LIC vs mahogany wood price in India

Today I am talking about LIC vs tree investments and LIC price vs mahogany wood price is disclosed. People who have been investing in LIC & FD will be 100% shocked after reading this content and knowing the value of trees. 

Quick overview – Lic profit after 10 to 14 years Rs 10 to Rs 25 lakh (probable income), One African mahogany wood price after 10 years Rs 15,000 or more.

If you invest in trees for the same period you invest in LIC which is 10 or 14 years then tree investment returns will be 1000x than LIC. In this post, I am sharing the name of a tree which needs less investment and less care but can generate huge income returns.

Mahogany cultivation profit vs LIC profit

If you have invested Rs 5 to Rs 7 lakh in LIC or other scheme for 8 to 14 years then you might get around Rs 14 lakh to Rs 25 lakh in 10 years. The same LIC amount for the same period is huge while investing in mahogany trees.

One African mahogany price after 10 years is around Rs 15000 or more. If 1000 plants are planted then 1000 trees x Rs 15000 = Rs 150,00000 can be achieved and even after deducting the cost, you will earn more than a crore. Check out the complete project report here.

Mahogany is a national tree of the Dominican Republic and Belize. It is a costly tree grown in the entire world, especially in America, Africa, the Philippines, Australia and most parts of Asia including India. Mahogany farming in Belize city is done by farmers and there is a famous bay near Belize city called Mahogany Bay.

As I said it is one of the world’s most expensive trees and people from Myrtle Beach USA are aware of tree investment in terms of peace and revenue as well. Some people are investing in trees due to the high returns and mahogany tree growing in Myrtle Beach. Other people should also select these trees.

LIC vs mahogany wood price in India 

You might have heard about the sandalwood tree and teak tree or any other tree but today I am talking about one of my favourite trees called the mahogany tree

I am from Uttarakhand and I have lots of land in my village which is far away from the city nearby hills and it is almost impossible for me to visit there regularly due to workload. We have given lots of land to some of our relatives for cultivation purposes and some lands remain unused and become barren with time. My work is related to agriculture and I was always in search of such a crop including herbs or trees and finally got to know about this long timber tree.  

mahogany tree
Mahogany tree image

In case you missed it1000 african mahogany tree profit

Me and my team hustle almost everything about this tree and found that it can be grown throughout the India in worst weather as well. As I said I can’t visit my village regularly so I need a tree which does not need much care and attention. It is a tree which doesn’t need any care however it needs care in the beginning for a couple of years only.

Now I am encouraging some of my relatives and some nearby village people to start cultivation without any hesitation because the mahogany wood price in India is increasing. Unlike sandalwood trees, you don’t need permission from any officer or forestry department to harvest these trees.

Where to buy African mahogany saplings

One thing I would like to request here, is please always plant only African mahogany trees because in India there are two varieties available one is desi and the other is African. To identify the difference you need to check the leaves and the African magoni tree has broader and taller leaves than a comparatively desi tree. If you need the genuine saplings you can email us or contact manvsgreen a big plant delivery service. 

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There are plenty of reasons behind the huge price of mahogany wood in India. The USA is the biggest importer of mahogany wood. Let’s check the brief history. 

Actually, before African, American mahogany wood was dominant in the market. Due to over-harvesting American magani tree became scarcer by the beginning of the 20th century. By the 19th century, African mahogany started dominating the market and became the perfect replacement for American timber.

The timber of khaya is called African mahogany. In my opinion mahogany uses are wide and play a vital role in the price of the tree. Some of the important uses are given in the below paragraph.

Mahogany tree uses 

You might be thinking why this log is so expensive and I am sure after knowing its uses all your doubts will be clear. It is a valuable lumber used for panelling, furniture, musical instruments, boats etc. Due to its durability and natural shine, it is mostly used in making boats, ship parts and furniture.

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You might have seen reddish brown shining furniture in big malls, restaurants, bars and corporate offices they are made from this timber. This important wood is also used to make gun butts. Due to their fine sound, they are used for making guitar necks, veena and complete guitar bodies as well.

Mahogany tree wood price 

Mahogany tree price after 8 years and 10 to 12 years is Rs 10,000, Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000, much more than any investment plan including LIC and mutual funds. 

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