Poplar tree planting guide dig size plant size plants 1 acre distance

Poplar tree planting distance, dig size as per plant height, plant size, mud banging, mud quantity, correct planting season and number of plants in 1 acre are explained in this post.

Poplar tree planting guide dig size plant size plants 1 acre distance

Poplar tree planting guide

Poplar trees are one of the easy-growing trees in India and are mostly grown in the North Indian region including Punjab, Uttarakhand and UP. It is also grown in other states but poplar farming in Punjab and Uttarakhand is done on a wide scale. 

One can easily find poplar tree nursery in Haridwar district. These trees are widely cultivated in Roorkee city of Haridwar district. People who need poplar plants in bulk can directly contact the farmers on these numbers 9759170430 or email us by visiting our Contact Us page from the top menu bar or at aspbeginner@gmail.com.

6 feet to 16 feet tall poplar plant price is Rs 35/per piece. This is the price of the plant only and no extra charges are included. After booking the plants, people need to arrange transportation on their own. 

Planting season

Poplar plants need to be planted in the correct season; they can’t survive when planted in the wrong season. January and February are the correct months for planting poplar trees on a farm. Poplar planting begins on 15th December and can be planted up to February last week. If delayed they may be planted during the first week of March as well but after that avoid planting them. 

Plant selection

110 species is the best poplar variety, select 110 species without any hesitation. It grows only in 3 to 4.5 years if given ideal spacing. 

Poplar plant spacing

10 x 10 ft, 12 x 12 ft or 15 s 15 ft. Average 350 plants are planted with 15 x 15 ft spacing. In 5000 square feet place 50 to 60 plants can be planted with 10 x 10 ft spacing.

Plant size selection

After visiting the nursery people often get confused during plant selection. It is good to select 6 to 12 ft plants with medium stems girth. You may get confused by thinking that a thick plant will grow fast or better but it is a myth, not fact.

It is advised not to pick the thickest plant or thick plants instead select medium size or thin stem plants for plantation. It is difficult to maintain thick plants when you are beginning poplar cultivation. Thick plants should be chosen for replacement of any damaged plants after some time. The same information is given in the video interview with the farmer.

Dig size according to plant height 

No matter you can select a 6 feet plant to a 16-foot plant there should be ideal digging according to the plant height. For 6-foot plants a 1.15-foot dig is required, for 8-foot plants digging size needs to be increased and it should be up to 2 feet to 2.15 feet.

For 9 to 10-foot tall plants, the digging size should be 2 to 2.5 feet and for 15 to 16-foot tall plants the digging size should be 3 feet. 3 feet digging is compulsory for 15 to 16 feet heighted plants otherwise they may fall by wind or face dry problems.

15 to 16 feet tall plant – After digging 3 feet, put 6 inch mud then banging mud is done. Put 6-inch mud again and the banging is done again. Finally, putting one foot of mud and banging the mud surface near the root is compulsory again. For 6 feet plants, 4-inch mud is required.

  • 6 ft plant – 1.15 foot dig.
  • 8 foot plant – 2 to 2.15 foot.
  • 9 foot plant – 2 to 2.5 foot.
  • 10 foot plant – 2 to 2.5 foot.
  • 12 foot plant – 3 foot.
  • 15 foot plant – 3 foot.
  • 16 foot plant – 3 foot.

Poplar plant nursery address

District Haridwar, Roorkee city, Puhana village, Nalhera anantpur, pin 247667, contact number 9759170430.


What are some poplar tree varieties?

G48, 81, 109, 110, 111, 112.

Which is the best poplar tree species?

110 is the best variety.

What plant size should I select for thick, thin or medium size plants for planting on my farm?

One should select a medium size plant for planting the first time on the farm.

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