How many mahogany trees per acre and farm income

500 to 1000 plants can be planted on a one-acre farm. For better growth, 600 plants are recommended. By planting 1000 trees farmers are earning Rs 1 crore from 1 acre.

Quick Overview – 600 trees per acre, 22 cubic feet per tree, 1 crore profit by planting 1k plants.

How many mahogany trees per acre and farm income

  • Trees 1 acre – 600 trees.
  • Variety – African mahogany. 
  • Climate conditions – Except for high rainfall regions.
  • Soil – Any.
  • Water – Good schedule water for the first 2 years.
  • Cubic feet per tree – 19-22 cubic feet. 
  • Cubic feet rate – Rs 600. 
  • Farm income per acre – Rs 1 cr.

Mahogany trees per acre

500 to 1000 trees can be planted. In order to get better yield 600 plants are recommended in 1 acre of land. Usually, a tree produces 19-22 cubic feet and you can get the maximum by planting sufficient trees. Sufficient trees don’t mean high density instead it means the correct number of trees that can get full nutrients from the land. Please avoid high density to achieve higher cubic feet per tree.

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Desi and African mahogany are two main varieties found in India. Most people are trapped to pick the false variety. I recommend you to choose only the African variety because it has the most vital demand in the entire world. The African variety needs only 10 to 12 years to mature whereas the desi variety takes 25 years.

Climate conditions

Avoid planting the sapling in snowfall regions. Except for heavy snowfall regions it can grow almost anywhere in any Indian state and in any part of the world. This tree can grow in heavy rainfall regions, humid regions as well as low rainfall regions of Rajasthan. 


Farmers are growing it in Rajasthan desert soil and some people are growing it in moist Bihar soil. It is a soil-friendly tree and can be grown in almost any kind of soil.


It needs less water in comparison to poplar and teak trees. The first two years are crucial so provide proper water to your plants on a weekly basis. After 2 years you can skip the routine and provide water on a monthly basis.

Cubic feet per tree

A 10-year-old tree contains 19-22 cubic feet and 1000 trees can produce almost 20k cubic feet in one acre of land.  

Mahogany wood price per cubic feet

Rs 600 is the cubic feet rate. If 1000 mahogany trees produce 20,000 cubic feet then Rs 600 x 20,000 cubic feet = Rs 1,20,00000. 

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Mahogany tree farm income 

By planting 1000 trees per acre farmers can achieve 1 crore 20 lakh by selling them @ Rs 12,000 per tree. The mahogany tree price after 10 years is Rs 15,000. If a farmer is able to sell 1000 trees at Rs 12,000 only then 100 trees x Rs 12,000 = Rs 1 crore 20 lakh.  

Let’s understand the same calculation again in cubic feet. 

1 mahogany tree yields = Average of 19-22 cubic feet of wood.
Let’s take an average of 20 cubic feet per tree. 
If 1000 trees are planted then 1000 trees x 20 cubic feet = 20,000 cubic feet.
Tree yield = 20,000 cubic feet.
Due to less availability and very high demand mahogany cubic feet’ price is Rs 600.
Thus mahogany farming profit = Rs 600 x 20,000 cubic feet = 1 crore 20 lakhs.
Reduce the cost from the profit to get the net profit. 
After reducing the assumpted cost by Rs 20 lakh from the profit farmer still archives Rs 1 crore as a net profit. 

Mahogany timber uses

Mahogany is a straight long timber which occupies less space compared to other trees. It is used in making ship decks, boats, guitars, veena and other musical instruments. Due to its rot resistance capacity, it’s primarily used for making ship parts. Mahogany wood has a natural shine and it is used as furniture in high-class restaurants, bars and malls. 

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People are still not aware of this precious timber cultivation in India on the other hand mahogany cultivation in the Philippines is done on a large scale. For a couple of years, people started recognising this tree’s benefits worldwide and now they want to grow it in their farmland and are looking for correct guidance. By using our search box you can search almost anything about this tree. In order to get everything in a sequence about this tree you can get our ebook to overcome all your doubts.


How many mahogany trees per acre should I plant?

600 trees are sufficient.

What is the farm income of this tree?

1 crore 20 lakh.

What is the mahogany cubic feet price?

Rs 600 per cubic feet.

What is the mahogany yield per tree?

19-22 cubic feet per tree.

What is the mahogany yield per acre?

1 tree = 19-22 cubic feet.
Lets take average 20 cubic feet per tree. 
Then 1000 trees = 20,000 cubic feet.

What is the price of the mahogany tree after 5 years?

Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 only due to fewer cubic feet.

What is the price of mahogany plant after 10 years?

Rs 10k to Rs 15k.

What is the price of a mahogany plant after 20 years?

Rs 20k to Rs 45k.

Is mahogany a good Investment? 

Definitely yes, it is one of the best timber for investment purposes. By investing around Rs 18 lakh to 20 lakhs in 1000 plants in 1 acre of land one can earn a net profit of Rs 1 crore after 10 years.

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