Poplar plant price and nursery in India 

This post will help people who want to start poplar cultivation. A 9-month-old poplar plant price and the expected income returns after 3.5 to 5 years from 1 tree are explained in this post. 

Poplar plant nursery address is shared here from where you can purchase saplings to start farming. Wood mandi address is also shared where you can sell the tree logs after 3.5 to 5 years.

Poplar plant price and nursery in India

Poplar tree cultivation is very popular in entire North India. Specially poplar farming in Punjab and Uttarakhand is done on a larger scale. 

It is a tree that can easily survive and grow in most climate conditions but thrives better in North Indian regions due to suitable climate conditions. 

If you live in Punjab or Uttarakhand then you can easily find a poplar tree nursery near you from where you can purchase the saplings in bulk. Before starting the cultivation I would suggest you do a comprehensive research on the variety. For a few years, I have been continuously writing about some expensive trees including poplar trees. 

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According to me and my team’s research, there are some specific varieties which take less time to mature in comparison to old varieties. Earlier farmers were growing g48, 81 varieties but now most are shifted to the latest varieties 109 & 110. While interviewing farmers I got to know that during their farming practices, they found 110 varieties is one of the best and fast-growing poplar varieties in India.

In Uttarakhand, I met some nursery owners who are preparing saplings of the latest varieties 109 and 110. 

Nursery address and contact number

Kalwari nursery – In Uttrakhand, Kalwari nursery is located nearby COER College where I met farmers preparing the plants. Farmer Pradeep told me that they are selling a 9 to 11-month-old plant @ Rs 35. The plant height will be around 10-15 feet you can also check the video here. This nursery is spread over an area of 1-3 acres and these farmers are only preparing poplar saplings here. 

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Akhlakhs farm – I met another farmer named Akhlakh who is doing poplar tree cultivation on a wider scale. He has planted several trees on around 100 bighas of land. This man also has land for the nursery where he is practising new varieties. Akhlakh is selling 110 varieties @ Rs 30-32 per piece. The sapling will be 6 to 11 months old around 12-15 feet in height and you can choose according to your choice. Akhlakhs nursery is located near Madarsa in Puhana, Roorkee, Uttarakhand.  

If you are doing any kind of tree cultivation and want to publish a video + written content to aware people then you are most welcome and can contact us for an interview meeting.

I have seen 110 variety poplar trees on the Akhlakh farmers’ farm. The diameter of the tree was well developed and only a 3.5 to 4 years old tree was ready for harvesting. As I said he has around 100 bighas of land and some of the trees were already harvested. 

Kalwari nurseryAkhlakhs Farm
Address – Haridwar Road,
near COER College,
Roorkee, Haridwar,
Pin – 247667.
Address – Dehradun Road,
puhana, near madarsa,
Roorkee, Haridwar,
Pin – 247667.
Contact number – 9837721142.Contact number – 9759170430.
Plant price – Rs 35/plant.
Variety – 110, 109 & g48.
Plant price – Rs 30-32/plant.
Variety – 109 & 110.
Poplar tree nursery’s address and contact number were given.

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Idle poplar tree spacing for better diameter 

When I asked the farmer how he managed to develop 110 varieties to get harvested in a short period of 3.5 years only. I asked if this variety(110) is capable of growing in such a short period in any land. He said it is a good variety but I am not giving any specialise fertilizer I am giving normal fertilizer which other farmers also provide to their trees. He told me although 110 is the best variety he found in poplar trees till now. Still, it can’t grow in only 3.5 years unless you provide a good spacing between two plants. 

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He showed me his farm by explaining the distance of 15 x 15 between two trees can increase the growth rate of poplar trees with healthy diameters. According to the farmer, spacing is the key to developing a good diameter of trees.

I agree with his words and already covered a specific topic on idle tree spacing which you can read on our website. Every tree needs important nutrients from inside the land and in dense farming, trees are helpless to divide the nutrients with each other. Whereas with good spacing every tree gets a sufficient amount of required nutrients resulting in a good diameter in less time.

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What is the poplar plant price in India?

You can buy it for a 6-11-month-old plant at Rs 30-35 depending on the nursery.

What is the poplar tree price in India?

Rs 2000 to Rs 2500 per tree when selling the tree at Rs 1500 per quintal.

How long popularity takes to mature?

3.5 years to 7 years depending on the variety.

What is poplar tree price per quintal in 2023?

It is between Rs 1350 to Rs 1500 per quintal.

What are the disadvantages of poplar trees?

They can get dry of diseases like termites and other problems.

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