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Dumba goat farming is popular in India. Today, 100 goat farming project costs and profit margins are shared. This project report will help you to understand the required costs and to start goat farming in India or your region.

Beginners can start goat cultivation with barbari goats as other goats are more expensive, 4 to 5 months dumba goat price is around Rs 70,000 whereas the barbari goat price is Rs 3000 only. Apart from buying goats, the farming cost includes fodder and other costs. A 4-month-old goat fodder costs Rs 100/month whereas 1 year old goat fodder costs Rs 300/month. For 10 goats the ratio is 9 female and 1 male similarly for 100 goat farms the ratio would be 90 female goats and 10 male goats. A female goat produces on average 3 to 5 kids.

100 Goat farming project cost profit margin

Our experts prepare the project report. However, you can also use a goat farm profit calculator. In comparison to ordinary goats, dumba goat farming profit is more but needs a good cost as well.

100 goat farming cost

2-month-old goat kids are purchased to start farming.
1 goat kid price = Rs 2000 to Rs 4000.
Let’s assume the price is Rs 2000.

100 goats price = Rs 2000 x 100 goats = Rs 200000.
4-month-old goat fodder costs Rs 100/month and after 1 year cost Rs 300/month.
Let’s take the fodder cost Rs 300 per month.
1 month fodder cost for 100 goats = Rs 300 x 100 goats = Rs 30,000.
Fodder cost for 14 months = Rs 30,000 x 14 months = Rs 4,20,000.
Care and medicine cost = Rs 100000.
Miscellaneous cost = Rs 20,000.
Total cost = Rs 200000 (goat purchase cost) + Rs 4,20,000 (fodder) + Rs 100000 (care and medicine cost) + Rs 20,000 (miscellaneous) = Rs 7,40,000. 
Total cost = Rs 7,40,000. 

Out of 100 goats, 90 are female and 10 are male. In goat farming, 1 male for 9 to 10 female goats are kept. We have chosen 1 male for 9 goats you can choose accordingly. 
100 goat farming costs are given in the table.

Goat farming profit margin

This profit analysis is for barbari goats.

Let’s assume one female goat has produced 3 kids. 
Total kids = 90 female goats x 3 kids = 270 kids.

Goat selling prices after 1 year
Sirohi goat price after 1 year = Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000.
Barbari goat price after 1 year = Rs 6000 to Rs 8000.
Dumba goat price after 5 months = Rs 70,000 to Rs 80,000.

Let’s assume the price is Rs 7000/goat.
270 barbari goats price after 12 to 14 months = Rs 7000 x 270 = Rs 18,90,000.

Profit = Rs 18,90,000.
Net profit = Cost – Profit.
Net profit = Rs 7,40,000 – Rs 18,90,000.
Net Profit = Rs 11,50,000.

Note – Profit and cost may vary according to region, breed availability, demand at that time and market.
100 goat farming profit is given in the table.

People are making money with sheep and goat sheep farming business in India is done on a wide scale. 

Conclusion – The post helps you decide the budget for goat farming. Goat farming profit and cost analysis is given in the project report. One also gets the idea of the average goat price, the number of goats required to start farming, the male and female goat ratio and the average number of kids produced by lady goats.


How much does it cost to start a goat farm?

To start a barbari goat farm you may need around Rs 7,40,000 which includes animal buying cost, fodder cost, care and medicine costs.

What is the goat feed cost per day in India?

Goat feed cost per month is Rs 100 for 4 months kids and Rs 300 for 1 year old kids. Thus cost for 1 day would be Rs 100/30 = Rs 3/day and Rs 300/30 = Rs 10 per day.

What is the goat farming profit margin in India?

If started with 100 goats (barbari), the profit margin in goat farming is around Rs 11,50,000.

What is goat baby price in India?

Price varies according to the breeds:
4 to 5 months dumba goat baby price = Rs 70,000.
2 month barbari price = Rs 2000 to Rs 5000.

How can I get an expert opinion in written form to start goat farming or other animal farming?

I have a collection of ebooks written by experts on different animals, bird farming, vegetables and trees. You can get our expert ebooks for a lifetime. We will keep updating the e-books.

I have goat for sale. How do I sell them?

You can email me and we can collaborate. I will publish your contact details goat info on my website.

Where to buy wild goats?

Wild goats are mostly available in village areas.

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