Poplar tree farming cost growth time 3 to 4 years

Poplar tree farming in Punjab and Uttarakhand is very popular. I met a farmer in Roorkee who planted poplar trees in Uttarakhand on 100 acres. While talking with him I got to know that he is making a huge amount of money by planting the hybrid poplar variety which is one of the fastest growing tree in India and gets ready to harvest in only 3.5 to 4 years.

Today I am sharing in-depth info about that variety so that you can also plant the same and get benefits only in 3.5 to 4 years. 

Quick notes – poplar tree harvesting time 3.5 to 4 years, price Rs 1500/quintal, variety 110.

G48, 81 and other poplar varieties take 5 to 7 years but the latest variety 109 and 110 needs only 3.5 to 4 years to get ready for harvesting. This is the latest hybrid variety and people are not aware of it so they are not writing on it. I am sure after reading my content and watching the video they will also recommend 109 & 110 varieties to farmers so that farmers get aware and benefit in less time.

Poplar tree farming in India is very popular in Northern regions, especially Punjab, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The plantation is also done in other states including Karnataka Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh.

The poplar tree price in Punjab and Uttarakhand is around Rs 1500/quintal which is good enough therefore farmers prefer to plant this tree in Punjab and Uttarakhand. However, the tree can be grown in most states of India so hurry up and pick this fast growing tree now.

Poplar tree farming cost growth time 3 to 4 years

Farmers and investors doing poplar tree plantations often make a big mistake by selecting old varieties such as G48, 81 etc. These plants take 6 to 7 years to get ready for harvesting. In this period they can plant mahogany trees which is one of the most costly trees in India and needs 10-12 years for harvesting. When you are planting a poplar plant that means you need a quick harvesting, then research should be done. 

I was going towards Puhana in search of poplar tree farms and met by chance a farmer named Akhlakh. The farmer showed me his farm and nursery and gave a wonderful video interview which is also shared here. While talking with him I got to know that he has planted several plants on 100 acres.

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I have seen some of the trees being harvested at that time. Unfortunately, I could not capture the harvesting video but he promised me that he would call me on the next harvest. Most of the plants are already ready for harvesting and he is finding contractors who can give good money and harvest the plant from his farm. 

Poplar tree growth time and best variety

Akhlakh farmer told me that he used to plant only two varieties named 110 and 109. While comparing these two varieties 110 is the best poplar variety according to that farmer. 

When I saw the stems and diameter of the tree was around 2 m which is a great achievement in 3.5 years. I remember I met farmer Rajendra and he has planted 81 number varieties on his farm, and he is still waiting for harvesting. Farmer Rajendra told me that a poplar tree growth time depends on the variety and 81 number varieties take 5 to 6 years to harvest because he has selected an old variety. 

Spacing and multi-cropping

While talking to an Akhlakh farmer he told me the secret of the nicely developed diameters of the tree in just 3.5 years. He said that he managed to get a very good diameter for his trees because of the good spacing provided by him to his trees.

He told me that he is planting poplar trees with a spacing of 15 metres x 15 metres. This allows every tree to take sufficient nutrition from the earth resulting in a quick poplar tree growth rate and good health. 

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He added that he used to grow sugarcane as a mix crop in his poplar farm which also plays an important role in the good tree diameter. He told me that they are giving water and fertilizer to the sugarcane crop and the same water and fertilizer are also being used by poplar trees. It simply means the sugarcane crop is also helping naturally in the poplar tree growth rate.  

Multicroping benefits

Multi cropping is suggested by agriculture experts not only for doing more than 2-3 farming at one time but also to make the land more fertile and suitable for other crops depending on crop to crop.

In this case sugarcane crop is playing that role because the crop is harvested in around a year but makes the land more fertile for poplar trees resulting in good nutrient intake by trees and extremely good growth. Kisan told me that after harvesting sugarcane they used to plant makchera a fodder for animals. 

While asking about the price he told me that he is selling poplar trees at the price of Rs 13500/quintal from his farm. He added that the actual poplar tree price per quintal is Rs 1500/quintal but he doesn’t need the headache of cutting and loading the wood to the market. So he contacted a contractor who is doing this for him and picking the wood @ Rs 13500/quintal from his farm. 

The farmer also has a nursery for the 109 & 110 variety and if you want to start poplar tree cultivation in India in any state then you can contact a plant-selling company called manvsgreen.  

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Poplar tree farming cost profit

500 poplar trees per acre should be planted for better yield and profit. Poplar plant price is between Rs 30 to Rs 35 while purchasing 500 plants at Rs 32 the plant cost will be Rs 32 x 500 plants = Rs 16000. Other investment costs might be approx Rs 484000.

One healthy tree price is around Rs 2500 to Rs 3500. If the price is Rs 3000 then Rs 3000 x 500 trees = Rs 15,0000. Now reduce the cost of around Rs 5 lakh and you earn a net profit of Rs 10 lakh. 


Which is the best variety of poplar trees in India?

109 and 110, especially 110 are the most popular and best variety.

How much time poplar tree take to grow?

Depending on the variety g48 and 81 number varieties needs 5-6 years. Whereas 109 and 110 varieties need only 3.5 to 4 years for harvesting.

Is poplar farming profitable in India?

Yes, the current poplar tree price in India is Rs 1500/quintal and farmers are achieving profit only in 3.5 years by planting hybrid varieties such as 110 and 109.

What are the disadvantages in poplar trees?

The tree may dry due to termite and gas in the root area. They may also collapse in underwater conditions.

When should I plant poplar trees?

The perfect poplar tree planting season is January.

Where to buy poplar trees in bulk?

Visit manvsgreendotcom to book healthy, live and fresh plants in bulk.

From where manvsgreen delivers plants?

The company has tied up with various farmers and delivers fresh plants directly from trustworthy farms.

What is poplar plant price in India?

Rs 30 to Rs 35 per plant.

What should be poplar tree planting distance?

Distance depends on the number of plants. To achieve a good yield distance should be 10 m x 10 m or 15 m x 15 m.

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