How to apply for kisan credit card online | pm kisan credit card loan document

Hello farmers, today we will help you to find the financial support and through this post you will got to know how to apply for kisan credit card online. Farmers can easily get Rs 3 lakh loan through kisan credit card, kcc scheme for farmers was based on the recommendations of a special committee constituted for inputs on credit and agriculture welfare. The kcc scheme becomes popular in less time because kisan credit card scheme covers the cost of cultivation, harvesting cost and farm maintenance to the farmers.

Kisan credit card FAQ

In order to help you some of the frequently asked questions are given below, if you have any other query please feel free to ask in the below comment box we will definitely reply to your query related kisan credit card as soon as possible.

How to apply for PM kisan credit card

First you should visit your nearest banks and ask them about Kisan credit cards. Meet the Loan manager and submit documents related to KCC. Documents required for kcc loan are given below

What are the documents required for kisan credit card?

  • First of all, land should be on farmers' names.
  • Aadhar card (photocopy) of farmer who is owning land.
  • Khatauni - It shows the land area and land owners name.
  • You can get Khatauni easily from the internet or tehsil.
  • Khasra - It shows which crops were grown earlier and you have to give information which crop you are going to grow now. Land area land owners name.

How to get khasra number?

You have to approach lekhpal along with your khatauni then your lekhpal will  provide you khasara. 

Now collect all 3 documents: Aadhar card (photocopy), khasra and khatauni submit all these documents to the loan manager of the bank. 

After submitting all the documents to the loan manager your work is done.  Now loan managers will approach your village or city where you live and they will enquire about you from any person whether you are living over there or not, whether you are doing such crop cultivation or not. They will also enquire about your land ownership. If everything is found correct in the enquiry then the loan manager will order your loan and your kisan credit card will be generated. 

How to apply for barasala?

  • When the loan manager of the bank will order your loan, then you will be asked for the proof of barasala. 
  • To make barasala you have to take khatauni and go to tahsil where a lawyer will make your barasala after looking at your khatauni document.
  • Through barasala bank will see whether anyone has got any loan in the last 12 years on this land. And if someone else has got a loan on that land in the last twelve years then you may find it difficult to get the loan which means kcc will not become. 

What is barasala function?

  • Barasala is a document that shows all the names of the landowners during the period of 12 years for example in 2010 Sham has purchased a land from Ghanshyam  then he sells the land to Sanaya Begum in 2014 and Sanaya Begam applies for barasala in 2022 then all the names including Shyam Ghanshyam and Sanaya will appear in barasala. 

Bank no dues - In this process you have to collect bank no dues from 2 to 3 nearest banks then submit these no dues to the concerned bank from where you are applying for Kisan credit card. 

In this process of no dues you have to get a slip of Rs 100, 125 or Rs 150 from your nearest banks. You have to get it written from all the bank managers (with stamp) that you do not have any outstanding dues. 

So these are the documents required for kisan credit card that you have to submit to the bank. 

Let's arrange all the documents needed for kisan credit card in a row so that you can understand it clearly. 

  1. Aadhar card copy
  2.  Khatauni
  3.  Khasra
  4.  Barasala
  5.  No Dues 

After getting Kisan credit card passbook from the bank you can also apply for Kisan debit card through which you can easily take out money from the ATM. 

Kisan credit card loan

  • The bank gives loan money to the farmer based on the size of his land and according to the crop as well. Just for an example if a farmer has 5 bigha land and bank gives 75000 rupees to the farmer and if another farmer has 10 bigha land then bank will give Rs 150,000 to that farmer. You need to understand that the bank gives this loan to the farmer to grow the crop and not to do any other business. The farmer has to submit the amount after selling his crop.

Kisan credit card interest rate

Kisan credit card loan interest rate falls in 2 categories that are mentioned below. 

  • 7% interest - Farmers need to submit Rs 7000 while getting a loan of Rs 1 lakh.
  • 4% interest - If the farmer returns the money to the bank at the right time, then he gets a subsidy of 3% i.e Rs 3000 refund on 1 lakh. Thus farmers have to pay only 4% interest on 1 lakh in a year. 

Kisan credit card guarantor

  • Under Kisan credit card scheme if the age of a farmer is more than 60 years then the bank makes a member from that farmer’s house as a guarantor so that if something happens to the farmer, that member can fill the bank’s money. However, guarantors are not required if the age of the farmer is below 60 years. 

Kisan credit card time period

  • Kisan credit card is eligible for 5 years. If you want to close the credit card before 5 years then you have to write an application and return all the amount to the bank and then you can close your kisan credit card. If you want to continue your kcc after 5 years then you can renew it for 5 more years. 
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