Eucalyptus farming profit per acre Rs 5,24,000 only

By planting 350 trees a profit of Rs 5,24,000 can be achieved. It is a commercial tree with multiple uses so its demand is high. Profit cost and how to find tree buyers is shared today.

Quick Overview – By planting 350 trees eucalyptus farming profit per acre is Rs 5,24,000, needs a good amount of water, safeda tree price is around Rs 1800.

Eucalyptus farming profit per acre Rs 5,24,000 only

Eucalyptus tree price is not that high in comparison to teak and mahogany. Still, farmers are earning good profits by doing their cultivation. The project report is shared below.

Project Report

Eucalyptus cost per acre
Seedling cost = Rs 30 per plant.
500 plants cost = Rs 30 x 500 plants = Rs 15,000.
Labour cost = Rs 10,000.
Manure and fertilizer cost = Rs 10,000.
Insecticide and pesticide cost = Rs 6000.
Drip irrigation cost = Rs 50,000.
Irrigation cost = Rs 10,000.
Miscellaneous cost = Rs 5000.
Total cost = Rs = 106000.

Eucalyptus profit per acre
Eucalyptus tree yield per tree = 300 to 400 kg of wood per tree. 
Eucalyptus price per quintal = Rs 390 to 450 per quintal.
1 quintal = 100 kg. 
1 eucalyptus tree weight = 3 to 4 quintals (300 to 400 kg).
1 tree price = Rs 450 x 4 quintal = Rs 1800.
1 tree price = Rs 1800.
If only 350 trees out of 500 trees are in sellable condition then
350 trees price = Rs 1800 x 350 = Rs 6,30,000.
Total profit = tree yield per acre – cost per acre.
Total Profit = Rs 6,30,000 – Rs 106000 = Rs 524000.
Net Profit = Rs 5,24,000

Note – This is the assumption of the project report. Prices may vary according to the variety, locality, price and demand.

Eucalyptus farming in India

Eucalyptus is a naturally growing tree and is popularly known as safeda tree in India. These trees are widely grown on farms and they are also seen on the roadside. It is a commercial plant well known for its commercial value. Eucalyptus plantation profit is good so its commercial plantation is done in India. It is a tall height straight tree with most branches in the upper portion.

Eucalyptus in Hindi is known as the “Safeda Tree” due to its white colour stem and branches. The height of the tree varies between a minimum of 10 m to 60 m and above and the diameter falls within the 2-meter range. It is soil and a climate-friendly tree that can tolerate the most unexpected climate.

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800 metres of annual rainfall is ideal for these trees. Safeda trees can tolerate hot and humid temperatures easily as well as it is capable of growing in degraded soil. This tree is one of the most popular trees in the world and commercial tree farming of this tree is done all over the world. Farmers have done plantations in more than 58 countries. French botanist L. Hertitie is known to name eucalyptus and its explanation. 

Eucalyptus tree information

It belongs to the myrtle family. It is a genus of over 700 flowering tree species, malleese or shrubs. Its bark is fibrous, hard, smooth or stringy and it has leaves with oil glands. The fruit is known as gumnut which looks like a woody capsule. Generally, safeda tree is single-stemmed but many eucalypti are mallees, mallees meaning multistemmed.

Tree height 

Small tree height – up to 10 m (33 feet).

Medium tree height – 10 to 3 meters (33 to 98 feet).

Tall tree height – 30 m to 60 meters (98 to 197 ft).

Very tall tree – Over 60 meters (200 feet).

Tree bark 

Stringybark – Thick with sponge texture, consists of long fibre and can be easily pulled off in long pieces. 

Ironbark – It is a deeply furrowed bark with hard and rough quality. 

Tessellated – Bark is corkish and broken up into distinct flakes. 

Box – Short fibres with tessellation. 

Ribbon – Bark in long thin pieces they can be long ribbons, twisted curls or firmer strips. 

Safeda tree is fast-growing and capable of overtopping weeds. Mysore gum or tereticornis are the most favoured species of the tree. For a good environmental benefit state forest department and forest development corporation have planted trees on over 10 lakh hectares. Apart from this 6000 million seedlings have been planted in various private lands.

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How to start eucalyptus cultivation in India

It is easy to grow trees but needs huge water. One should have the basic knowledge which is given below.

Climate required

The tree grows best in tropical to temperature climate areas. They can easily grow in different climatic conditions due to climate tolerance capacity. 

Temperature range 

Temperature tolerance is quite high and it can grow from zero degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius temperature.

Water requirements

This tree needs a good amount of water. The white tree uses 100 litres to 1000 litres per day. 

Soil requirement

The safeda tree is not only a temperature tolerance tree but also a soil-friendly tree that can grow in almost any soil.


Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Karnataka and Uttarakhand.

Uses – Eucalyptus is used for fuel, charcoal, polls, timber, paper, pulp and firewood.

Where to sell eucalyptus trees in India?

As vegetable mandi, there are wood mandis in every city. There are 2 types of wood mandi’s 1 is a government wood mandi and another is a private wood mandi. Ordinary people can’t sell the wood to the government wood mandi, people can sell their farm wood to the private wood mandi. You should approach the nearest wood mandi of your city. One can use internet services to search wood mandi in their cities.

Tree stats

  • The potential production of the eucalyptus tree is around 5 tons of biomass. 
  • The average production is somewhere 2.5 tons per hectare in one year. 
  • Eucalyptus tree growth depends on the growing conditions including a selection of species, and provinces.
  • In India 80 – 85% of wood is produced as used as firewood.
  • Eucalyptus tree in Karnataka is used as pulpwood by the paper and rayon industry.
  • This tree needs 8 to 9 years to get ready for harvesting.
  • The price of eucalyptus tree in India is only Rs 390 to Rs 450 per tonne which is very low.
  • These trees need a good amount of water for survival. Hence can’t grow in low-rainfall regions. A tree needs 40 to 90 litres of water per day.


What is the eucalyptus tree price per ton 2024 in India?

Rs 450/ton is the average price for eucalyptus tree in India in 2024.

What is eucalyptus wood price per ton in India?

The price of eucalyptus wood in India is Rs 390 to Rs 450 per tonne.

How can I find eucalyptus wood buyers?

You can sell any tree wood to the wood mandi/market. You have to contact the wood mandi owner. Every city contains multiple wood markets where wood is sold via auction process.

What is the eucalyptus yield per acre?

The yield per acre from 700 trees is nearly 2800 tonnes. If the price is Rs 450 per tonne then 2800 tonn x Rs 450 = Rs 12,60,000 can be achieved from 1 acre.

What is Eucalyptus yield per tree?

3 to 4 tonnes or 300 to 400 kg of wood is obtained from 1 tree.

Is eucalyptus farming profitable?

No, it is not profitable farming. You can see the project report shows that a 1-acre farmer achieves only Rs 5,24,000 after 7 to 9 years which is much less in comparison to mahogany, rosewood, teak tree, agarwood etc.

Which tree farming is more profitable eucalyptus or mahogany?

Without any doubt go for mahogany tree cultivation due to huge income returns.

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