight. It kills the small bacteria and insects which damage the plant roots and slow down the growth due to unhealthy roots. 

3 feet of digging is important for most types of plantation. It allows plant roots to hold the land strongly and once the root becomes strong there are higher possibilities for trees to gain healthy and sustainable growth fast. 

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Importance of Ideal spacing to grow tree faster 

Good spacing to grow plants faster is necessary. Few plants can rapidly grow in dense cultivation but most plants need good spacing for faster and sustainable growth. One should plant around 500 trees in 1 acre with the spacing of 10 x 10 fast tree growth. 

In poplar tree cultivation in Punjab and Uttarakhand, farmers are planting around 350 – 370 trees in 1 acre with a spacing of 15 x 15 and achieving a very good tree dimension in only 3.5 years. Poplar 110 variety is one of the fast growing trees in India. Whereas drumstick trees are fast growing evergreen trees.

Apart from fertilizers trees also take important nutrients from inside the land through their roots naturally. The more land they will get near them the more nutrients they intake. If two trees are planted with a spacing of 5 x 5 metres then these trees have a 5 meter area to intake the natural nutrients from the land.

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Trees planted at a distance of 15 metres have 15-metre area to intake the natural land nutrients. It simply means the trees that are getting a good area will get more nutrients resulting in faster and sustainable growth in comparison to other trees. Don’t take this lightly because a sufficient amount of nutrients are really very important for the health of the tree and good spacing gives them the opportunity to have sufficient nutrients. 

7 kids in a family dividing 7 chapatis and getting limited dry fruits and other nutrients. On the other hand, 2 kids in a family are dividing 7 chapatis with each other and getting dry fruits and nutrients sufficiently will grow faster, taller and healthier in comparison to those 7 kids. 

Regular pruning grows plants faster

Yes, regular pruning is necessary for fast and healthy plant growth. Pruning simply means trimming or cutting out unwanted branches, and dry leaves. It is a very necessary step. If you will not do the pruning on a regular basis then lots of branches will spread out of the tree. Without any benefit hanging dry branches and leaves will be a burden on the tree. 

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During the food taking process trees spread all the nutrients to each and every part of it. The tree shares nutrients with unwanted branches and dry leaves also. It means the nutrients are being wasted because you don’t need those unwanted branches later. When you trim and cut down all the unwanted branches and pick off all the dried leaves then the whole tree will get an efficient amount of nutrients which was wasted on unwanted branches.

This is how you can make trees grow faster. I guess I made my points clear still you have any queries please feel free to ask via the below comment box.


How to grow trees faster?

By implementing correct digging, ideal spacing and regular pruning one can achieve fast tree growth.

Name some fast growing fruit trees.

Papaya, peache, fig tree, apricot, morus alba, cherry, pear and mulbery etc are some quick growing trees.

Is pruning necessary for fast tree growth?

Yes, pruning allows sufficient nutrient spread to the main main parts of tree.

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