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Chandan tree price in India ranges from Rs 12,000 to Rs 14,000 per kg and Rs 6000 to Rs 6500 per kg (Indian government price).

Quick notes– 1 kg Chandan tree price Rs 12000 to Rs 14000 and Rs 6000 to Rs 6500 (government price). 

Chandan tree price per kg in India mainly depends on heartwood, sapwood and the selling destination. A 10 to 15-year-old sandalwood tree produces 8 to 24 kg of heartwood and 1 kg heartwood price is around Rs 14000 and govt price is around Rs 6000. Heartwood’s price mainly depends on its oil content. Let’s explore more about this tree and its price.

Chandan tree price per kg in India 2024

To understand the sandalwood tree price concept you must know the main byproducts of the tree on which its price is dependent. Heartwood is the main by-product of the tree and apart from heartwood, another by-product is sapwood which also has good value. Powder and oil content are separated from the heartwood and used accordingly in multiple industries. 

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First, heartwood is converted into powder and this powder is soaked for a couple of days and used for making cosmetic products. After harvesting, the softwood and heartwood removal process takes place in the mills.   

A 15-year-old sandalwood tree’s price is around Rs 14000 to Rs 18000. However, 30 years are required for a very good quality and quantity of heartwood production but a 15-year-old tree also produces a significant amount of heartwood content. Heartwood quantity according to the tree age is given in the below paragraph.

Heartwood quantity as per tree age

Tree ageHeartwood quantity in kgs
5 years5 to 8 kg and sometimes 10 kg.
10 years5 to 8 kg and sometime 10 kg.
12 years8 to 10 kg.
15 years16 to 24 kg.
20 years20 to 25 kg and 30 kg.
Heartwood quantity according to tree age is given in the table.

Heartwood’s price in the market is Rs 14000 kg to 18000 kg but as per the government rate, the price is only Rs 6000 to Rs 6500 per kg. More importantly in India, you can sell sandalwood through government channels only, otherwise, it will count as illegal. Believe me, Rs 6000 is also not a low price and you can achieve around Rs 1 crore by planting 350 trees.

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Small project report 

  • Let’s do a quick math for the 10-year-old tree.
  • A 10-year-old tree produces 5 kg to 8 kg of heartwood and sometimes it also produces 10 kg.  
  • Let’s take the minimum 5 kg heartwood by 1 tree. 
  • 1 sandalwood tree yield = 5 kg heartwood. 
  • 300 sandalwood trees are recommended in 1 acre.
  • 1 acre = 300 sandalwood trees.
  • Yield per acre = 300 trees x 5 kg = 1500 kg heartwood.   
  • Heartwood price = Rs 6000 per kg (government rate).
  • Profit = RS 6000 x 1500 kg.
  • Profit = Rs 90,00000.
  • Let’s assume the cost is around Rs 18 lakh for 10 years.
  • Net profit = Profit – cost = RS 72,000000.
  • Net profit = Rs 72 lakh. 

Get the ultimate sandalwood project report here explaining cost and profit per acre.

Note – This is an assumption of a small project report for your help. The sapwood price is not included and the minimum heartwood quantity is calculated here. The actual profit may differ and might be bigger than expected. In case of wrong host plant selection you may face loss as well, so wisely choose the hosts.

sandalwood tree price per kg 2 1

Sandalwood and host plant ratio

Selection of host plants is very important but plant ratio is equally important which people often forget or avoid. Most people only know that sandalwood tree needs the support of host plants for survival but they don’t know the correct quantity of host plants. If you are doing Sandalwood cultivation on one-acre land then it is good to plant 300 sandal trees and 600 host trees.

It means on one chandan tree there are 2 host plants and this is the best ratio according to agriculture experts. The reason behind this is if somehow one host plant collapsed due to any disease or calamity you don’t need to worry at all because of another plant’s availability. This will help the chandan tree to grow without any obstacles. Some of the important ratios are given below:

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  • 1:2 = 1 sandalwood tree + 2 host trees (recommended).
  • 1:1 = 1 sandalwood tree + 1 host tree (good).
  • 2:1 = 2 sandalwood trees + 1 host tree (worst).

Host plant list – Jamun, neem, tamarind, babul, agastya and malabar neem tree etc.


What is the cost of one chandan tree?

Price ranges from Rs 12,000 to Rs 14,000 per kg and Rs 6000 to Rs 6500 per kg (Indian government price).

Tell me the price of the Lal chandan tree per kg.

The average price is Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 per kg depending on the tree’s age.

How many sandalwood trees per acre should we plant?

300 to 400 sandalwood trees per acre.

How many sandalwoods and how many host trees should I plant in 1 acre?

300 sandalwood and 600 host trees.

Approximately what amount of heartwood a 10-year-old sandalwood tree can produce?

5 to 8 kg and sometimes 10 kg.

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