How to get free plants online offline

If you are a garden beginner or a plant lover then you must be searching how to get free plants online offline anywhere! You landed exactly at correct place you will get the information about various free plant scheme by government. By reading this article till the end you will be aware about how to get plants from government nursery?  

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How to get free plants in India online

Central Government of India is running various free plant schemes to promote various category plants such as medicinal plants, traditional plants and aromatic plants. Apart from Central Government State governments also used to announce various free plants scheme in states and free plant apps. No matter where you live in India, you can avail the benefits of getting free plants via these schemes.

Whether you are living in Karnataka, Delhi and want free plants in Karnataka, Delhi if you live in Haryana, Himachal or Rajasthan then you will get free plants in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. Whether you live in Punjab, Bangalore and want free plants in Punjab, Bangalore. 

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Aroma Mission CSIR CIMAP get free plants

Certainly, you will get free plants online India if you will go through proper channel, if you will use correct free plant apps and ask the concern government sector to provide free plants. Don’t worry all these queries will end here by the end of this free plant article. You just need to read this blog post carefully till the end, if still you find any difficulty please feel free to ask via below given comment box, later or sooner you will definitely get answer. 

Free plant schemes India

Aroma mission, Ayush aapke Dwar are some government channels or government schemes for free plants. Let’s understand how you can get free plants from Indian Government by the above given schemes one by one.  

To get free plants in Delhi directly from nurseries click the given link.

Ayush aapke Dwar free plants scheme 

Ayush aapke dwar launched by Ayush Mantralaya dated 03.09.2021, friday. During the launch period Aayush mantralay has decided to distribute the medicinal plants free of cost to 75 lakh households in India.

These plants will be delivered under Amrit Mahotsav Prograrm of Azadi. Medicinal plants that falls under Ayush of ke dwar scheme are Lemon grass, Sarpgandha, Tej patta, Shatavari, Kalmegh, Brahmi, Anvala, Stevia, Ashoka, Jatamansi, Tulsi etc. Once you approach systematically via right channels you can get free plants anywhere in India.

Aroma mission free plants India

Aroma mission is yet another incredible effort by the government. Indian government is promoting the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. Aroma mission is run by central government with the help of csir-cimap organisation. CSIR-CIMAP already distributed aromatic plants to farmers absolutely free of cost. If you are planning to start the cultivation of aromaticl plants then you can contact the above given organisation without any hesitation and they will provide you free plants as well as free guidance. 

How to get free plants online offline

Apart from the above given scheme by using some apps you can get free plants online.   Online free plant apps are given below

ePaudhashala – Through this app you can get free plants in Haryana. One can order 10 plants per day for home, 500 plants for school, 500 plants for society and 100 plants for NGO. 

i-Haryali app – This app one can get free plants in Punjab. You can download both the apps from android mobile. Go to the play store and download the free plants apps e-Paudhshala and i-Haryali. 

In the modern era you can get all the free plants online you just need a mobile to order free plants from nurseries. Please comment below if you want free medicinal plant ebook download. You can also get ppt on medicinal plants free download, dont hesitate and just type few words that I need free medicinal plant ebook or ppt. 

Conclusion – By approaching CSIR – CIMAP you can get aromatic free plants for cultivation in any state in India. By approaching Ayush Apke Dwar you can get medicinal free plants in any state. In future we will update more free plants app so stay tuned.


How to get free plants in Punjab?

Download e-Paudhshala app from the play store of your mobile. Register yourself in this app and order free plants in Punjab.

How can I get free plants in Delhi?

You can visit some government nurseries to get free plants in Delhi.

How can I get free plants online India?

Through CSIR-CIMAP you can get aromatic free plants.

How can I get free medicinal plants in India?

Ayush aapke Dwar is a government scheme for medicinal plants started on 03.09.21. One can get medicinal free plants via Ayush aapke Dwar (Azadi Amrit Mahotsav). 

Hope this article helped you somewhere. Feel free to ask any query. You can share this free plant article with your friends.

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