How to grow Agarwood tree in USA and Australia tips price profit

Some people are not aware but Agar trees can grow in Australia as well as in USA climate conditions. Before growing them you need to check the government permission and policies of your country. In this post, I will disclose the strategy to grow agarwood trees in the USA and Australia. Resin information and price are also given in this post.

How to grow Agarwood tree in USA and Australia tips price profit

Agarwood cultivation in Australia USA strategy 

You can buy one sapling at 1.88 Australian dollars depending on the availability in your locality. A tree can achieve a better quality and quantity of resin in 12 years. However, it can also produce a decent amount of resin in 8 years. The tree needs a very good amount of water so you must plant the sapling in Australia’s good rainfall regions. 

Another important thing is that it is a forest tree and needs forestry environmental growth so try to plant it at the farm located near the forest. Some small villages in Australia are located near forests and you can tie up with or purchase farming land from people living in the village. If you are planning to start agarwood cultivation in USA then you should follow the same strategy and try to plant the agarwood plant in nearby forest areas in heavy rainfall regions of the USA such as Hawaii.

Agarwood price in AustraliaAgarwood price in USA
Agarwood tree price in Australia is around 3765.02 AUD to 9410 AUD.Agarwood tree price in USA might be 2421 USD to 6053 USD. 
The agarwood tree price is given in the table.

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Resin is a black dark dense liquid substance released by the tree during the wound healing time. Resin is far more expensive than tree wood and the actual price belongs to resin. This substance is used in multiple industries including perfume, medicines, incense sticks and ayurveda etc.

The tree wood is also valuable and used for making instruments, furniture and incense sticks and these incense sticks were used by the entire world. The mature agarwood tree yields 4 kg resin in a year and by planting 500 trees per acre farmers can achieve 500 trees x 4 kg = 200 kg resin. 

agarwood tree

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Natural – The tree naturally releases resin whenever it gets injured by any animal or natural calamities. To heal the wound the tree releases black dark, dense liquid SAP which is known as resin. This usually happens in deep dark and dense forests.

Manual – The natural resin is much more valuable than the manual resin but in agarwood cultivation manual resin process is applied. In this process the tree is intentionally wound by a drilling machine from different parts and fungus is induced in the xylem of aquilaria. Then the medicine is injected through the wound and after that, the tree releases precious sap which is called resin. 

1 acre farm income in Australia and USA

In 1 acre 500 trees can be planted and one agarwood tree yields 4 kg resin. In one acre 500 trees x 4 kg = 200 kg resin can be obtained. You may believe it or not but resin price in the world is huge and 1 kg resin price in Australia is around 3765.02 AUD to 9410 AUD. Whereas the price in the USA might be 2421 USD to 6053 USD.

If somehow only 300 trees are in good condition and they were able to produce only 2 kg resin per tree then 300 trees x 2 kg = 600 kg resin. In Australia, the profit will be 600 kg x 3765 AUD = 2259000 AUD and after reducing the approximate cost of 13173 USD the net profit might be 2245827 AUD. Whereas in the USA the profit will be 600 kg x 2421 USD = 1452600 USD and after reducing the approx cost of $8473 the estimated net profit might be 144127 USD. 

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Agarwood growing zones in Australia

Bellenden Ker, North Queensland, 

Crohamhurst South Eastland Queensland.

Lake Margaret Western Tasmania. 

Agarwood growing zones in USA 


Charleston, South Carolina.

Atlanta, Georgia.

US states in Oceania. 

Best practices

Planting time – July to September. 

Climate conditions – Temperature  20°C to 30°C, humidity 75% to 85% and light 56% to 75%.

Water need – It is a thirsty tree and needs a very good amount of water. Yearly 200 mm to 400 mm annual rainfall regions are preferred for agarwood farming. 

Soil – Sandy, red, clay, yellow podzolic and loamy soil. 

Trees per acre and spacing – 300 to 500 trees (2.5 x 2.5 meter). 500 to 700 trees (2m x 2m).

Propagation method – stem cutting method is best however it can also grow through seeds.

Growing time – 8 to 12 years.

Agarwood yield per acre per tree – 1 tree yields 4 kg and 500 trees in 1 acre yields 2000 kg resin.

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Can agarwood grow in USA?

Yes, growing Agarwood in USA is possible by finding the right climate regions, soil and temperature. The tree needs 200 to 400 mm annual rainfall,  20°C to 30°C temperature, 75% to 85% humidity and light 56% to 75%.

In which country is agarwood found?

Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, North East India Malaysia, Philippines, Borneo and New Guinea.

What is the agarwood oil price in USA?

It might cost between 100 to 1000 per ounce. In the USA they are sold in small bottles. 

Can an agarwood tree grow in Australia?

Yes, farmers are already growing this costly tree in Australia.

How much is agarwood per kg in Australia?

Agarwood price per kg is between 3765.02 AUD to 9410 AUD.

Is anybody growing agarwood in Australia?

Yes, Queensland farmers are growing it for luxury perfumes and most other farmers are also growing it for different industries.

How long does agarwood take to grow?

8 to 12 years. 

How many agarwood trees per acre should I plant in Australia?

300 to 500 trees.

What is the agarwood cultivation profit per acre in Australia?

2245827 AUD.

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