Geranium farming subsidy and machinery on rent

Farmers growing aromatic plants can avail the benefits of geranium farming subsidy schemes under aroma mission. Agriculture machinery subsidy scheme and purple revolution is also shared here. You can find frequently asked question at the bottom of the post regarding geranium cultivation in India. National mission plant board subsidy.

National Aroma Mission

Aroma mission is an optimistic mission run by the central government to promote the cultivation of aromatic plants including geranium, lavender, mentha etc. Geranium is an aromatic plant therefore it is directly connected to the Aroma mission. CSIR CIMAP is a government organization that is working under Aroma mission.

In the recent past CIMAP has achieved many milestones in a very short time hence appreciated by local people, farmers and the government body. Purple revolution is one of the quickest and greatest achievements of IIIM CIMAP. You can read more about the purple revolution below in the post. 

Geranium farming subsidy 

To avail the benefits of geranium farming subsidy in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bangalore or in all over India you should approach the government organization CSIR CIMAP. In the previous 2-3 years CIMAP has provided lots of geranium plants free of cost to the farmers.

The free supply of the geranium plant might collapse in the upcoming time so you need to hurry and reach your nearest CSIR center or you can reach the agriculture office with this query, the agriculture center is bound to guide you in the right direction. 

Thus you can reach this center however, cimap is still on a growing stage that means you might not get the center within your local region therefore you need to approach the nearby CIMAP center. 

As this is the time of promotion going on and everybody knows in the beginning one can get more benefits in the forms of giveaways, so you can get free plants from government. Moreover, the government has already committed that they will increase the income of farmers by 2022 therefore they might release some more exciting offers and subsidies for farmers.

CSIR is highly promoting the cultivation of aromatic plants specially geranium cultivation and they have provided free geranium plants for 1 acre to the farmers near satpuli village located in Pauri Garhwal region. In one acre nearly 1700 to 1800 geranium plants can be planted with minimum spacing.

Just for an example, if 1 plant costs Rs 5 then Rs 5 x 1700 plants = Rs 8500 (83.61 British pound) means you can save at least planting cost. Another important thing is that geranium oil demand in India is increasing frequently therefore one must apply for geranium subsidy.

If you are planning medicinal or aromatic plant cultivation then I recommend you should approach CSIR and NMPB both to get a subsidy for medicinal plant cultivation. 

CSIR CIMAP training 2023

CIMAP also provides training for aromatic and medicinal crop cultivation. You can approach this organization through the below given centers. 

  • Palampur - CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, Palampur. 
  • Lucknow - CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Lucknow.
  • Lucknow - CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow.
  • Jorhat - CSIR-North East Institute of Science and Technology, jorhat  
  • Jammu - CSIR-Indian institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu.

CSIR CIMAP is also helping farmers for selling their crops by arranging the meeting between sellers and buyers. They are also guiding farmers about geranium contract farming in India. 

National medicinal plant board subsidy

You can approach (NMPB) National Medicinal Plant Board to get subsidy on medicinal plants and geranium is aromatic plus medicinal plant. Geranium oil production in India is on a higher side and essential oil is heavily used in medicinal industry therefore its oil has a huge demand over international market and thus it provides another business opportunity to our young entrepreneurs. One can start a geranium oil business for more profit in geranium farming. 

Moreover, the national medicinal plant board is run under ministry of Ayush and in recent past Ayush mantralaya has launched Ayush apke dwar scheme which is responsible for promoting medicinal plant cultivation and Ayush mantralya is distributing 2 lakh medicinal plants in 45 places of 21 states. Moreover Ayush mantralay has set the target of distributing medicinal plants to 75 lakh households in upcoming years. Ayush apke dwar was launched by ayush mantralya under the ‘Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi’. 

Thus by approaching both CSIR CIMAP and NMPB you can avail the better opportunity of getting free aromatic plants or medicinal plant subsidy including geranium, lavender, tulsi, lemongrass etc. 

Aroma mission purple revolution

Aroma mission is responsible for the purple revolution related to the lavender plant. This revolution is one of the biggest achievements of the CSIR CIMAP organisation and they want to repeat this type of revolution in other herbal or medicinal plant farming. CSIR is working very positively in the field of geranium farming and they are providing utmost knowledge and help to the farmers who want to start geranium farming. 

What is purple revolution

Purple revolution is well known for lavender farming. The credit for purple revolution goes to IIIM Jammu CSIR. This government organization worked really hard to help the farmers of Doda and it automatically converted into history. Actually, 500 farmers have been shifted from maize cultivation to lavender cultivation after the correct guidance of IIIM Jammu organization.

After switching to lavender crop these farmers were able to produce their lavender farm income much more than maize farmers income. This all happened after the complete guidance provided in respect of lavender farming profit by the IIIM Jammu centre. Thus the purple revolution was created. 

Agriculture machinery on rent subsidy scheme

If someone wants to start geranium oil plant farming business then they have to install an oil extraction plant. The geranium oil extraction machine price in India is between Rs 7.50 lakh (10,195.12 usd) to Rs 10 lakh i.e 13,594.26 US dollar. By installing an oil distillation system one can easily earn a good amount by only processing crops for oil.

But it is also a truth that lots of farmers don't have the oil plant and most farmers can't install this setup due to the big amount of rupees 10 lakh is required. What you can do here is to approach agriculture machinery subsidy scheme. 

Let's explore the CHS farm machinery subsidy scheme. This is a government subsidy scheme run by the central government. Through this scheme you can get agricultural machinery ranging from rupees 1000 to 50 lakh on rent.   

According to the CHS agriculture equipment subsidy scheme you have to pay 20% and the rest 80% will be paid by the government. Thus you can get the machine on rent, yes this machine will be on rent. Since, 10 lakh is a big amount, what you can do is collaborate with other farmers or your family member farmers and you can contribute an equal amount so that you can arrange around 10 lakh to get this machine on rent and later you can divide the profit equally. 

Government is also giving opportunities to such farmers who have extra machinery they can approach CHS center's and give their machinery on rent, thus they can earn extra money as well. 

Geranium essential oil price list

Rs 10,000 per kg - Minimum price - (135.95 US Dollar) (98.46 pound sterling).

Rs 15,000 per kg - Average price - (204 US Dollar) (147.69 pound sterling).

Rs 25,000 per kg - Maximum price - (339.99 US Dollar) (246.16 pound sterling).


What soil to use for geraniums?

Geranium thrives well in well drained porous soil rich in calcium with organic matter. It is a light soil with ph 5.5 to 8 that does not retain moisture during the rainy and winter season. It is a shallow rooted crop that grows best in red lateritic soils. 

What is the climate requirements for this crop?

Geranium is a plant that can easily grow in tropical and subtropical climates. 

What is the temperature required for this crop?

Temperature ranging from 5° to 23° C is good for geranium plant cultivation in India.

What is the average rainfall for geranium plants?

Rainfall ranging from 750 mm in the plains upto 2750 in Nilgiris is ideal for geranium cultivation.

How to water geranium?

Watering is necessary in the beginning but later this plant does not demand for much water. Irrigation cycle is given below:

For the first 3 to 5 days it is necessary to water the plant once in a day and for at least 10 to 15 days. Later irrigation should be performed twice in a week. You can skip irrigation during monsoon and there should be limited irrigation in winters as well. 

What is the botanical name of geranium?

Pelargonium graveolens.

Geranium belongs to which family?


How to apply for geranium farming training in India?

To get geranium farming training in Maharashtra, Pune, Jammu or Lucknow etc you should approach your nearest CSIR CIMAP center. 

Which government organization is providing geranium farming training?

CSIR CIMAP is providing training for geranium cultivation under aroma mission. 

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