Get free plants in Gurgaon Bangalore Delhi UP govt nursery

No govt no organization will give you free plants until you apply for them. In this post, I will guide you on where and how to apply to get free plants near you i.e. in your city.

The Indian government announces free plant schemes from time to time and some schemes are already running but people are not aware of those let’s explore them.

Get free plants in Gurgaon Bangalore Delhi UP govt nursery

Aroma mission 

This mission is for promoting aromatic plants and the government has already done free plant distribution under this mission. Thousands of germanium plants are distributed in the past in various places in India. Several lavender plants were distributed among farmers during the purple revolution in Kashmir. It was an extraordinary effort by the government body to help farmers. You can also search for an Aroma mission in your city and approach the government to get free plants for your farm and they may give some of the plants for your home as well.

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Aayush Apke Dwar 

Yet another Indian Government scheme to promote medicinal plants on a larger scale. You must apply for this scheme to avail medicinal free plants from government in India, in any city. You might not hear about it because this scheme was started by the central government in recent past almost a couple of years ago. After applying some of the medicine plants you will get are aloe vera, lemongrass, fenugreek, lavender, peppermint and rosemary etc.


It is a government organisation doing extremely praiseworthy work in promoting aromatic plants. This organisation is already appreciated by the central government for their extraordinary work in Kashmir. Yes, this is the organisation fully responsible for the success of the purple revolution in Jammu and Kashmir. During the revolution, they distributed several free lavender plants to farmers and also helped them by giving training and other necessary equipment. 

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After the extreme success in the purple revolution now CIMAP is working for the success of the Aroma mission in India. Here you get the opportunity to get free saplings. Yes, they are distributing free plants but most of them will be aromatic and medicinal plants like lavender, geranium, lemon grass, mentha etc. One thing you need to understand their mission is not to distribute free plants only actually they are working for helping farmers in which they are also giving some plants free of cost. So before you reach them you must meet their expectations which means you must have a small farm for cultivation or you can collaborate with farmers. 

Government nursery 

One of the easiest ways to get free saplings is to approach the government nursery of your region. In India, these nurseries are closed on Sundays and every government holiday. You can find out the address by visiting the agriculture department or office in your region. You can also visit Kisan Vigyan Kendra to get the address of a free plant nursery near you, information on KVK is given in the below paragraph.

Kisan Vigyan Kendra KVK

Most people are unaware of this government body which is located throughout India in every district. The main purpose of Kisan Vigyan Kendra (KVK) is to help farmers at very-very cheap prices or sometimes by distributing free plants. If you could not find govt plant nurseries by visiting other offices you can surely find the list of govt plant nurseries in your region by visiting Kisan Vigyan Kendra and requesting their officers. I have already written a dedicated post on Kisan Vigyan Kendra centres you can get the full knowledge here.

This is a place where you get costly training at a very cheap rate yes it’s true. People are not aware of this because you can’t see any advertisements about this scheme. The sad thing is that the government is also promoting their powerful schemes slowly only on the radio and very little on other platforms. The rest market is captured by stars who are promoting cold drinks or pan masala-type ridiculous things that will surely damage our next generation’s future. 

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Hybrid plants are developed in the centres and they also provide training to farmers in the centres and by visiting village to village. If you can’t afford Divya Rawat’s costly mushroom training then you must reach for mushroom training in Dehradun at KVK centres at a very low and reasonable price. After the training, you might also get some free mushroom plants. People who want to start fish farming but don’t know anything about they should reach the centres to get practical training. If you are living in Bangalore and Gurgaon and want to start bee farming but don’t know how to start and can’t afford costly training then these centres are for you.

While talking with one of the KVK staff members he told me that they recently distributed free kadaknath hen to a farmer who attended their training. You can also learn to decorate your garden and home plants in this centre and after completing the training you will get some free plants from government centre. People living in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi or any part of India can easily avail the benefits of not only free saplings but also free livestock and other important agriculture tips and types of equipment. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have land for cultivation you can simply reach KVK centres because they also provide government farmland for rent at a reasonable price for some years.

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How can I get free plants in Gurgaon?

You can get free saplings by the following:
Visit the government nursery in Gurgaon. 
Attend KVK centres training.
Via Aroma mission.
CSIR-CIMAP does free plant distribution.

How can I get the free plant in Bangalore?

Some of the free distributors are
The Government Nursery. 
KVK centres.
Aroma mission.

How to get free plants near me in my city or village?

Visit government nursery and attend kvk centres training to get saplings free of cost.

How to get free plans from UP Government?

Must visit UP government plant nursery to get some plants free of cost.

How can I get free nursery plants near my destination?

Visit government nursery and KVK centres.

How to find a government nursery near me in my region?

Visit the agriculture department or KVK centre to get the list of govt nursery of your state.

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