Mahogany wood price in India 

Mahogany wood price per cubic foot = Rs 650 to Rs 2600, 1 tree yield = 19 to 22 cft, price after 10 years = Rs 750 x 20 cft = Rs 15000.

Quick notes – Mahogany wood price per cubic foot is Rs 650 to Rs 2600, 1 tree yields 19 to 22 cft, mahogany tree price after 10 years is Rs 15000 (average).

Due to mahogany wood uses in versatile sectors, its price is huge and I am talking about African mahogany wood only. Don’t get confused there is 1 more variety known as desi mahogany which doesn’t have demand and price so be careful while purchasing the sapling.

African mahogany tree

African mahogany is a long timber that grows straight without having many branches. Its durable wood is used for making ship decks and boat parts due to rot resistance capacity. This precious wood is widely used in other sectors including instruments, furniture and the pharma sector.

Mahogany wood is highly used and makes musical instruments such as guitar, veena etc. The wood is used in making precious furniture including tables, chairs, sofas, almirah windows and doors. 

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Mahogany wood price in India 

A 10-year-old mahogany tree selling price in India is around Rs 15,000. After Sandalwood and agarwood, this wood is one of the most costly woods in India. Agriculture experts rated it among the 5 most costly trees in India.

Mahogany wood price 

Mahogany wood uses makes it one of the most costly woods in the world and a 10-year-old wood price in India is around Rs 15000. 

Mahogany tree price in India is more than any other asset. Unlike sandalwood cultivation, it doesn’t need any permission before harvesting. Agar trees grow well in heavy rainfall regions whereas mahogany is a climate-friendly tree and can be grown in almost any region of India.

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Shopkeepers who have started new furniture shops and are looking for valuable and demanding wood for furniture making can pick mahogany wood. If you want to buy mogni wood in India then you must visit the wood mandi of your city. In the wood market/mandi, you will get raw, new and old wood trees. It is a place where you can get different tree wood together.

However, you can also approach directly to the farmer’s farm to get the wood at a farm price. In wood mandi, the price is usually higher than the direct farm price because of the commission of the wood mandi owner.

Mahogany sapling price

In India, you can find saplings at different prices depending on the availability and variety. Desi plants are available at Rs 8 to Rs 10 only whereas you need to pay around Rs 60 to buy African mahogany plants. However, they are also available at a decent price of Rs 18 – Rs 25 in some regions of India including Assam and Telangana.

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It’s your responsibility to check whether they are really African mahogany saplings or not. Some people are also selling desi plants that you can’t recognize until 2 years. So it’s better to purchase the original sapling from your trustworthy nursery or platform. Man Vs Green is a new but trustworthy online website for saplings.

They especially deal in mahogany and poplar plants, so one should not worry about the price to achieve the original plant. If you want to sell mahogany wood online then you can list your products online on platforms such as  Amazon, IndiaMART, Flipkart and manvsgreen. You might have to give 25%-30% while selling your product through Amazon, or IndiaMART. Whereas listing your product on man vs green is more profitable due to fewer commissions.

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How to sell mahogany wood in India?

While selling offline approach wood markets located in every city. Approach online platforms such as Amazon, Indiamart or manvsgreen. 

What is the mahogany wood price per cubic foot in India?

The average African mogni wood price is 950 to 2600 per cubic foot.

What is the mahogany wood price in Kerala?

The price may vary from region to region and in Kerala the mogni tree price might be around Rs 18000 (10 years old).

What is the estimated mahogany wood price in Bangalore?

A 10-year-old wood price might be around Rs 15000 to Rs 18000.

What is the average mahogany wood price in Bihar?

The cost of mahogany wood (10 years old) might be around Rs 15000 to Rs 18000 in Bihar.

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